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55 Coolest Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men

The faux hawk hairstyle for men is one that came into fashion in the 90s and never quite left. In fact, it has evolved since its birth, offering a number of ways to wear this casual, versatile style. Easy to maintain and even easier to style, the faux hawk is a toned down, less edgy little brother of the mohawk. This article will detail some of the coolest faux hawk haircuts for men so that you can rock one, too.

1. Wide Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men

Wide Faux Hawk


The wide faux hawk stretches down the entirety of the head, starting at the crown and ending at the neck. Instead of short hair on the side, it usually features a much larger, wider section of the top of the head being covered and a fade beneath it for texture.

2. Parted Faux Hawk with Fade

Dapper Parted Faux Hawk with Fade


The parted faux hawk with fade features a sharp part that separates the faux hawk’s top from the surrounding hair on the sides. While the hair up top is often short, it can be any length so long as its parted. The sides display a gentle fade downward.

3. Clean Cut Faux Hawk

sophisticated faux hawk


Among faux hawk haircuts for men, the clean cut faux hawk is suitable for gents who often must engage in business meetings and dinner parties but still enjoy the casual look of a fun hairstyle. Short, neat, and well maintained, this versatile faux hawk can suit anyone.

4. Relaxed Faux Hawk

Casual Relaxed Faux Hawk


Easygoing, the relaxed faux hawk features short hair on the side with a loose pull upward. Hair is often unkempt but still formed into a faux hawk shape with gel or spray. It is great for men who spend more time at casual affairs.

5. Spiky Faux Hawk

casual Spiky Faux Hawk


A commonly worn style, the spiky faux hawk is just that – pieces of hair that have been given a spiked texture using gel or spray. It is often one of the taller styles of faux hawks and can make as big or small a statement as you’d like.

6. Layered Faux Hawk

Textured Layered Faux hawk


The layered faux hawk features a textured, chunky look that provides the wearer a hairstyle full of depth, dimension, and volume. The hair on top is cut into short layers and then styled to achieve one of the best casual faux hawk haircuts for men.

7. Subtle Faux Hawk

Understated Subtle Faux Hawk.


The subtle faux hawk is great for weddings, semi-formal events or casual day wear. It is understated yet still full of style. Moreover, its subtle nature gives the wearer a bit of class and elegance without overdoing it on formality.

8. Choppy Faux Hawk

Textured Choppy Faux Hawk


Created with the use of gel in abundance, the choppy faux hawk is a highly textured and dimensional style that is great for both formal and informal wear. The look includes distinct chunks of short hair styled into a forward gust and is sure to draw the eye.

9. Slicked Back Pomp Faux Hawk

professional slicked back faux hawk with shaved sides


Perfect for men who want to keep a little bit of length up top, the slicked back pomp faux hawk is a nice mixture between a faux hawk and a pompadour hair cut that has been laid flat, giving this style a diverse wear-ability that verges on dapper.

10. Loose Faux Hawk

Casual Loose Faux Hawk


The loose faux hawk usually will feature an accentuated fade on the sides and medium-length hair up top that lazily hangs to the left, right, or down the front of the face, free of gel. It can be worn to outdoor events or other casual occasions.

11. Bedhead Faux Hawk

Messy Loose Faux Hawk


The bedhead faux hawk is exactly what it sounds like: a man has just rolled out of bed, run a hand through his hair and left the house. It looks great on men heading to college, to a casual job or just a day on the town.

12. Tall Faux Hawk

Lengthy Tall Faux Hawk


For those going for an extravagant hairstyle, look no further than the tall faux hawk. It is short in the back and gradually gets taller toward the front for a sort of wave effect. As a result, it’s perfect for parties or anywhere one wants to make a fashion statement.

13. Gentle Fade Faux Hawk

Elegant Gentle Fade Faux Hawk


The gentle fade faux hawk begins as a voluminous bit of hair at the front that has been slicked back onto the head. A stunning fade goes along with it, gradually tapering down from a lot of hair to none at all.

14. Undercut Faux Hawk

Edgy Undercut Faux Hawk


For unmatched texture, the undercut faux hawk is your key. It features shaved sides that gradually build up to a short cut just before the faux hawk. Additionally, the faux hawk is often oversized and flowing to give a nice contrast. Its artsy nature is great for college students and those who enjoy going out.

15. Voluminous Faux Hawk

Big Voluminous Faux Hawk


For a huge wow factor that will turn heads wherever you go, opt for voluminous faux hawk haircuts for men! They are perfect for medium-long hair and are certainly going to be the focal point of your ensemble. This look is great for those who like to command a space with their presence.

16. Classic Faux Hawk with Fade

Sleek Classic Faux Hawk with Fade


This is a spin on the classic faux hawk style. The classic faux hawk with fade features a thick faux hawk on top with a gorgeous fade on the side to add a little depth and character to the look. Perfect for those wanting a dramatic effect.

17. Understated Wave Faux Hawk

Subtle and Understated Wave Faux Hawk


The understated wave faux hawk is a subtle faux hawk that features a slight lift at the front of the head. The back is short, the sides are shaved – sometimes with a fade – and it is perfect for everyday wear, to the office and beyond.

18. Messy Classic Faux Hawk

Hip Messy Classic Faux Hawk


The messy classic faux hawk features a classic faux hawk appeal without all of that crunchy gel. It is a more casual look, with light texture and gentle tapering on the sides. This hairstyle goes with any attire and is perfect for any occasion.

19. Pomp Crossed with Faux Hawk

Dapper Pomp Crossed with Faux Hawk


For those who can not decide whether they want a dapper pomp or an edgy faux hawk, the pomp crossed with faux hawk is their answer. It features a pompadour style top that will lean slightly to one side, much like a faux hawk. The sides are shaved down almost completely.

20. Dramatic Wave Faux Hawk

Ultra Dramatic Wave Faux Hawk


The dramatic wave faux hawk is the perfect statement hair cut. Anywhere a man goes with this style will get him attention. This is a great cut for those who want to accentuate their suits, play up their beard, or simply want more volume to their hair.

21. The Boxy Classic

Retro Boxy Classic Faux Hawk


Inspired by the temp fade haircut, the boxy classic features a fade with a thick cut toward the top of the head that blooms into a handsome faux hawk. The faux hawk is usually short to keep it in a somewhat boxed shape. This is one of the best urban urban faux hawk haircuts for men.

22. The Classic Faux Hawk

Everyday Classic Faux Hawk


The classic faux hawk is the style most commonly associated with the general fauxx hawk hairstyle. It has short hair on the side, but not shaved, and a few inches of hair on top pushed together into a slight angular pose. This cut looks good on all guys and is suitable for virtually any situation.

23. Wavy Faux Hawk

Trendy Wavy Faux Hawk


The wavy faux hawk features a classic fade on the sides of the head with wavy hair cut at a medium length. The hair has slight spray or gel put into it, but not much, leaving its waviness intact and letting it hang to whichever side is natural.

24. Curly Faux Hawk

edgy Curly Faux Hawk


The curly faux hawk is a great, easy way to style curly hair. Simply cut the sides down or fade them and let the top do its own thing. You may not even need hair products.

25. Piecey Faux Hawk

Textured Piecey Faux Hawk


Piecey faux hawk haircuts for men are nothing but texture, texture, texture. Using a heavy gel, this style comes to life piece by piece for a layered, thick faux hawk. This haircut works well for casual events or to dress up any ensemble.

26. Cliffhanger Faux Hawk

Daring Cliffhanger Faux Hawk


The cliffhanger faux hawk is a dramatic faux hawk that is subtle and downplayed in the back before it peaks with a sharp jut at the front. This is as great to wear with suits as it is for casual wear.

27. Classy Faux Hawk

A refined take on the faux hawk


With the classy faux hawk, hair on the side is backswept instead of trimmed down. Still, the faux hawk look is achieved by sweeping the hair back and gelling it around the sides, leaving the top to do as it pleases, or gelling it, too.

28. Faux Faux Hawk

Casual Faux Faux Hawk


With faux faux haircuts for men, you don’t even have to cut your hair to achieve the look. Simply gel the short hair back and give the top a little volume down the center to pull it off. We say it’s perfect for gents with medium length hair who want to change things up.

29. Messy Sideswept Faux Hawk

Casual Messy Sideswept Faux Hawk


All it takes to get the messy side-swept faux hawk is just a bit of gel. With the sides short, run a little gel through the locks of hair and push them to one side. Leave enough gel out so that the hair can move about on its own.

30. Long Loose Curls Faux Hawk

Messy Long Loose Curls Faux Hawk


If you have medium-length, loosely curly hair, the long loose curls faux hawk look is perfect for you. It features a top that dangles with no product in it, letting your loose curls run free. We recommend it for casual looks and outdoorsmen.

31. Wild Side Faux Hawk

Fabulous Wild Side Faux Hawk


Take a walk on the wild side with the wild side faux hawk! The hairstyle has shaved downsides and long hair up top. Typically, the hair is pushed to one side, but it can lay flat down the back, too. If you like alternative styles, it’s one of the faux hawk haircuts for men for you.

32. Shark Fin Faux Hawk

Fun Shark Fin Faux Hawk


The shark fin faux hawk gets its name from piecey, classic mohawk hairstyles for men. It features tousled locks facing backward and gelled into place. This dramatic look is great for nightlife and parties. However, it can also be worn during the day on some occasions.

33. Polished Faux Hawk

Sleek Polished Faux Hawk


For gentlemen who need a classy, sophisticated way to wear their short hair, the polished faux hawk is here. To get the look, you need to have a larger section of hair on top that is thick in the front and thins as it goes backward with a contrasting fade to round out the look. Businessmen and interns can greatly benefit from it.

34. Messy Pomp Faux Hawk

Trendy Messy Pomp Faux Hawk


The messy pomp faux hawk is an excellent way to bring a bit of casual flair to any occasion. The pompadour haircut is a dapper hairstyle and this way you are able to put your own tousled spin on a classic style with ease.

35. Short Faux Hawk

Neat, short faux hawk


The short faux hawk is just that. With shaved downsides and just an inch or two of hair on top, it’s comfortably versatile. Make sure that you style to top to lie mostly flat with just a little bit of lift. Short faux hawk haircuts for men are great for those who don’t enjoy styling their hair often.

36. Fish Fin Pomp Faux Hawk

Elegant Fish Fin Pomp Faux Hawk


The fish fin pomp faux hawk gets its name from the height of the style that makes it resemble a pompadour cut. The sides are faded, leaving the eye to draw only toward the stack of hair up top. It’s ideal for the gent who likes to wear a nice, classy suit.

37. Sporty Faux Hawk

Sporty Faux Hawk


The sporty faux hawk is an easy-to-manage, short faux hawk that is great for those who are active. It takes little time to style, leaving you to do more of what you love. Also, it is short enough to keep you cool while exercising.

38. Ringlet Faux Hawk

Cute Ringlet Faux Hawk


The ringlet faux hawk is different from the curly faux hawk, as the curls are defined ringlets that hang loose with no product whatsoever. This is a handsome way for difficult-to-style curls to be worn.

39. Subtle Gelled Faux Hawk Featuring Longer Sides

Understated, Subtle Gelled Faux Hawk with Longer Sides


For a sleek look that can be worn anywhere, opt for the subtle gelled faux hawk featuring longer sides. With this hairstyle, the sides aren’t shaved, just trimmed. Furthermore, the faux hawk itself is fashioned into a subtle wave shape that has been gelled over to one side.

40. Backswept Long Faux Hawk



The backswept long faux hawk is a terrific cut for those who aren’t ready to let go of their medium-length hair. The sides are shaved while the top is gelled back in a natural, soft way, leaving the natural waves of the hair. intact This is a dashing look for men who like to dress up.

41. Muted Faux Hawk

Subtle, muted faux hawk


The muted faux hawk is amazing for those who want all-day wear that matches any setting, formal or informal. It has closely-cut sides and a faux hawk that is gelled over to one side and lays rather flatly.

42. Sideswept Tousled Faux Hawk

Windblown Sideswept Tousled Faux Hawk


The side-swept tousled faux hawk is different from a messy sides-wept faux hawk, as it requires no gel, much like the bedhead version. Simply cut the sides and let the medium-length hair go as it will. It’s just what you need for casual occasions.

43. Upswept Faux Hawk

Casual Upswept Faux Hawk


Upswept faux hawk haircuts for men make a dramatic entrance, as most of the hair itself is swept upward and pushed toward the front. This adds volume and dimension and looks great with a button up, a suit, or a casual t-shirt all the same.

44. Clean-Cut Faux Hawk

Toned Down Clean Cut Faux Hawk


The clean-cut faux hawk has almost fully shaved sides. The hawk itself has smooth, clean lines and a few inches of hair that is gelled back in a suave way. If you have an outfit that needs a bit of a dressing up, this is one of the faux hawk haircuts for men you should go with.

45. Backward Tapered Faux Hawk

Stylish Backwards Taper Faux Hawk


The front of this faux hawk is large and voluminous and slowly tapers back to almost nothing. The backward tapered faux hawk is trimmed shortly on the sides and looks excellent for any occasion, suiting both casual and formal wear.

46. Upfront Faux Hawk

Versatile Upfront Faux Hawk


The high skin fade is one of the main features is the fade that draws attention to the upfront faux hawk. This hawk slowly builds volume that leans toward the top and is pushed in on itself at a slight angle. Similar to classic versions, it’s one of the faux hawk haircuts for men that are suitable anywhere.

47. Killer Whale Faux Hawk

Side view of Killer Whale Faux Hawk


Named for its resemblance to the body shape of a whale, the killer whale faux hawk is perfect for medium-length hair and takes advantage of its volume. Gel it over in the front with great dimension, and slowly taper back into a shorter length at the end.

48. Curly-cue Faux Hawk

Bold Curlycue Faux Hawk


This leans almost toward a mohawk, but the curly-cue faux hawk is all a matter of how you style your hair. Featuring a visible curl, this faux hawk is dramatic and striking. It is perfect for a night out.

49. Braided Faux Hawk

Playful Braided Faux Hawk


The braided faux hawk is a fun twist on a typical faux hawk while adding great character. Truly, there is a number of braids that you can implement into this style. This versatile cut looks great for casual day wear or for wear at night.

50. Eccentric Faux Hawk

Crazy Punk Colored Faux Hawk


Have a little fun and add a pop of color with the eccentric faux hawk. Perfect for any faux hawk style, choose the color that you find daring and bold and dye your hair for a statement faux hawk.

51. Faux Hawk with Hard Part

Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men with Hard Part


If you feel that your overall hairstyle is missing a dash of personality, add a hard part. As opposed to a regular part, the hard part is shaven to boost definition. We believe it completes any faux hawk haircuts for men extremely well.

52. Front Curl Faux Hawk

Front Curl Faux Hawk


The grandfather of the curled-cue faux hawk is the front curl one. Inspired by the greaser style of the 50s, the front curl has a distinct rock and roll vibe to it. For a modern adaptation, mess your front curl faux hawk up a bit in the front.

53. Military Faux Hawk Haircut

Military Faux Hawk Haircut


If you’re a military man, you unfortunately won’t be able to sport longer faux hawk haircuts for men. However, you can use a classic military haircut to get closer to one. We’re talking about the high and tight – a military cut that strongly resembles a super short faux hawk or mohawk.

54. Low Taper Faux Hawk

Low Taper Faux Hawk


Want your faux hawk to look more like a natural mohawk? Use techniques like tapering to get you there. With the help of a lower taper haircut, you can create the silhouette of a traditional, wide mohawk with long hair.

55. Faux Hawk for Older Men

Faux Hawk for Older Men7


Last but not least, we recommend faux hawk haircuts for men regardless of age. Even if you are over 50 or 60, you can use a faux hawk hairstyle for a youthful touch to your greying locks. You’ll be able to wear it in any setting, so go for it!


In summary, there is nothing quite as unique and versatile as the faux hawk. Available in a number of different styles, the faux hawk has never once gone out of style since it made its very first appearance, and it appears it may never do so. Even with these faux hawk haircuts for men, there are surely dozens more out there for you to experiment with and find the one that works best for your facial shape and hair type!

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