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51 Boys Haircuts Trending This Year

Back to school.

The holiday season.

Family reunions.

These are all popular times for boys to get spiffed up with a great new haircut.

Whether it’s a fun, fringed style or a neat, close-to-the-head crop, your little man’s new haircut will have him all set for the fun times ahead.

Take a look at the latest boys haircuts gaining popularity this year!

1. Fresh Swept Blonde Haircut

boy with Fresh Swept Blonde Haircut


Neat, natural, and fun! Here, longer locks are left up top to be swept to the side for a casual, finger-combed look or combed for a neater, more put-together appearance.

Go from school pictures straight to the soccer field. It’s tempting to keep this awesome blonde look all to yourself but be a sport and let others in on it.

2. Wavy Baby – Medium Length Wavy Curls

boy with wavy medium length curls


Does it get any cuter than this? Medium, naturally highlighted waves, windblown and finger-combed, frame the face adorably. There is no wrong way to wear this style. A true all-occasion look.

There won’t be a family member present who will be able to keep their fingers out of these curls. Want to be the “It” parent? Show ’em this style and watch the smiles!

3. Cute and Coiffed – Classic Ivy League Haircut

boy with ivy league haircut


Is the royal family in town? The Ivy League hairstyle is the perfect combination of dressy and darling. Medium-length top layers are combed up and over, setting off the eyes and a just-too-sweet face.

The sides are cut short and kept off the ears for a dapper silhouette all around. Just imagine how adorable your next playgroup could be with this great look!

4. Top of The Charts – Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

boy with layered hairstyle with bangs


Future boy band heartthrob alert! Long, choppy layers rest casually across the forehead while chunky pieces set off the eyes perfectly.

There’s nothing to styling this carefree cut, and it will never look messy! Perfect for any occasion. Relaxed and fun. This cut will have the school hallway looking like a runway.

5. Young Man’s Fancy – Quiff Haircut for Boys

boy with quiff haircut


This playful cut is the perfect combination of fun and functionality. Upswept, finger-combed chunky pieces, the quiff hairstyle celebrates youth and junior sophistication.

It is flattering to any face shape and easy to maintain. Made for a day at the mall with pals or a fun family outing. Debut this look and soon everyone will be clamoring for your stylist’s name!

6. Junior Heartthrob Hairstyle – Blonde Messy Bangs

boy with blonde bangs


Is there a casting call taking place somewhere in town? It doesn’t get much more flattering than this easy breezy style set off by forward-falling light waves.

This look is ideal for any face shape and simple to maintain. Always photo-ready and always in style. Start stealing hearts everywhere with this dashing look.

7. Picture Perfect – Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

boy with long blonde hair


Ready for a close-up! Shoulder length, semi-sleek, casual and fun, this style will be a hit among young and old alike. It perfectly epitomizes carefree youth, evoking thoughts of summer days filled with sunshine.

Lengthy, easy layers with just a hint of trim fall all around the face with a bit of a part to one side move with the head and make this style a stand-out in its simplicity.

8. Youthful Flair – Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Bangs

boy wtih long hairstyle


Nothing says young and carefree like the perfect hairstyle, at any age. Sleek and shoulder-skimming are the trademarks of this style, reserved only for those who are young enough to truly appreciate its awesomeness.

A hint of wave and impish bangs are versatile enough to wear in more than one style. Experiment and give your young man a different look for every occasion!

9. Peter Pan Haircut

boy with peter pan hairstyle


Forever Young! Long, sleek, a bit choppy, a perfect representation of all things carefree and fun, this hairstyle features face-framing fringes that highlight the eyes and cheeks.

Slightly layered low in the back with a few fringe-like pieces at the ears, this is a style that’s easy to maintain. It pulls together with a quick run-through from a comb. The simple details make this style flattering to any face shape.

10. Curls, Curls, Curls – Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Boys

boy with blonde curly long hairstyle


Nothing is more youthful and fun than a whole headful of big, bouncy curls. This low-maintenance look brings out the playful side in anyone. Long, fat curls hit at the shoulders and fall in a picture-perfect frame across the forehead and around the face.

No need to brush, just finger-style and go! Naturally curly hair or a good perm will deliver these results. Let the fun begin!

11. What A Doll – Medium Length Layered Fringe

boy with longish hair and fringe


This darling ‘do is almost ethereal! It calls to mind visions of cherubs laughing and smiling as they run and play. Big, smooth waves fall forward from the crown to completely cover the head and frame the face, ending just above the shoulders.

An errant wisp here and there adds a touch of whimsey. Just imagine Grandma’s squeals of delight when she gets a look at this style! Let the cheek-pinching begin! 

12. Tousled Throwback 

boy with tousled hair


Some styles evoke memories of our own childhood. This is one of them. In the mid-70s this look was on every cool kid’s head! Natural, wavy, full, with just a bit of layering to give it some movement.

This is the definition of little boys haircuts. Let him channel his inner flower child. No doubt he will love it – and so will everyone who sees this modern take on a retro style. 

13. Hipster in Training Haircut

boy with wavy hipster haircut


Adorable and way ahead of its time! This is a great haircut for teen boys. Thick, wavy layers are scooped to one side and brushed back away from the face.

No need to make a fuss about styling – this style stands out on its own with its simple yet striking silhouette. Flattering for any face shape and easy to maintain. This will be a favorite look for years to come.

14. Versatile Retro Wavy Hairstyle

boy with retro blonde wave haircut


This style calls to mind all things simple and fun yet stylish from the decade of the 80s. Mixed-length, slightly tousled layers fall from a deconstructed part for a style as unique as your young man.

Comb it and allow pieces to fall naturally across the forehead to draw attention to facial features. Short at the back and sides, it’s the perfect summer style for keeping “cool”! 

15. Rocker Boy Hairstyle

boy with rocker style hair


Boy band alert! This style is almost too awesome to wear every day – almost! Long top layers are swept to one side and tucked behind the ear, creating a rock ‘n roll vibe.

The hair is tapered at the nape of the neck in longer layers to complete the look. Cool, carefree, and casual, here is the ultimate in boys haircuts for letting the awesomeness shine through! 

16. Sweet and Sassy – Parted Fringe

boy with parted fringe


Talk about a style that showcases personality! Lots of fun with just the right touch of boldness, this cut feathers over the ears while leaving the hair longer on top with fun wisps and a bit of layering to give it shape.

The super-short back allows the front detailing to take center stage. This style can be reworked into a number of great looks.

17. Free Falling – Long Luscious Blonde Hair

boy with luscious blonde hair


How adorable is this fun and totally natural style? Long layers fall from a perfect center part to graze the shoulders, feathering back lightly at the sides.

Easy to care for since a quick comb-through will do. Super flattering for any face shape, this cut can also be worn a bit shorter if preferred without losing any coolness points! 

18. ‘Do and Dash – Long Thick Bangs

boy with long thick bangs


This classic cut with a modern edge is perfect for a young man on the go. It’s a look that’s both casual and pulled together at the same time, and it’s a flattering look for anyone.

Short at the nape with longer layers at the sides and along the top of the head, the focal point is the thick fringe falling across the forehead and brushed just a bit to one side.

Pieces of varying lengths frame the face adorably. Youthful and energetic, this style will look great on any young fells.

19. Swept Away – Short Sides, Long Top, Side Swept

boy with side swept hair and short sides


Sassy to the max! Ultra-short meets long and windblown for two of the most up-to-the-minute looks combined into one cool cut! The back is trimmed short. One side is cut into short, choppy layers.

The other side is long and casual with just a hint of intermittent layering. Brushed to the side with a sweep of the fingers, this style is just right for summertime fun. This one will definitely inspire a few copycats!

20. Daring Dude – Hard Part, Side Fringe, and Fade

boy with hard part, fringe, and slight fade hairstyle


Calling all parents of young men who know they’ve got it! Not everyone can pull off this super unique style, they have to be the coolest kid you know to make it work.

Buzzed at the back and on one side, the other side falls from a side part into a waterfall of long locks hitting just below the chin, this is a style with attitude for sure.

Comb it through for a smooth, sleek look or wear it a bit tousled and textured. This is a look that can be personalized to suit any young man who wears it.

21. Big and Bold – Farouk James Style 1

farouk james wild hair


Hair just doesn’t get any more fun than this! What boy wouldn’t love to sport a headful of heavenly ringlets with this much sass and style?

Long, loose ringlets with just the right amount of structure to showcase the curls fall all over the head in a thick cascade of super healthy hair.

Achieve this style naturally (for those lucky ducks!) or with the help of a good perm. Either way, this look will turn heads and bring smiles.

22. Classy and Chic – Trimmed Front, Loose Back and Sides

boy with trimmed fringe and loose sides and back


This is a sleek style that can go from the classroom to the campground to the cinema with friends.

Hair is cut to mid-nape and then tapered to a longer point to meet the earlobes. Full bangs hit at the brow line. The look is smooth all around, falling from the crown.

Perfect for the younger fellas and tweens, although awesomeness knows no age limits! Boys haircuts get new life with styles that combine classic touches with modern flair and ease.

23. Life of The Party – Farouk James Style 2

farouk James Bushy Hair


Who could possibly resist this fantastic explosion of long, springy curls? Just imagine the looks of admiration – and envy! – wherever your child goes.

Long, ultra-thick hair falls in wild spiral curls that are just a bit deconstructed for added fullness fall from the crown. A few shorter curls are created in the front to frame the face to prevent overwhelming it.

Don’t have naturally curly hair? No worries. A good perm will deliver results just as well.

24. Today’s Tom Sawyer

boy with tom sawyer style haircut


Just picture a spunky young lad running and playing, carefree as the wind, with this cute cut. Short at the nape, an assortment of layered pieces fall all over the head.

Wisping here and there at the ears and forehead lend it a perfectly imperfect tousled look. No doubt a quick brush-through will create a neat and tidy look for Sunday morning church or a trip to visit Grandma.

Either way, this look is a cute classic for any little fella, and he’ll love how comfy it feels.

25. Mini Muse – Long Locks

boy with really long hair


Some hairstyles are works of art in their own right, and this one is a perfect example. Shiny, healthy locks fall just a bit below shoulder length, while long bangs are swept casually to either side from a relaxed center part.

A few errant wisps move freely here and there, creating a cool, relaxed look that perfectly embodies the youthful male spirit. Truly a rare look, meant only for those who enjoy sharing their uniqueness and budding style with the world.

26. Young Hollywood – Parted Side Sweep

boy with side sweep


Super fun and exploding with personality, this sweet style has been seen on some of Tinseltown’s brightest young stars.

A side part allows the hair to fall in one length to mid-nape as one side is whisked behind the ear and the other side lays smoothly over the eye in a sleek look that draws all eyes directly to the face. What more could an up-and-coming star want?

Shake things up by combing through with the fingers for a more relaxed look. Your young man will be ready for his closeup with this classy coif!

27. Model in Training – Straight Bangs

boy with classic straight bangs


Hey, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and this style is perfect for the young man who has it!

Short in the back, the sides and top are left in medium-length, smooth layers, the ends are trimmed into irregular wisps that fall across the forehead and perfectly frame the face.

By hitting just above the brow line, the bangs focus all the attention onto the face. This is a timeless style that will flatter any fella’s features and have him feeling runway ready!

28. Boho Boy – Messy Bangs

boy with messy bangs


Flower child alert! Memories of the carefree days of peace and love will come flooding back when you get a look at this style on your favorite young man! Not old enough to remember?

Well just take a look at this ultra carefree and casual style and you’ll understand. A headful of shaggy layers of various lengths gets its perfect look from the wind blowing through it.

A slightly wavy texture gives it just a bit of volume. Bangs frame the face perfectly in uneven pieces. There simply is no style that is more natural than this one.

29. Head of The Class – Medium Ivy League Haircut

boy with medium ivy league hairstyle


This sharp look will leave no doubt that your child is headed straight to the top. Brains and good looks abound because he is smart enough to know that this look will make him stand out.

Parted on the side, hair is neatly cropped above the ear on either side while a swath of longer locks is pulled to one side and slightly over the forehead, adding a bit of a fun edge to the studious style. Everything about this look says “straight A’s”!

30. Easy Does It – Messy Waves

boy with messy waves haircut


What young man doesn’t like having a simple, stylish cut that’s easy to maintain and perfect for any occasion? This cut meets all the criteria and then some.

Random layers fall over the ears and cover the entire crown, reaching forward to sweep the forehead.

The result is classic and casual, perfect for school, sports, sleepovers, you name it. Give it a quick sweep with the fingertips and you’re all set to go!

31. Cool and Casual – Medium Length

boy with casual medium hairstyle


Any boy will love a haircut that requires as little fuss as this one does. No brushing needed – just a quick comb-through with the fingers and it’s perfect for school or a fun day hanging out with friends.

Super short in the back with gradually longer locks moving from above the ears to the front where the hair falls from the crown to a bit above the brows. This look is “all boy” and flattering to any face shape.

32. High Marks – Thick Hair Ivy League Haircut

boy with thick ivy league haircut


Studious, sophisticated, and sharp! This cut speaks volumes and it says, “Dean’s List” loud and clear! Keep it classy in class and beyond with this ultra cool style.

Cut into a short wedge shape at the back of the head and the nape, neatly shaped around the ears, culminating in a semi-casual side part with graduated layering on one side and slightly longer (short to mid-length) layers on the other side.

You lift the hair at the roots for volume throughout and at the forehead. Teacher’s pet material for sure!

33. Casual Cool – Boy with Sleek Bangs

boy with sleek bangs


This style gets high marks across the board! Just long enough to be cool without being crazy unruly.

Curling at the nape just above the collar, the hair is cut into sleek, long, uneven layers in the back and on the sides, falling over the ears and laying against the sides of the face.

The top hair falls forward from a high crown point in long layers reaching the eyes and showcasing them perfectly. Laidback and stylish, any teen boy will love this look.

34. Junior Executive – Medium Length Manicured Sides

boy with medium length manicured haircut


This is a perfectly pulled-together look for any teen boy who knows when to be serious and when to have fun. Neat is the word for this style.

The back is cut short to lie close at the nape. Hair is cut neatly around the ears into a point at sideburn level. A straight-cut layer falls to one side from a side part, with the side of the bangs combed over and gently feathered.

This style says serious, but a clever young man knows there is fun to be had as well.

35. The Little Master – Blonde Soft Waves

boy with blonde tousled waves


Nowhere will this style be more perfect than on your little man while he is still young enough to enjoy having his cheeks pinched because that’s exactly what will happen when people get a look at this adorable style!

Sleek, soft, all-natural locks fall to just below the earlobes. Naturally wavy hair is brushed back away from the face as it dries to give it a bit of volume and shape.

A tiny fringe of bang is cut at the center of the forehead, and the face is framed by soft waves on either side. This style perfectly represents youth and innocence.

36. The Young Lord – Messy Forward Sweep

boy with Messy Forward sweep haircut


This youthful look evokes thoughts of the carefree lives of young royals, always stylish and modern. Hair is cut short in the back and left just a bit longer at the sides to be brought forward to caress the face on either side.

The top is left long and forward across the forehead, then flipped back into a deep wave to one side. A few random tendrils are left free to play about the forehead.

37. Classic Cuteness – Wild Bowl

boy with classic wild bowl haircut


Boys will be boys, and this is the most classic of all boys haircuts. The bowl-type style gets an upgrade here, keeping, the shortness at the back and sides while leaving all the length to fall across the top of the head and the forehead from a high crown at the side.

Soft layers are cut throughout to give the style a bit of movement and personality. Comb it for a dressier look or finger-comb for fun, casual times. This style is perfect for young gents of any age.

38. Hot Dogger – Messy Short Bangs

boy with messy short spiky bangs


How mega cool is this style, with its totally wind-blown look? Has this kid been having a blast on his skateboard or his go-kart all day?

Just look at those long layers lying impishly across the crown. The back and sides are ultra-buzzed to further showcase the awesome tousled look featured on top. An eye-catching long lock falls at the brow to draw attention to the facial features.

39. Soft and Spiky Bangs

boy with classic medium ivy league hairstyles with shorter sides


Not too extreme, but definitely not boring! This style is one of the most unique teen boys haircuts. The back and sides of the hair are cut extremely short, but not quite buzzed, to the temples.

Hair is left mid-length at the crown and pulled upward at the front to form a pseudo-spiky look without going completely punk.

The entire look is structured without being too severe, lending a look of youthfulness and fun. The best part? This style looks great on any young man.

40. Casual Flair – Asymmetrical Side with Fringe

boy with asymmetrical side and fringe hairstyle


Here we have a look that stands out and makes a statement. This style won’t get lost in the group, not with its asymmetrical shape-skimming the chin on one side with long sleek locks while the other side is a bit shorter, ending mid-ear and falling forward onto the cheek.

The whole thing is set from an undefined side part with the entire look being softened by a light brush of fingers across the hair’s surface. This style fits in anywhere while not fading into the background.

41. Bedhead but Better

boy with bedbead hairstyle


Cool dude alert! What young man wouldn’t feel like the king of the world with this rakish, ultra-laidback style?

Long tousled to the max, daring and fun. Random long layers are tucked behind one ear and left to fall over the other one. The rest of the hair is in delightful twists and turns all over the head, relaxing just a bit across the brow and pulled to one side.

Finger-combing is as complicated as this style gets, and with the right attitude, it goes anywhere and looks great!

42. The Hair Apparent – Long Bangs

boy with long bangs


This too-cute style will share center stage with the eyes since they compliment one another perfectly.

A gentle disarray of waves shaped, separated, and pulled to the front from a high, slightly off-center crown to lay across the forehead and highlight the youthful glint in the eyes is a real work of art.

The back os cropped short at the nape but left longer and given a hint of feathering throughout to seamlessly blend with the longer waves.

43. Swirls and Curls – Classy Coil Boys Haircuts

boy with classy curly hair


Mid-length curls play across the head, side to side and front to back. This look can be achieved easily either with naturally curly hair or with the help of a good perm.

Curls can be formed with the fingers or with a curling iron as long as the end result is this amazing. Curls are separated a bit, with some lightly finger-combed to add just the right amount of volume.

This style will look picture perfect on the soccer field or in a portrait studio.

44. Flying High – Forward Swept Long Spikes

boy with forward sweep long spikes


Youth, tween, or teen, this style will be wildly popular across the board!

Shaved from the nape to mid-head in the back, buzzed for just a touch more length on the sides, and an explosion of long, full waves on top styled to stand with the ends drawn back toward the crown.

This look is achieved almost completely by hand – no styling tools necessary. Just employ a blow dryer with a diffuser to direct air toward the roots for extra lift.

45. The Sorceress’s Apprentice – Messy Forward Swept Bangs

boy with forward swept messy bangs


Voila! Pure magic for any young man who sports this style. The hair is cut super-short in the back, all the way to the top of the ears on each side and then, the grand finale.

A burst of loosely structured and textured pieces erupts across the crown, casually pushed to one side and shaken randomly across the forehead to come to rest on the brow.

For a more formal look, brush smooth and style to one side. Either way, this style will bring the curtain down!

46. Saturday Morning Cool – for Thin Hair

boy with messy thin hair style


Hey, everyone deserves a chill look to go with their personality, and the young man in your life is no different. This is the perfect relaxed look in youth or teen boys haircuts.

Short at the neck and trimmed to just above the ears, then the real fun begins! Tons of tousels and unstructured layers share the crown on either side of an easy side part.

Pull a small shock or two over the forehead for an even more casual feel.

47. Young Man’s Fancy – Side Parted Bowl-style Bangs

boy with slight part and bowl cut


Dressy and easy to manage, this style is perfect for the young man with bone-straight, healthy hair who likes to keep things simple and still look cool.

Hair is blunt-cut all around the head mid-ear with a bit of an asymmetrical slant moving the sections at the temples toward the face.

A thick sheaf of bangs almost covers the entire forehead to just below the brow, tossed a bit to one side to change things up a bit. This style is both timeless and today.

48. Life’s a Beach – Summer Bangs Shaved on the Sides

boy with beach boy hairstyle


Here comes the sun! Just picture this unbelievably fun style on a sandy beach or poolside on a summer Saturday afternoon.

Shaved in the back and at the sides to mid-ear then buzzed and reverse-graduated to let loose with long layers from the crown, falling to each side and in a windswept spray across the forehead.

An extra-long tendril is left precisely mid-forehead to extend impishly between the eyes to the bridge of the nose. This look is sure to bring miles of smiles and tons of compliments.

49. James Dean Redux

boy with James Dean hairstyle


This style is evocative of the 50s when rock and roll was young and the free spirits were just awakening to it.

Perfect for any age, this young man’s style is cut ultra-short all around, slicked back from just above the ears to the crown, then combed forward into a deep wave reaching onto the forehead to barely skim it before blending in with the sleekly coiffed side.

The top is pushed forward just enough to give a bit of lift. Movie star style that stands out anywhere and flatters any face shape, this look will never go out of style.

50. Dinner at Grandma’s – Classy Pompadour

boy with pompadour hairstyle


A style for the ages – all of them, from preschoolers to teens. This classy pompadour look combines a neat, proper young man’s style with just enough of a casual edge to keep things fun.

Hair is left from temple to temple, flipped back and to one side, blow-dried to give it some volume at the roots, and styled by combing through with the fingers. The sides are cut in graduated lengths to just above the ears.

This look is versatile enough to take your young fella anywhere. Even Grandma will love this “long hair” on her handsome grandson!

51. Star Power – Classic Messy Medium Hair

boy with classic messy hair


If ever a hairstyle could win the hearts of the masses, this is it. This is the look of a superstar in the making.

Hair is layered and stylishly sculpted around the ears, continuing around to form short layers at the back of the head before morphing into long layers at the top throughout the crown.

From a casually defined middle part, the long layers are cut and shaped to give the look of lightly feathered hair pulled forward for a hint of bangs on either side of the forehead.

This combination of short and neat with long and casual presents a striking silhouette that will grab attention like none other.

This Is Where the Fun Begins!

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This article was updated in June 2019.

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