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55 Alluring Blowout Haircuts for Men

Some know the blowout haircut as the temp fade haircut owing to the fact that the cut is short at the temples. The fade stops just behind the ear and up to the top of the temple or as far as the corner of the forehead.

It’s preferable to add in an undercut or fade to your look. Use this style to add definition to a buzz cut or a longer on top cut in a manner that suits your features and personality.

Let’s see some alluring blowout haircuts, all below!

1. Highlights Blowout Haircut

If you choose a classical blowout hairstyle but still want to add zest to it, go for crazy highlights. Subtle strands will look great if they are dyed with a lighter color than the rest.

Blowout Haircut with Highlights and Pompadour and Dark Full Beard


2.  Blue Blowout Fade Haircut

Instead of a straight out blowout, there is a more conservative way to go about it. Make a fade to surround the hair on top and then style the top part in a fancy blowout.

Blue Blowout Fade Haircut for Men


3. Bangs Blowout Haircut

Bangs can be a part of the blowout hairstyle. To be even more unique, allow the bangs to fall down your face while keeping the rest of the hair styled with a light wax.

Bangs Blowout Haircut


4. Messy Wavy Blowout Haircut For Men

This style gives the impression of messiness, made with blowout techniques to maximize your volume and then with your fingers up and across right from the roots, randomly.

Messy Wavy Blowout Haircut For Men


5. Side Fringe Blowout Haircut

Make sure to get creative with the long part of your blowout haircut. The upwards styling is supposed to be a classic look, then curl down the bangs to give a great appearance.

Side Fringe Blowout Haircut


6. Quiff Hairstyle with Facial Hair

Use styling gel and a comb to tease your hair up into a quiff haircut style at the front. Complement your flowing hair with a small beard to mix different styles.

Blowout Quiff Haircut with Facial Hair


7. Spiky Messy Blowout 

If you don’t like the traditional approach and you decided to leave the sides medium, you can go wild with the top part. Style it to be upright in a messy and chaotic spiky manner.

Spiky Messy Blowout


8. High Comb Over Blowout

If your hair is thin, you can make a high comb over which will look very visually close to a blowout. Use hair gel and spray to keep the hairstyle intact for a long period of time.

High Comb Over Blowout Haircut


9. Straight Blowout Haircut

This type of blowout haircut can be considered a classic because of the little amount of hair gel used. However, hair spray is still needed to keep the style intact.

Straight Blowout Haircut


10. Curly Blowout Haircut

Curly hair can easily be integrated into the timeless blowout style. Cut the lower part properly, and then just get as creative as you wish. Create a stylish long top with a bit of gel.

Curly Blowout Haircut


11. Wild Ginger Blowout Haircut

With hair long enough you can make a really wild blowout. Get creative with the top part, giving you the chance to make anything from a wild mess to a textured pompadour.

Wild Ginger Blowout Haircut


12. Brushed Back Blowout

Blow out your hair so that it is big and full of volume by rolling your comb backward to create a brushed back style. Light facial hair helps create a dark, brilliant, and brooding look.

Brushed Back Blowout Haircut


13. Textured Pompadour Blowout

A modern way to style your blowout is to forget about the gel completely. Keep the hair on top medium so that it stands up all on its own. The end result is a great pompadour hairstyle.

Textured Pompadour Blowout


14. Side Swept with an Undercut

Grow your top hair as long as you desire but keep the underside about a 1/4 of an inch in length. Slick parts of the longer sections of your hair up and straight back.

Side Swept with an Undercut Blowout Haircut


15. Long Windswept Blowout

You have endless options that you can apply on your hair if it is of a medium length. The locks have a textured cut and a unique windswept look suitable for young men.

Long Windswept Blowout Haircut


16. Forward Spike Blowout

This blowout haircut is perfect for guys with straight, thick hair. Arrange the spikes any way you like with the use of high-quality hair gel, making the hair in front stand out even more.

Forward Spike Blowout


17. Natural Flow Wave Hairstyle For Men

The funky wave at the top of this hairdo is natural and it requires minimal blow-drying with a little amount of gel to style it. This flow hairstyle also has some subtle highlights.

Natural Flow Wave Hairstyle For Men - Blowout Haircut


18. Spikes Blowout Haircut

This blowout haircut is perfect for guys with curly hair. You don’t need to straighten them, just to add some hair gel and style the hair with your fingers to make some spikes. You can never go wrong with spiky hairstyles for men.

Spikes Blowout Haircut


19. Ivy League Waves for Ginger Hair

This Ivy League wavy style is suitable for any man looking for a dapper and put together look. Defined waves in voluminous red hair are the ideal choice if you enjoy staying sharp and serious.

Ivy League Waves for Ginger Hair


20. Frizzy Blowout

A frizzy blowout style normally requires very little styling product to keep it in check. This particular hairstyle is great for people who really just want to get up and go.

Frizzy Blowout Haircut


21. Long Blowout Haircut 

You don’t necessarily have to shave to get a blowout. Keep the hair on the sides short and style the long top part in the blowout way. Make sure to do your best with the top part styling.

Long Blowout Haircut 


22. Voluminous Blowout

Arranging the top part straight and upward might get tiring. So you can play around with brushing it a bit to the side to create a messy and wonderful blowout look.

Voluminous Blowout Haircut


23. Pushed Back Blowout

This look is for guys with quite a bit of length on top. Blow-dry the hair straight up before lightly combing or pushing the ends backward. It’s a great way to add some sophistication to your style.

Pushed Back Blowout


24. Lazy Blowout Haircut

This hairstyle is obtained without too much cutting. It is an imitation of the blowout fade haircut that has you styling your locks with hair gel. Push the hair upwards and the style is ready!

Lazy Blowout Haircut


25. Flowing and Movable Bangs

Use plenty of flow and movement on the top section. To get this, blow-dry and mess around with the wavy locks at the top. Finish the look with light hair wax for movement.

Flowing and Movable Bangs Blowout Haircut


26. Kristofer Hivju Slicked Back Blowout

The size of the hair here is amazing, but you will need to use a lot of product to style it into the heavy side and slicked back wave. With a lovely natural texture, this is all you need.

Kristofer Hivju Slicked Back Blowout


27. Lightly Swept Waves

Use just a bit of styling gel so that your hair does not stay completely in place and then distress it a little bit with your fingers to create lightly-swept waves.

Lightly Swept Waves Blowout Haircut


28. Messy Blowout

To be in trend, opt for a stylishly disheveled look by simply messing and scrunching your hair. Use your hands and some pomade after blow-drying.

Messy Blowout Haircut


29. Asymmetrical Blowout

Choose asymmetrical styling for the upper part of your blowout. It guarantees to make you look amazing. Hair gel is a compulsory part of any blowout style though, so keep that in mind!

Asymmetrical Blowout


30. Messy and Tapered

This is a straightforward styling idea that entails tapering the strands to make the sides and back short. Gel the strands at the top, making them as messy as possible.

Messy Blowout Haircut


31. Disheveled and Textured Blowout

It is all about creating a textured and nonchalant structure by using clippers or scissors. The sides are gradual, and for the final look, front sweep the textured locks.

Disheveled and Textured Blowout


32. Blowout with Spikes

Blowout styles can have various designs, a spiky blowout hairstyle being one of them. Gel is used to style the hair into spikes. Also, use a hairdryer to blow it upwards.

Blowout with Spikes


33. Blowout for Men with Blonde Hair

blonde blowout can be even more eye-catching because of the light color combined with the wind-blown style, which creates a unique and stylish appearance.

Blowout for Men with Blonde Hair


34. Elegant Tapering

The beauty of this hairstyle comes from the skillful cut. It implies tapering the sides and back while leaving textured and blow-dried wavy strands on the upper section.

Elegant Tapering


35. Textured Blowout

Getting your hair cut into a blowout shape is easy. Styling it, on the other hand, can be more difficult. If your hair is fluffy and unappealing, try adding some texture. Check out our hair products guide to find the best options for your needs.

Textured Blowout


36. Low Blowout Haircut

If you don’t get along with hair gel, you can pick a more subtle blowout hairstyle such as the one in this example. This haircut is pretty easy to achieve and is the lowest maintenance one so far, as well.

Low Blowout Haircut


37. Flicked Over Fringe Haircut

If you have longer hair, you can finish off any style with a flicked over fringe. Literally, flick your hair over from one side of your head to the other for loose styling.

Flicked Over Fringe Haircut


38. Side Parted Blowout with Undercut

Play around with the top part to create a side-parted blowout pompadour. The hairstyle will look even better than the classic version and it will surely grab attention.

Side Parted Blowout with Undercut


39. Cropped Blowout

A short, cropped blowout can look just as stylish as any standard one. Because of its subtle appearance, you can easily wear this look with confidence when going to the office as it’s quite the business casual look.

Cropped Blowout


40. Up Swept Curly Layers

With this haircut, the strands on the upper part have some subtle curls and layered, up-swept styling. Complement the look with small facial hair.

Up Swept Curly Layers


41. Rolls and Waves 

Mix two different blowout styles by wearing your hair wavy with a rolled fringe at the front. A style like this is easy to maintain and achieve right after a shower.

Rolls and Waves Haircut


42. Comb Over Blowout

If your hair is not thick enough for a regular blowout haircut, go for a comb over to create volume. Keep the lower part short and you can style the top part the way you like best.

Comb Over Blowout


43. Long and Messy Layers 

This beautiful style involves leaving extra-long strands all over the head that can be styled into wavy layers. For styling, just let the wind take care of everything. Easy!

Long and Messy Layers 


44. Rolling Locks Blowout

Give your hair more volume by rolling your hair over to one side. Use a barrel brush to create rolls straight from the roots. Use styling wax to keep your hair in motion.

Rolling Locks Blowout Haircut


45. Side Blowout with Moustache

This blowout hairstyle has the hair tossed only to one side, while the hair on the top is left to be styled according to preference. This hair blowout style is a very unique one, and the mustache adds that extra bit of something.

Side Blowout with Moustache


46. Slick Brushed Back

A slight lift and brush back are all that you need to get this funky hairstyle. However, choose to taper fade the sides to create a disconnection with the top part.

Slick Brushed Back


47. Wispy Blowout Ducktail

Leaving your hair long enough for a wispy blowout can be tricky, but everything is possible. Style the top part with gel to create a wispy style and stand out of the crowd.

Wispy Blowout


48. Hair Raiser

This extravagant blowout is about achieving maximum volume and raising the roof with your hair. A comb and hairdryer give a lot of volume, creating a lightly-tousled look.

Hair Raiser


49. Levels Blowout

While styling the top part of your blowout, you don’t have to make it all leveled. Make the hair higher in front and lower in the back into a blowout variation.

Levels Blowout


50. Wedge Blowout

This wedge hairstyle is much longer at the front than it is at the back. Keep your wedge looking super cool by using a light product and your fingers to smoothly tease out your hair. 

Wedge Blowout


51. Dapper Low Blowout Haircut

Vintage hairstyles are still as fashionable as ever, especially if you’re a dapper kind of guy. If you like the handsome style of the past, you should totally consider a low blowout haircut with a dapper touch. The perfectly-groomed mustache is just the cherry on top!

Dapper Low Blowout Haircut


52. Dreadlocks with Blowout Style

Blowout haircuts work wonderfully with all sorts of hair textures. For instance, if you love rocking dreads, you should know that a blowout is perfect for them. Not only will you get plenty of volume, but the low fade will also contour your features nicely.

Dreadlocks with Blowout Style


53. Eccentric Blowout Haircut Style

On the other hand, you may be a guy with a colorful personality. If you feel like we’ve just described you, take a look at this jaw-dropping blowout haircut. Not only is it creatively designed, but it also features brilliant, head-turning tones.

Eccentric Blowout Haircut Styles


54. Blowout Hairstyle with Highlights

Alternatively, you may want just a hint of color throughout your locks. For this, we recommend a blowout hairstyle for highlights. The look is particularly flattering for men with afro-textured hair, as the highlights make their curls stand out.

Blowout Hairstyle with Highlights


55. Box Fade Blowout

Our final box fade haircut goes back to the roots with one of the hottest styles of the 90s. A classic take on the blowout, this hairstyle showcases a box fade haircut with a textured blowout style expertly performed by a skilled barber.

Box Fade Blowout



The blowout haircut remains one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year, as it continues making your hair seem to have been blown by the wind.

This hairstyle is especially useful for people with a round-shaped face and is most popular among the young generation.

A high-quality gel or a hairspray can be quite handy too, if you want to bring perfection to the blowout hairstyle for guys.

Which one of this is your go-to style or at least favorite?

This article was updated in August 2019.

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