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50 High Top Fade Haircuts

Are you an old school soul that has a passion for adding modern touches to timeless trends? You’re in for a treat, and an eye candy one to boot. Inspired by the iconic flat top haircut, the high top fade is one of the hottest hairstyles men with textured hair can try out.

High top fade styles are a flawless blend between classic and classy, all while saluting the golden age of hip hop. So without further ado, “this is how we take the old from the new, the new to the old, the old from the new” by showcasing the freshest ways you can rock the haircut today.

1. Traditional High Top Haircut

Traditional High Top Haircut


To begin with, it’s only fair to kick-start our list with the original high top fade. If you’re a millennial, the tall and finely trimmed form is unmistakable. Take a trip back in time and feed your nostalgia with your own take on the traditional silhouette.

2. High Top Fade Dreads Hairstyle

High Top Fade Dreads Hairstyle


It’s clear by now that dreadlock styles for men will never go out of style. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, dreads are the go-to solution for men with longer natural hair. In addition, they go hand in hand with high fade haircuts. What more could you want?

3. Curly High Top Fade

Curly High Top Fade


Textured curls are the foundation for any high top fade haircut. Regardless of length, curly hairstyles for men will always be flattering for any and every face shape. If you’re not sure how long or short you should go, we recommend starting with mid-length curls and working your way from there.  

4. High Top Fade Braids Haircut

High Top Fade Braids Haircut


In recent years, braids for men have stepped back into the spotlight, and they’re here to stay. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the braid styles that you can pair with a high fade. For a simple yet effective outcome, try the crown braid style pictured above.

5. Rounded Top High Fade

Rounded Top High Fade


Generally, the haircut features a box-like contour. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with all sorts of shapes and sizes. Take the rounded version for example. It’s the ideal choice for men who want to soften an otherwise stern look.

6. Low High Top Fade

Low High Top Fade


We’ve previously talked all about the variety of fade hairstyles for men you can pick from. The same goes for high top haircuts. Even though most men opt for an equally high fade, others look far better with a low fade haircut. 

7. High Fade Long Top Hairstyle

High Fade Long Top Hairstyle


For some guys, the longer their curls are, the better. Indeed, maintenance becomes tricky when you have a remarkably tall top. Still, the results look so cool that the extra styling effort is worth every minute. The chin strap beard also balances out the high fade with long hair on top hairstyle with finesse.

8. Nappy High Top Fade

Nappy High Top Fade


Any man should sport his natural locks with pride, no matter how “frizzy” they are. Textured curls are an awesome way of expressing your culture, personality, and roots, all at the same time. We’d definitely classify the style above as one of the most alluring afro hairstyles for men you can play around with this year.

9. High Top Fade Twist Haircut

High Top Fade Twist Haircut


Twists are a must-try if you’re growing your hair out. Not only do they look great, but they’re also practical if you want a faded undercut. Just make sure that you follow your barber’s hair care tips to keep your coils thriving as they grow.

10. Will Smith High Top Fade

Will Smith High Top Fade


Be honest – you probably had the Fresh Prince in mind when you started researching the haircut in the first place. Well, we can’t blame you. When he was in his 20s, Will Smith was an authentic trendsetter of the times in terms of hairstyles. And his emblematic haircut in Bel-Air is still popping to this very day.

11. High Top Fade with Part

High Top Fade with Part


It’s kind of tricky to incorporate a part into a high top fade haircut. However, it’s not impossible, especially when you want to put your imagination to the test. Often, barbers will add a sleek hard part to the mix, either completely down one side or curved around the head.

12. Asian High Top Fade


Although it’s most popular among black men, the haircut isn’t worn exclusively by them. If you’re on the hunt for Asian men hairstyles, you can think about adapting the haircut to match your texture. As long as your hair is thick enough, you shouldn’t have any issues in the process.

13. High Top Fade Braid Out

High Top Fade Braid Out


If you’ve been sporting a full head of braids and it’s time to take them out, we have the picture-perfect idea for you. Instead of letting your curls go wild, shape them into a haircut that will complement your facial structure.

14. Kid High Top Fade

Kid High Top Fade


Want to make your little man feel like a champ? We bet he’ll be the coolest cat in his class with a haircut like the one above. The difference will be in the details, so keep in mind that you can add a hard part or shaved design to make your kid’s hairstyle complete.

15. High Fade Short Top

High Fade Short Top


You don’t need a 5-inch afro to get an impressive high fade. In fact, you barely require that much length at all to get the shape you’re searching for. You can always work with what you have, even if it’s a short top in your case. It’s all in the technique and the personal flavor you bring to the look.

16. Psych High Top Fade Out

Psych High Top Fade Out


Who can forget Psych, one of the most memorable TV series of the 2000s? One of our favorite episodes actually draws its name from the haircut in our discussion. The boys’ groovy haircuts are enough to inspire us for years to come. Talk about a major double throwback!

17. High Top Fade White Guy Hairstyle

High Top Fade White Guy Hairstyle


Pretty fly for a white guy? Try your luck at a hairstyles that separate you from the norm. Yes, you’ll need notably thick hair and a good amount of product to nail a flat top. Still, it might turn out rad in the end.

18. Freeform Dreads High Top Fade

Freeform Dreads High Top Fade


There are multiple ways you can sport dreads with a high top fade. Another idea is to combine your base haircut with freeform dreadlocks, also known as neglect dreads. All you have to do is allow them to form naturally and choose your favorite fade style to go with them.

19. High Top Taper Fade

High Top Taper Fade


Want less styling stress? You need a taper fade haircut in your life. Taper fades go fantastically well with high tops, no matter how extensive you want the gradient to be. You’ll save a ton of time getting ready for the day, all while maintaining a fresh vibe.

20. Blonde High Top Fade

Blonde High Top Fade


Whenever you want to transform your appearance, diversifying tones is the way to go. Something as simple as dyeing the top part of your hair can have a massive impact on your overall look. For a dark base, blonde is an excellent idea for boosting contrast.

21. High Top Bald Fade

High Top Bald Fade


The fade portion of your high top doesn’t have to follow a standard style. You can switch from a gradual taper fade to a full-on bald fade for the lower part of your hairstyle. It’s certainly an option to keep in mind if you’re getting a summer haircut.

22. Zayn Malik High Top Fade

Zayn Malik High Top Fade


If you want Zayn Malik haircut ideas to fuel your inspiration, we’ve got your back. The former 1D popstar doesn’t have a high top fade per se. Nevertheless, he is a good example of how you can adapt the haircut idea to non-textured locks.

23. High Top Drop Fade

High Top Drop Fade


A drop fade haircut is guaranteed to make you the center of attention wherever you go. We recommend it as a subtle alternative for your flat top base, as opposed to the rigidity of a high fade. Throw some color into the mix and you won’t go by unnoticed.

24. Tallest High Top Fade

Tallest High Top Fade


Meet the unrivaled king of high top fades and feast your eyes on his spectacular hairstyle. Benny Harlem currently holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest high top fade, measuring a whopping 20.5 inches. There’s a very slim chance of breaking his record, but his achievement is sure to keep you inspired when growing out your flat top.

25. High and Tight Fade

High and Tight Fade


Out of all the military haircuts we talk about, the high and tight definitely stands out as one of the most wearable choices. Due to the super short length, it’s not technically what you’d envision a high top fade to be like. When it comes to style, though, the rules are made to be broken.

26. Tupac High Top Fade

Tupac High Top Fade


In 1992, the late and great Tupac Shakur starred in the movie Juice. Little did he know that his character’s haircut would go down in history and establish a trend that would last for decades on end. Known as the Juice fade, the creative hairstyle is as hip hop as can be.

27. High Top Fade with Beard

High Top Fade with Beard


Whether or not you’re a fan of facial hair, the fade and high top haircut can meet all of your styling needs. Thanks to the fine fade the haircut incorporates, you can create an appealing visual balance by wearing it with a beard.

28. Mini High Top Fade Haircut

Mini High Top Fade Haircut


Not all high top fades have to be luxuriously tall. Feel free to rock one even if you’re just starting to let your natural hair grow. To spice it up, think about using details such as shaved lines. That way, you’ll make your mini flat top even more representative for your personal style.

29. High Top Temp Fade

High Top Temp Fade


The temp fade haircut is among the most coveted picks in the natural hair community for a reason. Regardless of forehead shape or other features, the box shape seems to flatter pretty much anyone wearing it. With most high top fades, it becomes a must for an eye-catching outcome.

30. Red High Top Fade with Dye

Red High Top Fade with Dye


Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile with your haircut. If you have a strong personality, use your hairstyle as means of expressing it. For some, it may mean bringing their high top to life with a splash of candy red. Is it the personal touch for you?

31. High Top Fade Mohawk

High Top Fade Mohawk


Pump more attitude into your hairstyle with some mohawk inspiration. The top part is rather similar to any high top fade, but the back and sides make the haircut truly shine. Instead of having the same transition all around, consider opting for a burst fade approach.

32. Sponge Twists High Top Fade

Sponge Twists High Top Fade


It’s no secret that sponge twists are the key to keeping your curls popping. Mix them with a high top haircut and you’ve got a match made in heaven. The strongly contoured coils will bring out the best in your natural features.

33. High Top Juice Fade

High Top Juice Fade


Remember what we said about Tupac’s iconic appearance in the Juice movie? Well, it was the starting point for countless haircut adaptations among fans. The Juice fade is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the crowd with a unique hairstyle.

34. Jaden Smith High Top Fade

Jaden Smith High Top Fade


Like father, like son. Will Smith’s boy, Jaden, is just as huge of a trendsetter today as his father was back in the 90s. Even though Jaden sports shorter locks nowadays, he pulled a killer high fade in his Karate Kid period.

35. Creative Haircut with Designs

Creative Haircut with Designs


Hair tattoos are extremely popular these days, especially among kids. Essentially, they’re atypical designs that are shaved into the overall hairstyle. Not only do they look super cool, but they will also support your child’s unique personality.

36. 80s High Top Fade

80s High Top Fade


If we rewind the tape back to the beginnings, the high top fade really kicked off in the late 80s. Thanks to the unforgettable hip hop duo Kid ‘n Play (Christopher “Kid” Reid portrayed above), the haircut is now a statement for old school heads around the globe.

37. High Top Fade with Waves

High Top Fade with Waves


Waves are the ultimate sign of classiness for a man with textured hair. You can combine them as a high top with various types of fades, such as the skin fade shown here. Clean-cut would be an understatement when describing their impact.

38. Blue High Top Fade with Color

Blue High Top Fade with Color


Do you prefer cool tones when it comes to your hair color? Consider experimenting with hues that draw inspiration from the second part of the rainbow. Blue, green or purple are all exceptional choices for guys who think out of the box in terms of hairstyles.

39. High Top Fade for Straight Hair

High Top Fade for Straight Hair


If you don’t want to risk looking like Vanilla Ice on a bad day, think about tweaking your high top fade if you have non-textured hair. Soften the look by incorporating some layers into the haircut and styling them accordingly. You might be better off adapting the idea to meet your personal qualities.

40. Big Daddy Kane Haircut

Big Daddy Kane Haircut


Another late 80s version of the classic haircut was introduced by hip hop legend Big Daddy Kane. An icon ahead of his times, Big Daddy Kane flaunted a high top hairstyle with shaved designs before many even considered the idea.

41. High Top Mid Fade

High Top Mid Fade


Always strive for balance in your hairstyles? A mid fade just might be the best haircut choice for you. The fade isn’t tall enough to leave most of your head bare, nor is it too low to come across as insignificant. Additionally, it will work for any type of situation, whether at the workplace or out and about in the city.

42. Box Braids High Top Fade

Box Braids High Top Fade


Box braids, specifically, are dominating the charts for hairstyle trends right now. You can use them to mix new school and old school vibes in a single haircut that complements your personality. Plus, whenever you decide to remove the braids, you’ll have the perfect canvas ready for a flat top.

43. High Top Fade Slick Back Hairstyle

High Top Fade Slick Back Hairstyle


Yet another useful idea for Caucasian men who want a high top fade is the slicked back hairstyle. From where we stand, it’s an exceptional option for guys who don’t have thick or textured hair. Instead of struggling to style your locks upwards in a classic flat top, grow them out and slick them back.

44. 90s High Top Fade


Go with the fro! An alternative to the awesome afro is sculpting it into a super clean high top fade. You can tell that a skilled barber pulled the look off. Therefore, we encourage you to work with one instead of attempting to get the same immaculate results at home.

45. Slanted High Top Haircut

Slanted High Top Haircut


Silhouette is everything when it comes to the high top fade haircut. You can mold yours however you please, even if it means playing around with an asymmetrical approach. In fact, a haircut slanted to the side will ultimately make your look all the more memorable.

46. Kendrick Lamar High Fade

Kendrick Lamar High Fade


We’ve praised a number of golden age rappers for their high top fades, but what about those who are currently active? Kendrick Lamar, widely regarded as one of the most respected emcees of his time, is a fine example of how a modern version of the haircut should turn out.

47. Disconnected High Top Haircut

Disconnected High Top Haircut


Just like undercuts, high top fades can either be gradual or disconnected. To create even more contrast, add a shaved line all around the base of your flat top. As a result, you’ll have the top part and fade separated and shining all on their own.

48. High Fade with Top Knot

High Fade with Top Knot


Yep, man buns and top knots are still trending as much as possible. If you have long hair and don’t want to sacrifice it for a high top, use a hair tie to reveal the fade part of your hairstyle. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds without resorting to the scissors.

49. Cropped High Top

Cropped High Top


Even the tiniest top can work for a killer high fade. In all honesty, some men truly look better with shorter hair. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to try a cropped method with your barber. The results are sure to blow you away.

50. Unique Undercut

Unique Undercut


Finally, we’ve saved the most creative idea for last. Once your base haircut is sorted out, you can fully unleash your imagination with a one of a kind undercut design. Even though you might be making a hefty investment to get it done by the best barber in your city, the artistry is worth every penny.


To conclude, it’s easy to see why the high top fades are among the most desired hairstyles for black men. It features all the elements you need for an impressive haircut, from versatility to originality and beyond. In addition, you’ll easily be expressing your passion for hip hop and old school culture.

As a parting thought, we recommend that you choose your specific high top fade based on your face structure, dominant features, and hair texture. Feel free to show your barber the photos that inspired you the most from our list and work together to get the perfect show-stopping hairstyle for you.

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