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56 Trendy Bald Fade with Beard Ideas

The bald fade has been dominating men’s hairstyling trends for a few seasons. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles in the world right now. Moreover, men are pairing it with a surprising but equally stylish touch of ruggedness – the beard. Here’s our rundown of the most impressive bald fade with beard ideas to inspire you.

1. Mid Bald Fade with Beard

This mid bald fade has a beautiful side part that is close to perfection and a lovely trimmed beard. The hair has been treated to some glossing agent or simple hair gel to make it shiny and easier to comb over to one side.

Mid Bald Fade with Side Part bald fade with beard


2. Textured Bald Fade with Scraggly Beard

Here is a very cool high bald fade with a medium top. The haircut is textured and slightly layered which gives the illusion of volume. You can also see some asymmetrical bangs on one side and a stubble.

Cool High Bald Fade with Textured Crop and Beard bald fade with beard


3. Simple Bald Fade with Precision Cut Beard

This is what we would call a low skin fade connected to the beard through some tapered sideburns. The beard itself has been trimmed to make it look pointy, removing the unwanted hairs on the neck.

Low Skin Fade with Beard bald fade with beard


4. The Twisted Top with a Very Short Beard

We absolutely love how the top of this haircut has been styled. The strands have been twisted one by one and pushed back over the crown of the head to reveal the forehead and the undercut on the sides.

Undercut with Twist Back Top bald fade with beard


5. V-shaped Bald Fade with Ducktail Beard

This outstanding bald fade has a V shape designed into the back of the haircut. Normally, this portion would be a straight hairline. However, you can get any shape you want to be designed back there.

V-Shaped Neckline bald fade with beard


6. The Textured Quiff with a Short Beard

In this example, the bald fade is accompanied by a textured quiff with spikes all over and a small pompadour at the front. The beard is well-groomed, and you can also see a pair of sideburns riding up into the fade.

Medium Textured Quiff + Bald Fade with beard


7. Bald Fade with Faded Beard and a Long Top

The beauty of the bald fade is that it’s incredibly versatile. Seeing as it is so minimalist in itself, you can pair it off with anything, including longer tops, such as this brown one with blonde bangs.

Fade Undercut With Long Top And Beard bald fade with beard


8. Bald Fade with Scruff and Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are definitely a bold and edgy choice. They are not for the faint of heart but look amazing and artistic. The bald fade is the simple and correct hairstyling choice if you need to display your skull tattoos.

bald fade with beard


9. Bald Fade with a Bushy Beard, No Sideburns

Seeing as you are sporting a bald fade and a super short haircut on top, you can afford to let your beard run wild a little. Wear it as bushy as you want and don’t be afraid to get a skull or neck tattoo.

bald fade with beard


10. Bowl Bald Fade with Van Dyke

A type of beard that has been getting a lot of love lately is the goatee. Of course, this is not a new trend. Goatees have been around for literally hundreds of years, but we all know that fashion is cyclical.

goatee bald fade with beard


11. Bald Fade with Goatee and Comb Over

This fade has a very geometric taper coming down at the temples which can only be achieved with a razor. It also has a comb-over with a long top that falls carelessly in layers on the sides. Also, have you seen that rose tattoo?

bald fade with beard


12. Slick Hipster Bald Fade with Beard & Hungarian Mustache

Granted, hipsters are not quite the big stylish group they used to be a few years ago. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still major influencers or that they have disappeared completely. Handlebar mustaches still exist.

hipster bald fade with beard


13. Bald Fade with a Man Bun and PRecision Cut Beard

The same goes for the notorious man bun. It may not create the same waves or spark the same heated debates as it did a few years ago, but the man bun is still alive and well. You can wear it if you have long hair. Notice the way the hair fades close to the eye, while the sideburns fade way back towards the ear.

man bun bald fade with beard


14. Bald Fade with Short Beard and Pompadour

The pompadour was invented in the 17th century in France for a woman, Madame de Pompadour. It saw its first rise in the 50s and 60 thanks to the greasers and celebrities like Elvis and James Dean and its second rise in the 2010s.

pompadour bald fade with beard


15. The Pompadour Quiff with Declining Cheek Line Beard

As mentioned earlier, the pompadour started making a comeback at the beginning of the 2010s, slowly at first and then in full force. Now, at the end of the 2010s, it seems that everywhere you look, all the men are wearing one.

pompadour quiff bald fade with beard


16. Slick, Textured Bald Fade with Very Short Beard

This is yet another type of pompadour, a very high and textured one. If you want to copy this look, you will have to use as much hair gel as possible and a large comb to get it to stay up like that all day.

textured bald fade with beard


17. The Jelly Roll with a Bald Fade

Just like the pompadour, the jelly roll is another haircut that comes to us from days long forgotten. It used to be a rockability hairstyle back in the 40s and 50s when it was notorious for keeping men long hours before the mirror.

roll bald fade with beard


18. Bald Fade with Platinum Highlights and Very Short Beard

This high and gelled pompadour has been treated to some serious platinum highlights. Thanks to the way they are arranged, the haircut is now as close to perfection as a hairstyle can possibly be.

platinum highlights bald fade with beard


19. The Razor Fade with Jaw Strap Beard

Here is a good example of a razor fade with a very long and feathery top styled into a layered pompadour. You can see it has a lot of volume to it. The beard is just a frame around the jawline, giving the illusion of the highly-coveted square jaw.

 Razor Fade + Pompadour bald fade with beard


20. The Messy Bald Fade with Pointed Fade Beard

We don’t know exactly when it happened, but we’re very glad that it did. Messy hair is now a trend on its own, and it looks fantastic. Not to mention that it saves you the trouble of explaining all those pesky bad hair days.

messy bald fade with beard


21. The Lumberjack Bald Fade with Medium Beard

Yet another trend that seems to have diminished over time is the lumberjack look. It used to be a super cool trend adopted by many a few years ago, consisting of plaid shirts, short haircuts, and very bushy beards.

lumberjack bald fade with beard


22. Bowl Haircut with Bald Fade and Scruff

The bowl haircut has recently started to make a comeback. We’ve seen more and more of it on runways and Instagram. This is the new version of it with a bald fade and a scruffy beard.

bowl bald fade with beard


23. Military Bald Fade with Large Beard

This is the classic military high and tight haircut complete with a very long beard that we borrowed from the service. Even though it started with military men, it crossed over into pop culture.

Long Beard + Classic Military High and Tight bald fade with beard


24. Slick Back Bald Fade with Large Beard and Pointed Sideburns

Here’s a perfect example of a slick back with a small pompadour in the front as well as a bald fade on the sides and in the back. The beard and mustache combo are wild and not trimmed but they go well with the ensemble.

smooth-with-shaved-sides bald fade


25. Bald Fade with Beard and Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk has now replaced the old Mohawk, which has not been seen on a large scale since the 70s and 80s. It looks much softer and approachable, but it still sends the same message of rebelling against the system.

mohawk bald fade with beard


26. The Hard Part and Bald Fade with Large Fuzzy Beard

A hard part is a line that follows the natural parting of your hair but is much more pronounced since your barber has to use a razor to create it. Keep the hairstyle to a minimum for this one so that you can grow a bushy beard.

hard part bald fade with beard


27. Retro Bald Fade with Short Beard

This is how you update a retro haircut and bring it to the end of the 2010s. This hairstyle would have been perfect in the 1920s as well. However, seeing as it is feathery and coupled with awesome tattoos, it’s a lot more modern.

tattoo bald fade with beard


28. Bald Fade with Jaw Strap Beard

Men are endlessly creative when it comes to facial hair. That’s a fact. This, for example, is a chin strap beard. It’s remarkable because it has no mustache or filling around the cheeks. Just the frame hugging your jawline.

Bald Fade with a Chin Strap Beard bald fade with beard


29. Bald Fade for Receding Hairline, with Santa Beard

You can also wear this type of haircut if you have a receding hairline. It will look just as good and make you look like a complete badass. Plus, the bushy beard will make up for any hair you feel like you’re missing on top.

receding hairline bald fade with beard


30. Bald Fade with Waves and Descending Cheek Line, Medium Beard

Here’s a super short African-American haircut with curly hair that has been styled in classical waves on top of the head. You can see the bald fade on the sides and in the back, as well as a gorgeous beard.

waves bald fade with beard


31. Glossy Slick Back Fade & Short Beard

You can get this level of glossiness in your hair if you moisturize your locks very well every time you’re in the shower and then use hair oil or a cream with an oily base. Then reach for leave-in hair oil and hair gel.

slick back bald fade with beard


32. Layered Curls, Hard Part, and Bald Fade

These layered curls have been obtained with the use of a curling iron. Of course, this is fantastic news for everyone out there who has straight hair but has always dreamed of sporting a few curls to spice things up style-wise.

bald fade with beard


33. Bald Fade with Large Beard and Long Side Swept Top

Here’s a very bold haircut that is definitely not for the faint of heart. It requires you to grow both your hair and your beard to a medium length and pair them off with a bald fade. Add a few accessories such as studs and earrings, and you’re good to go.

 long hair bald fade with beard


34. The Maluma

Singer Maluma is another celebrity who couldn’t resist joining this trend, so he grew out his beard and got a bald fade. He also added a small design on one side consisting of two parallel lines.

maluma bald fade with beard


35. The Zayn Malik

From one singer to another. Zayn Malik paired his bald fade and beard with a simple, yet effective buzz cut. Sometimes less really is more, especially when you have such beautiful and finely carved features as this Brit. This is one of his simplest designs, so check out 50 more Zayn Malik hairstyles!

zayn malik bald fade with beard


36. The High Bald Fade, Spiky Fringe, and Medium Ginger Beard

This modern haircut has a retro element – spikes. Do you remember back in the 2000s when we all used to buy tonnes of hair gel and wear spikes every day? Spikes are still in style but not in the same way as back then.

Spiky Fringe with High Bald Fade and Beard


37. Short Spikes and Bald Fade and Basic Neat Beard

This is another example of how you can wear spikes in the modern age. The bottom half of this haircut is a bald fade, of course, while the top half is short and spiky, giving you a young, almost boyish look.

Bald Fade + Short and Spiky Top bald fade with beard


38. Curly Bald Fade with Beard

Many men who have naturally curly hair resort to this type of hairstyle because it allows them both to keep their curls but it’s short enough not to have to groom them all the time. However, you will have to groom your beard to get it to this level of perfection.

Curly Hair with Mid Bald Fade with beard


39. High Bald Fade with Medium-Large Beard

This is an extremely high bald fade with a very small sliver of hair slicked back on top of the head. The reason for this choice was so that the model could display his tattoos. Copy this idea if you have tattoos as well.

bald fade with beard


40. The Mid Zero Fade with Scruff

From an extreme high fade to a mid zero one with wavy brushed back hair and a beard. The hair has a lot of volume on top, and the sideburns are missing from this one. But this is a choice you should discuss with your stylist.

Mid Zero Fade with Wavy Brushed Back Hair bald fade with beard


41. Bald Fade and a Long Van Dyke

If you want to keep your face free of clutter as well as the sides of your head, we suggest you go for a goatee instead of a full-on beard. In this way, you can show off your neck ink and even get new stuff.

long goatee bald fade with beard


42. Bald Fade and Hair Designs and Thin Beard

This is a mohawk with a very heavy texture on top plus blue peekaboo highlights, a high fade to which a cool hair design has been added, and a trimmed beard. The hair design follows the lines of the head very smoothly.

A heavily textured mohawk on top, high fade and cool hair design on the sides bald fade with beard


43. Curly Hair with V Finish and Long Beard

Here is a simple and creative thing you can do at the back of your head when you have a bald fade. Instead of finishing the haircut in a simple, straight line, ask your barber to give you a V. It’s a lot more interesting and artistic.

 v curly bald fade with beard


44. Blonde Spikes, Bald Fade, and Short Beard

This is a very straightforward hairstyle that you can easily pull off at home. Take some hair wax on your fingertips and run your hands through your hair until you get the desired texture and spikes you need.

blonde spikes bald fade with beard


45. The Mullet Bald Fade with Precision Cut Beard, No Mustache

Have you ever heard of a mullet with a fade? Probably not. But here is what it looks like. This haircut is all modern pompadour in the front, party in the back. It may not be the classiest of choices, but it sure is fun.

mullet bald fade with beard


46. Gelled Mohawk with Bald Fade and Very Light Beard

Here is another reinvention of a classic combined with the bald fade. This is a highly gelled Mohawk with a smooth hair design. Plus, have you noticed the beard shaped like a diamond? We’re loving this!

gelled mohawk bald fade with beard


47. Bald Fade with a Platinum Top nd Wild Beard

Since platinum is, without a doubt, the hair color of the year, we could not have missed the opportunity to show you a beautiful zero fade with a combed platinum top. But remember, you will have to bleach your hair for this.

bald fade with beard


48. Box Top with a Bald Fade and Scruff

Here’s a haircut coming to us straight from the 80s. It’s still a hit today for people who want to relive the good, old days when box tops and straight afros meant you were the coolest guy around.

 box top bald fade with beard


49. Iceberg Blonde with Colorful Peekaboos and Scruff

This is a combination of colors which works really well both in summertime and wintertime. The monotony of the iceberg blonde is broken up by the few hot pink and blue peekaboo highlights at the front.

 iceberg bald fade with bard


50. Bald Fade with a French Crop and Short Beard

The French crop is a style very similar to the Caesar. It’s short all over and a bit feathery, with a portion of it coming down on the forehead like bangs. In fact, many people confuse it with the Caesar haircut.

French Crop + High Bald Fade with beard


51. Neatly Groomed Beard and Bald Fade

Whether you like that finely defined temple line or not, you’ve got to appreciate the skill of the barber who did this. Look at how precise that beard is groomed!

neatly groomed beard and bald fade


52. Side Swept Undercut with Beard and Textured Sides

This one might be too much for some, but those textured sides are incredibly cool if you’re into event hair. And it will probably look hella cool when it grows a little too!

side swept undercut with beard and textured sides


53. Braided Man Bun with Bald Fade and Beard

Okay, this dude doesn’t really look that great. For one – that tattoo is godawful and the hair and beard styles don’t match his face shape. However, the style in itself is awesome. The braids are really cool and the beard is left a bit more wild so as to match the disorderliness of the braided bun.

braided man bun with bald fade and beard


54. Faux Hawk with Bald Fade and Very Short Beard

Faux Hawks are really cool and combining them with a bald fade results in a weirdly wild look, somewhat rebellious, somewhat asymmetrical. But overall worth a try!

faux hawk with bald fade and very short beard


55. Classic Bald Fade and Very Short Beard

This is a classic bald fade for slightly wavy hair. If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous, you can try this style and work your way from there if you like it!

classic bald fade and neat beard


56. Textured Grizzled Afro-textured with Precision Cut Beard

Grizzled afro-texture hair is really cool because it gains a very distinguished look. Pair that with a bald fade and a precision cut beard (that’s also almost white and you’re sure to stand out in the crowd!

textured grizzled afro texture with precision cut beard



The bald fade with beard combination (or bearded fade as it is otherwise known) is one of the most loved styling choices of the decade for men. The reason is that it is versatile, low maintenance, and gives you an air of handsome ruggedness. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these ideas was your favorite and why.

This article was updated in February 2019.

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