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50 Fresh Hard Part Haircut Ideas

Classy, edgy and fresh all in one, the hard part haircut is one of the coolest hairstyles for men among top-trending choices this year.

In addition to expressing refinement, it also has an unmistakable touch of attitude that any stylish man will appreciate.

From being the foundation for a top military haircut in the 50s to a polished choice in our times, the hard part haircut definitely won’t go out of style anytime soon.

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1. Classic Hard Part Haircut

Classic Hard Part Haircut


Our first hard part hairstyle is also one of the all-time most popular, thanks to its classic silhouette. It is a versatile choice, with advantages for younger and older men alike. It works best if your hair is naturally straight.

2. Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyle


The hard part is a fantastic haircut choice if you have wavy hair. Thanks to the dynamic texture, your hair will naturally spring with volume from the defined part. The taper fade also helps make this look even more memorable.

3. Hard Part Short Hair Style

Hard Part Short Hair Style


You’ll usually find hard part hairstyles among men who have locks that are at least an inch or two long. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look amazing on guys with shorter hair. Take a look at this buzz cut with a hard part, for instance.

4. Curly Hard Part Hairstyle

Curly Hard Part Hairstyle


Most of the hard part haircuts you will come across are with straight strands. However, this hairstyle is exceptional for men with all hair textures. If you have curls, don’t hesitate to bring out the best in them with a sharp shaved part.

5. Hard Part Haircut Military

Hard Part Haircut Military


If this vintage military hairstyle won’t make you nostalgic, we don’t know what will. For this example, we went back in time to the military haircuts popular in the 1950s. Although more than half a century has passed since then, it’s still as trending as ever.

6. Soft Part Haircut

Soft Part Haircut


We’ll be talking all about hard part haircuts throughout our list, but what about soft part hairstyles? Just like the name suggests, this style has a subtler approach to a part. Instead of shaving or otherwise defining the part, all you have to do is comb your hair to the side for a natural one.

7. Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair


If your hair is significantly thick, you already know that keeping it long can be a pain. For less maintenance and more natural style, consider keeping your hair as short as possible. To spice up the look, always go for a hard part.

8. Long Hair with Hard Part

Long Hair with Hard Part


Guys who have long and thick beards should always take a long hairstyle into consideration. However, instead of keeping your hair long all around, opt for a taper fade with a hard part as the icing on the cake.

9. Temple Fade Asymmetrical Hard Part Haircut

Temple Fade Hard Part Haircut


In numerous barber shops across the country, hard part haircuts are often paired with temple fades. Not only is it a top hairstyle for African American men who prefer rocking shorter hair, but it’s also a highly stylish choice overall.

10. Angled and Wavy Hard Part

angled and wavy hard part


If you have an afro, you may want to think about getting a hard part that complements the texture of your hair. Just one option is this rounded and angled design that’s sure to make heads turn. It starts on one side, wraps around the head, then continues downwards towards your nape.

11. Pompadour Hard Part Haircut

Pompadour Hard Part Haircut


It’s easy to see why the pompadour withstood the test of time for as far back as we can remember. This handsome hairstyle works perfectly with a hard part, as the defined line accentuates the pomp itself.

12. Wave Cut with Bald Fade

Wave Cut with Bald Fade


You can tell that this razor-sharp defined part is created by an expert barber from a mile away. The exemplary hard part is complemented by a deep wave cut and a smooth bald fade. The gradient from the hair to the beard is also admirable.

13. Flat Top Hard Part

Flat Top Hard Part


African American men should never underestimate the power of the flat top. This barbershop haircut has been going strong for decades now, and it’s still as fresh as ever. A hard part can help emphasize the hairstyle.

14. Angular Fringe Hard Part Haircut

Angular Fringe Hard Part Haircut


The angular fringe is an ideal hairstyle to sport a hard part with. Although the part in this photo is a bit more discrete than other examples, it shows how well it can outline the textured top part of the hairstyle.

15. Dandy Hard Part Fade Haircut

Dandy Hard Part Haircut


Despite the fact that a hard part haircut would typically inspire an edgy style, it is frequently used by men who embrace the dandy lifestyle. As you can observe in this example, you can have a hard part hairstyle with a well-groomed mustache and beard.

16. Spiky Hairstyle with Hard Part

Spiky Hairstyle with Hard Part


Not only is the undercut extremely well done in this hairstyle, but so is the hard top. The top part is textured and softly spiked, without being loaded with hair product. You can get a hard part on one side or both.

17. Taper Fade Hard Part Haircut

Taper Fade Hard Part Haircut


The hard part is combined with a taper fade in outnumbered situations. The main reason is that the two cutting techniques go hand in hand, with the hard part blending into the taper and then the fade. You can get a high or low taper fade haircut, or you can keep it medium-length.

18. Hard Part Undercut

Hard Part Undercut


A creative way to wear a hard part is not where your hair would normally part, but rather in an unexpected place. For example, you can get an undercut and use your hard part as one of the lines that define the shape.

19. Side Slicked Hard Part Haircut

Side Slicked Hard Part Haircut


Men often choose a hard part haircut for wearing their hair combed or slicked to the side. In this shot, you can admire a side slicked hard part hairstyle, with locks that aren’t too short but not too long either. The result is a tasteful and easy-to-maintain haircut.

20. Asymmetrical Hard Part Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Hard Part Hairstyle


You should never shy away from getting out of your comfort zone. For some, this means trying out hairstyles they have never sported before. One of these may be an asymmetrical haircut, like this angled flat top haircut with a subtle temple fade and sharp part.

21. Caesar Haircut with Hard Part

Caesar Haircut with Hard Part


We have covered a broad selection of Caesar haircuts for all kinds of guys, but we don’t want to overlook its role here. A hard part goes highly well with a Caesar haircut as it defines the blunt line all around.

22. Classy Hard Part Haircut

Classy Hard Part Haircut


If you’re all about class, this is the hard part haircut for you. The silhouette is as tasteful as it can get, from the smooth side combing to the sharp edges. We also recommend this specific style for men who work in a business environment.

23. Rebellious Hard Part Haircut

Rebellious Hard Part Haircut


Want that bad boy allure on the daily? You don’t need to look any further, this is the haircut you’ve been dreaming of. Make sure you wait a bit until your hair grows at least nose-length, then go in for the undercut and the hard part.

24. Line Up with Small Hard Part

Line Up with Small Hard Part Hairstyle


Line ups are easily one of the most common and cool barbershop haircuts for black men. If you want to add more style to yours, get a hard part. You may not want to go full out with a long part, but a short and angled one will work wonders.

25. Long Bangs Hairstyle

Long Bangs Hairstyle


Regardless if you’re a teenager or a grown man, hairstyles with undercuts and long bangs will always have a charm of their own. As you can see in this photo, the part isn’t as hard as the others for a smooth result.

26. High and Tight Hard Part Haircut

High and Tight Hard Part Haircut


Without a doubt, the high and tight is one of the top trending haircuts for men this year. To make yours remarkable, follow the line of the high and tight with a part. You should continue with a skin fade for contrast.

27. Diagonal Hard Part Haircut

Diagonal Hard Part Haircut


Your hard part doesn’t have to go straight down your head. In fact, plenty of hairstyles look more interesting with a uniquely shaped hard part. For a simple yet effective hairstyle, see if a diagonal part is what you’re looking for.

28. Deep Defined Part with Curl Up

Deep Defined Part with Curl Up


Now, this is one of the sharpest hard parts on our lists, designed with surgical precision. Although it may be a bit deep for some men, we guarantee it will be a hairstyle impossible to forget. We also like the curled up styling for the bangs.

29. Wavy Hard Part

Wavy Hard Part


To continue our idea about creativity, take some time to think about what form your hard part can take. A wavy hard part will definitely make you stand out in the coolest way, but so will any other angle that isn’t that common.

30. Formal Hard Part Haircut

Formal Hard Part Haircut


No matter if you’re seeking a smart haircut for a boy or you are planning to attend a formal event yourself, here is the ideal approach. Even though the hairstyle is indeed polished, it can also be worn afterward in casual situations.

31. Short Hard Part

Short Hard Part


Another way to wear a small hard part is just by shortening it. As opposed to the other small part we talked about earlier, this one is razor straight. It completes the 360 waves hairstyle in a fresh and original way.

32. Crew Cut Hard Part Haircut

Crew Cut Hard Part Haircut


Hard parts don’t always have to be rocked with medium-length or long hair. Actually, they look exceptionally well with short hairstyles like crew cuts too. What also caught our attention with this example is the smooth gradient provided by the fade.

33. Original Curly Hairstyle with Asymmetrical Part

Original Curly Hairstyle


You will frequently see hard parts where a part would usually be, or otherwise part of an undercut. Nevertheless, this curly hairstyle goes above and beyond with the placement of the part. Instead of following the corner of the line-up, it begins closer to the middle for a striking effect.

34. Medium-Length Hard Part Haircut


Want a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, but not too short? Try out this hard part haircut. The locks are medium length, and the taper that comes with the hairstyle has the sides and back subtly faded and subtly shaved down.

35. Swept Up and to the Side

Swept Up and to the Side


Not fully drawn to the flat slicked style? Neither to the idea of going directly sideways or upwards with your strands? Experiment with this hairstyle that brings the best of both worlds together, with plenty of dynamism.

36. Lightning Hard Part for Boys


If you want your little man to be the coolest kid on the block, show him this pic and we’re sure he’ll love getting a similar hairstyle. The hard part begins as it normally would, but as it reaches the peak of the head it springs into an awesome lightning bolt design.

37. Double Hard Part Haircut with Surgical Line

Hard Part Haircut with Surgical Line


Often the best hairstyles for men mix more than one style. For instance, this haircut not only has a hard part but also an additional surgical line on the side. Even more so, it has taper fade details that shape the haircut nicely.

38. Double Hard Part Haircut

Double Hard Part Haircut


Speaking of blending styles, how about getting not one but two hard parts? This hairstyle provides a cool optical illusion while maintaining a sleek aspect. It’s generally suitable for boys and young men. Furthermore, the temple fade tops off the hairstyle flawlessly.

39. Double Diagonal Hard Part

Double Diagonal Hard Part


Moving forward with the concept of a double hard part, this photo displays another way of rocking this hairstyle. Compared to our previous example, this haircut has the two hard parts shaved diagonally, starting from the middle area of the forehead.

40. Comb Over Hard Part Haircut

Comb Over Hard Part Haircut


Naturally, it was impossible to complete a list of hard part haircuts without talking specifically about comb over hairstyles. You can find this choice of styling with the majority of haircuts that have a hard part, owing to the gentleman allure it comes with.

41. V-Shaped Hairstyle


It’s impossible to not have seen a V-shaped haircut by now that made you stop and admire it. It’s also one of the hairstyles that look intriguing with a hard part. You can maintain a long top or go completely buzz cut with the general length of your hair.

42. Mohawk Hard Part Haircut

Mohawk Hard Part Haircut


All about that punk lifestyle? Go ahead and get a mohawk with one or more hard parts. In this example, you can see three designed on one side of the Mohawk. Nonetheless, you can opt for getting one on each side.

43. Slicked Back

Slicked Back


Here’s yet another super classy slicked back hard part that still packs more than enough attitude. Inspired by rock and roll fashion, this hairstyle has a modern touch through the added taper fade. You will require a quality product for the styling, so keep that detail in mind.

44. Hard Part Haircut with Coloring

Hard Part Haircut with Coloring


Once you have chosen the best hard part haircut for your tastes, you can express your personality further through color. Feel free to play around with any shades you like, from metallic tones like silver to bright or neon colors.

45. Blunt and Choppy Blue Hairstyle

Blunt and Choppy Hairstyle


You should never limit yourself to ideas regarding your haircut. If you want to be the center of attention, go against the grain and truly put some thought into your new hairstyle. Mixing a blunt hairline with a choppy top is just one of the ideas you can explore.

46. Jagged Hard Part Undercut

Jagged Hart Part Undercut


If you decide on getting an undercut, why not make it impossible to forget? You can accomplish this through an intricate hard part. Instead of going directly across with a surgical line, make yours jagged and interrupted.

47. Faux Hawk Hard Part Haircut


The optimum solution for men who aren’t sure about getting a full mohawk is a faux hawk. Like the name says, it’s a recreation of a mohawk, most of the time without the back part. You can use a hard part to emphasize it.

48. Custom Hard Part Haircut

Custom Hard Part Haircut


What really makes a good hairstyle stand out is your personal touch. In other words, the more you put your imagination in the game, the more impressive your haircut will turn out. Go beyond the norm and think about cool designs for your hard part.

49. Highlights Hairstyle

Highlights Hairstyle


As opposed to our last color example, this one highlights a more discrete approach (pun intended). If you’re not into flashy colors, you can always choose a set of highlights in blonde or another natural shade. The wispier the highlights, the subtler the results will be.

50. Colorful Artsy Silver, Electric Purple, and Candy Pink Hairstyle


We’d like to end our list on a bright note (literally). We always encourage our readers to experiment with their hairstyles, whether it be the cutting or the colors. Here, you can observe a bit of both, through the creative blend of colors and a good trim.


All in all, the hard part haircut is a brilliant choice for your next appointment at the barber shop.

There are so many variations of this hairstyle that you are bound to find the perfect adaptation for your personal style.

Work with your natural hair texture to get the ideal shape and don’t hesitate to work with a renowned barber for the look you desire.

What’s your top pick from our list?

This article was updated in July 2019.

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