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50 Contemporary Korean Men Haircut Ideas

In the past few years, the advent of K-Pop has brought forward a very interesting and intriguing figure in the world of styling and fashion. We’re talking about Korean men, of course. Slowly, but surely, they have made a name for themselves, becoming the Backstreet Boys and One Direction of the East in terms of trendsetting!

Curious to know more? Here’s a video of the top 35 hairstyles, scroll down for the full list.

1. The Simple Korean Men Haircut

Let’s start off with a very simple yet modern haircut that Korean men have adopted lately. It’s a comb-over with a side part that has a very slick finish to it, almost with no layers at all. You can add a glossing agent if you want.

simple korean men haircut


2. The Classic Korean Men Haircut

This is a hairstyle you might have seen around Western college campuses a lot and which young Korean men have adopted as well, whether they are students or not. You can complete the look with a sweater and some faux glasses.

classic korean men haircut


3. The Medium Korean Men Haircut

This medium haircut allows you to flaunt your naturally straight hair. Therefore, the best thing to do is grow out a pair of killer bangs that go with it and that everyone will envy. There’s no need for further embellishments with this one.

medium korean men haircut


4. The Epochal Korean Men Haircut

This season, Korean men have been going crazy for epochal haircuts. What does this mean? Every hairstyle you can think of that comes from another age, from pompadours to bowl haircuts fits this description.

Epochal korean men haircut


5. The 90s Heartthrob Haircut

Continuing on the above, there is no way Korean men, being as stylish and outgoing as they are, could have missed out on the chance to wear one of the greatest hairstyles of all time. This is the famous heartthrob haircut of the 90s.

 90s heartthrob korean men haircut


6. The Disconnected Korean Men Haircut

Any disconnected haircut is one in which the lower portion, meaning the hair on your sides and back is significantly shorter than the hair on the top of your head. There must be no fade. Otherwise, it’s not a disconnect anymore.

disconnect korean men haircut


7. Dark Gray Korean Men Haircut

It’s a known fact that Korean men like to experiment with their looks probably more than any others and hair color is just one way of doing that. This is a dark gray shade that can complement your eyes.

dark gray korean men haircut


8. Blonde Korean Men Haircut

Since blonde, especially extreme blonde shades, has been the color of the year, you cannot possibly miss out on the chance to try it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can always cover it up easily enough.

blonde korean men haircut


9. Pink Korean Hairstyle

Nothing says fun and creative like pink hair. And Korean men surely are both those things. This is the classic 90s ‘Hugh Grant’ haircut but in orchid pink. We’re also in love with the Tinkerbell sweater!

pink korean men haircut


10. Burnt Orange Korean Hairstyle

Another hair color you can try is this burnt orange shade. If you don’t think you can manage this at home, leave it to your stylist because it’s a difficult color to obtain. You will also need to bleach your hair first.

burnt orange korean men haircut


11. The Frizzy Korean Men Haircut

If you weren’t convinced we’re living in a full revival of the 90s, maybe this will set matters straight. It’s a bottle blonde, medium, blowout haircut that has been deliberately frizzed out and curled a little.

 frizzy korean men haircut


12. The Layered Korean Men Haircut

However, if you prefer something a bit more demure, try this layered and boyish haircut that is sure to attract all attention. Its feathery bangs and long sides give it a teenage kick that is hard to beat.

layered korean men haircut


13. Korean Men Haircut with Low Bun

The man bun hasn’t escaped Korean circles either. It was just as powerful there as it was in the Western hemisphere. Here’s an example of it. This is a messy man bun created low at the back of the neck.

low bun korean men haircut


14. Platinum Korean Men Haircut

Here is Korean style at its finest. The hair is colored platinum blonde which we all know is the color of the season but what really catches the eye is the accessories and jewelry. The 80s nerdy glasses are now pimped with gold.

platinum korean men haircut


15. The Rain Bi Haircut

Rain Bi is a Korean pop singer, and his real name is Jung Ji Hoon. He wears an 80s towards 90s inspired haircut, very feathery and layered that makes him appeal to both Eastern and Western markets.

 Rain (also known as Bi) is a Korean pop singer whose real name is actually Jung Ji Hoon korean men haircut


16. The Won Jong Jin

Won Jong Jin is a very famous Korean model who also goes by the name ‘The J.’ He has scores of fans in Korea who simply adore him and his signature Emo-inspired haircut which you can get too if you like The J.

won jong jin korean men haircut


17. Korean Style Turquoise Hair

Don’t hold back when it comes to hair color because these past few seasons have been all about experimenting with non-traditional colors in our hair. Turquoise is just an example of how fantastic it can all turn out.

turquoise hair korean men haircut


18. The Korean Mohawk

This platinum Mohawk has got us all swooning. Of course, it’s not a traditional Mohawk with gelled spikes, but rather one fit more for the end of the 2010s. We’re also in love with the accessorizing job here.

mohawk korean men haircut


19. The G-Dragon Haircut

G-Dragon is a member of the hip-hop boy band Big Bang. A cool fact is that his real name, Ji-Yong, actually means Dragon in Korean – Yong meaning dragon. In 2016, Forbes named him the most influential person in sports and entertainment under 30 in Asia.

G-Dragon of Big Bang korean men haircut


20. The Seungri Haircut

One of G-Dragon’s bandmates in Big Bang is rapper Seungri. His real name is Lee Seung-Hyun, and he is also an actor and a businessman, opening a restaurant franchise and moving away from the entertainment world a little.

bigbang seungri korean men haircut


21. Unicorn Korean Men Haircut

The unicorn trend has reached Korea as well, and we’re so glad it did because the beauty of Korean men seems made for this hairstyle. There is no one correct way of doing unicorn hair. Just choose the colors you like best.

unicorn korean men haircut


22. The Gong Yoo Haircut

This is Korean actor Gong Yoo proudly displaying a buzz cut here. We like his rough and tumble look with a little shadowy mustache, long sideburns, and such a good tan. This is proof that sometimes, less is more.

Korean actor Gong Yoo buzz cut korean men haircut


23. The Lee Byung-hun Haircut

Lee Byung-hun is a model, singer, and actor. You might recognize him for portraying T-1000 in Terminator Genisys or for his role as Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and its sequel as well as from his Korean movies.

Lee Byung-hun korean men haircut


24. The Angular Fringe Korean Men Haircut

This is a short haircut with a fade on the sides and in the back. It also has a long top with an angular set of bangs that have been brushed to one side in a glamorous way. The top has a feathery finish to it.

Fade with Angular Fringe korean men haircut


25. The Messy Korean Men Haircut

A messy haircut is every guy’s dream. The simple reason is that it requires very little maintenance and even less styling. All you need to do is take some hair wax between your fingers and apply it loosely.

messy korean men haircut


26. The Forward Swept Teenage Korean Haircut

Another type of messy haircut is the one worn by Korean schoolboys. The extra long top has been blowout using a brush or a comb until you can clearly see all the layers of the haircut proudly displayed.

teenage schoolboy korean men haircut


27. Chestnut Korean

Sometimes, when it comes to hair, it’s not so much about the haircut in itself as it is about the hair color. If you’re not a fan of extravagant haircuts but still want to wow those around you with impeccable taste, you can do so with elegant hair color.

chestnut korean men haircut


28. The Half Up Half Down

When you have medium, layered hair, it literally doesn’t get any easier than this to style your hair. All you need is a small hair elastic, preferably the same color as your hair and a few bobby pins if you want the hairdo to be neater.

half up half down korean men haircut


29. The Long Korean Haircut

Believe it or not, this is a modern version of a mullet. It’s very feathery and has lots of layers to it, but the long tail hanging behind makes this hairstyle a grandson of the age-old mullet that we all know and love.

long korean men haircut


30. The Small Pompadour

Pompadours don’t need to be a mile high to count as such. This gelled small version with a comb-over, a middle part, and a disconnect is still proud enough to call itself a pompadour fit for the decade we live in.

korean men haircut


31. The Spiked Korean Men Haircut

Speaking of hairstyles from the past, let’s take a look now at the modern version of one from the 80s. This is a very high blowout with spikes that men wore back then, but that has been revived a little now.

platinum korean men haircut


32. The Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul is a Korean actor, and you can see him posing here for a photo shoot for InStyle magazine. He displayed a brand new haircut on that occasion. It was medium, highly gelled and reminiscent of the 90s, of course.

Actor Kang Ha Neul revealed his stylish, new hairdo in 'InStyle' magazine gelled korean men haircut


33. The Jaejoong Haircut

Jaejoong is a very famous singer, actor, director, and designer from South Korea. He’s a member of the pop band JYJ, and has starred in movies and television series, as well as tried his luck in directing.

Jaejoong - JYJ magazine korean men haircut


34. The T.O.P. Haircut

We’re back to the Big Bang, pun intended because we’ve got one more band member whose impeccable style we need to discuss. This time it is rapper T.O.P. and his gorgeous slick black hair!

big bang t.o.p. korean men haircut


35. Trendy Korean Men Haircut

This amazing nutmeg blonde color would be perfect for autumn. As would be this whole outfit in tones of charcoal gray with layers that will warm you up. So, hurry up and copy this look before fall gets here!

trendy korean men haircut


36. Platinum and Ginger Haircut

It takes a lot of courage to color your eyebrows and even more courage to match them one on one to your hair color. Especially when that hair color is not necessarily a natural one. However, we suggest you try it on for good measure.

platinum and ginger korean men haircut


37. Red and Black Korean Men Haircut

Opposing colors on the spectrum makes for a real spectacle when put together on your head. Make sure you blend them in really well and that you create the perfect transition from one to the other.

red and black korean men haircut


38. The Relaxed Korean Men Haircut

A relaxed haircut is one that you don’t have to spend all day grooming or reapplying hair product to so that it stays in place. This medium hairstyle seems to do the trick easily enough with just a little hair gel.

relaxed korean men haircut.


39. The Curly Korean Men Haircut

Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can rock curls in this messy and gorgeous way whenever you want. Make sure to use plenty of hairspray to keep them all in place and to stop your hair from frizzing out.

curly korean men haircut


40. The Kim Won Joong Haircut

Kim Won Joong is a very famous ice hockey player that right now is playing for the Anyang Halla team in the Asia League Ice Hockey. This is him in a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar in 2014 looking incredible with a very geometrical hairstyle.

2014.05, Harper's Bazaar, Kim Won Joong geometrical korean men haircut


41. The Feathery Korean Men Haircut

If you have opted for a feathery haircut, you can keep your layers in check or make sure they stand out by using copious amounts of hair gel or some hair oils. Try Argan Oil or olive oil hair cream that will make your locks luxurious and shiny.

feathery korean men haircut


42. The Edgy Korean Men Haircut

Essentially, this is a classic buzz cut. However, in this version, the simple haircut becomes a canvas for the tattoos and accessories you can put on and which you won’t want to cover up with your hair.

edgy korean men haircut


43. The Spiky Korean Men Haircut

This haircut is a combination between the classic mohawk of the 70s punks and the much softer blonde spikes of the 90s. The result is a haircut that you can even wear to your prom if you can find the right tux.

spiky korean men haircut


44. The Korean Haircut with a Long Top

Here’s a sexy hairstyle that has been splashing and making waves on Instagram lately. It comprises an undershave on one side and a very long comb-over on the other side. You can go for the wet look as well.

 long top korean men haircut


45. Blue Korean Hairstyle

Here’s the 90s heartthrob hairstyle cropping up again, only this time in a timeless blue. It’s a perfect way to revamp this haircut and bring it into the decade we are currently living. Match it with fabulous jewelry!

blue korean men haircut


46. Korean Hairstyle with Long Bangs

A set of well-placed and very well-trimmed bangs can update any haircut. But, here’s a tip – don’t try to cut your bangs at home by yourself. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks and you’ll end up as a fail on YouTube.

long bangs lorean men haircut


47. The Shoulder Length Haircut

This amazing hairstyle is for men with flowing, thick hair. If you have thick hair, then one solution in dealing with it is to grow it out and simply let it run free. You can go for choppy ends for some added pizzazz.

shoulder length korean men haircut


48. The Urban Korean Men Haircut

The urban haircut has to be both stylish and serviceable. That’s because the modern urban man doesn’t have time to waste styling his hair over and over again in front of the mirror. He’s always on the go.

urban korean men haircut


49. The Bowl Haircut

The bowl haircut is part of the epochal trend that we’ve seen sweeping South Korea and that we talked about a little earlier. Of course, it’s an updated bowl haircut, not the regular kind you used to get when you were a child.

bowl korean men haircut


50. The Handsome Korean Haircut

Last but not least, here’s a haircut that transitions in a wonderful way from daytime at the office to night time at the club. It all depends on how you style this pretty hairstyle and the accessories you use.

handsome korean men haircut



Korean men haircut ideas are always useful to have in your portfolio because Asian hair is so unique. It has a different texture than most and needs to be handled with care and high-class hair products. Not to mention the coolness factor that you need to take into account now that K-Pop is on its way to rule to world. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these haircuts is your favorite!

This article was updated in March 2019.


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