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50 Layered Haircuts for Men

Any hair that surpasses the length of a military haircut can be the perfect foundation for stylish layered haircuts for men. The category is so broad and generous that it can apply to men with all hair types, from straight to curly or fine to thick. What really matters is how you apply the layers in a hairstyle that will accurately reflect your personality. Take a look at our favorites and get ready to be inspired!

1. Men’s Layered Haircut Short Styles

Men’s Layered Haircut Short Styles


We’ll start off with short layered haircuts that any men can rock, no matter what texture their locks are. For this look, all you have to do is get a regular haircut as the foundation and just ask your stylist to add a few layers to top it all off.

2. Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair


If you have thick hair, you may have a pretty difficult time with longer hairstyles. However, you can get a relatively short haircut and throw in a bunch of layers to get a textured aspect. This way, you won’t have to settle for a hairstyle that you’d otherwise may consider boring.

3. Long Layered Haircuts for Men

Long Layered Haircuts for Men


Guys who have the will and patience to grow significantly long hair deserve an award of their own. Nevertheless, what can they do to make their long locks even more memorable? Cutting the strands in different levels of layers can make the entire difference.

4. Layered Quiff Hairstyles

Layered Quiff Hairstyles


The quiff is arguably the top trending hairstyle of the past few years (at least). From its easygoing vibe to its easy of styling, the quiff is a comfortable and practical choice for any man with style. A layered quiff will take pressure off the styling process even more.

5. Men’s Layered Undercut Hairstyles

Men’s Layered Undercut Hairstyles


Regardless if you have a layered haircut or not, you should know that an undercut looks outstanding on almost any guy. It’s a small yet smart detail for creating an appealing silhouette for your hairstyle. Combine that with a longer and layered top and you’ll look amazing.

6. Layered Haircuts for Men with Bangs

Layered Haircuts for Men with Bangs


Bangs are a nice way to spice up any medium-length hairstyle, especially if you’re looking for a bad boy effect for your appearance. When getting your layered haircut, make sure that you cut your bangs in the same fashion.

7. Side-tossed Layered Hairstyles

Side-tossed Layered Hairstyles


There are few things more satisfying than carelessly tossing your hair to the side and getting an instantly attractive hairstyle. Well, you can increase the chances of getting the results you desire by working in layers.

8. Textured Hairstyles for Men

Textured Hairstyles for Men


Texture plays a critical role in eye-catching hairstyles. As far as layered haircuts for men are concerned, you can obtain the textured outcome you’re looking for by getting short, choppy and jagged layers all around.

9. Layered Haircuts for Men with Widow’s Peak

Layered Haircuts for Men with Widow’s Peak


After talking all about widow’s peak hairstyles, we’re back with an irresistible idea for men who are on the hunt for the picture-perfect layered haircut. We recommend getting the hairstyles with 1-2 inches, fitting in layers everywhere necessary.

10. Pompadour Hairstyles with Layers

Pompadour Hairstyles with Layers


We often talk about the pompadour hairstyle and how it has brilliantly withstood the test of time. This retro hairstyle is a captivating choice for the dapper man, particularly if he has straight or wavy hair. To get the look right, get longer layers that will help you with the associated style.

11. Layered Haircuts for Men with Straight Hair

Layered Haircuts for Men with Straight Hair


If your hair is naturally straight, any layered haircuts for men will be visible. In other words, you can count on layering to be appreciated by everyone who comes into contact with you. We encourage you to explore messy layered haircuts for men if you fall into this category.

12. Spiky Layered Hairstyles

Spiky Layered Hairstyles


Alternatively, take your entire appearance to the next level with a spiky hairstyle. Now, we’re not exactly the biggest fans of rough, 90s-style spikes, but we do embrace the modern twist on the hairstyle. Basically, you should go for a more natural approach by raking your fingers through your hair.

13. Layered Combover Hairstyles

Layered Combover Hairstyles


The combover is yet another vintage hairstyle that most likely won’t escape the trends charts anytime soon. It’s an appropriate choice for boys and men of all ages, thanks to the effortless refinement it comes with. Layers will help you style your hair this way in less time.

14. Men’s Medium Short Hairstyles

Men’s Medium Short Hairstyles


Can’t choose between short or medium-length layered haircuts for men? Find a look that’s somewhere in between. Your locks will be long enough to style as you please, while still being on the short side for staying out of your way.

15. Curly Layered Haircuts for Men

Curly Layered Haircuts for Men


With curly hair, a layered haircut acts more like a tool for easy styling than anything else. As opposed to straight hair, you won’t be able to appreciate the layers individually. However, you can benefit from the nonchalant results.

16. Layered Afro-textured Hairstyles

Layered Afro-textured Hairstyles


Layers are an exceptional way to bring the best out of afro-textured hair. If you plan on keeping your textured curls a little bit longer, layers become a necessary part of a clean-cut hairstyle. Talk to your barber about the best layering technique for your specific texture.

17. Messy Layered Haircuts for Men

Messy Layered Haircuts for Men


When it comes to layered haircuts for men, messy will always be better. Even if you’re aiming for a classy hairstyle, tousling your hair will result in a look that’s impossible to resist. Owing to the layers, your hair will fall into place flawlessly anyway.

18. Mid Fade Layered Haircuts

Mid Fade Layered Haircuts


If you’re a fan of taper fade haircuts, layers are a must. Your stylist will be required to cut the top part of your hair in layers, so it can gradually reach the fade transition. For a balanced outcome, opt for a mid fade layered hairstyle.

19. Medium Length Undercut Hairstyles

Medium Length Undercut Hairstyles


Edgy guys deserve a haircut that genuinely represents their personality. If you feel like you were born to be a rebel, dare to get a showy undercut and leave the top part longer. Not only can you style your hair to the side or backward, but you can also tie it up.

20. Layered Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Layered Bowl Cut Hairstyles


Almost everyone was surprised when they found the bowl cut creeping back into hair trends this year. Be that as it may, a lot of stylish men have wholeheartedly embraced the modern version of this classic hairstyle. The layers will make it look even cooler.

21. Angular Fringe Layered Hairstyles

Angular Fringe Layered Hairstyles


Want a hairstyle that has a hipster edge to it, but without turning your appearance into that of a stereotypical pretty boy? The angular fringe hairstyle has all the details you need to achieve your goal. Leave the hair on top longer and style the bangs at an angle.

22. Tapered Layered Haircuts for Men with Long Top

Tapered Layered Haircuts for Men with Long Top


The best way to rock a long top with your hairstyle is to either get an undercut or at least taper the lower part of your hair. You’ll avoid slipping into a shoulder-length hairstyle by accident, all while enjoying plenty of styling opportunities.

23. Short Length Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair

Short Length Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair


If your hair is casually wavy on its own, you’re one lucky guy. You won’t have to deal with the stress that comes with flattening straight hair or taming curls; all you’ll need is the best layered haircut to complement your waves. Short haircus with longer bangs are perfect.

24. Low Fade Layered Hairstyles

Low Fade Layered Hairstyles


Do you feel that even the mid fade may be a bit too much for you? The low fade haircut is the top alternative for discretely shaping any hairstyle. Get some equally subtle layers on top and you’ll have a hairstyle that will be a pleasure to wake up to every day.

25. Half Up Layered Hairstyles

Half Up Layered Hairstyles


If your hair is long enough, you open up a whole world of styling possibilities. For instance, if you have a shoulder-length haircut in layers, you can try out a half up half down hairstyle. The layers will result in a few loose strands around your face.

26. Swept Back Layered Haircuts for Men

Swept Back Layered Haircuts for Men


Is your hair thick enough to stay in place however you want to style it, but not so thin that it will appear lifeless? Then you, my friend, are blessed with what we call “good hair”. This means that you can go for a mid-length, swept back hairstyle without a care in the world.

27. Short Curly Layered Haircuts for Men

Short Curly Layered Haircuts for Men


Another way you can rock layered haircuts for men with curly hair is to go for a shorter version. You won’t have to waste precious time in the morning trying to get your curls to stay the way you want them too. Additionally, you’ll look awesome.

28. High Fade Layered Hairstyles

High Fade Layered Hairstyles


If you’re courageous enough, you can ditch the low and mid fades and get a high fade haircut that will make you stand out from the crowd. Even though yours doesn’t necessarily have to come with a skin fade, it helps you get the outcome you desire.

29. French Crop Layered Hairstyles

French Crop Layered Hairstyles


Has the modern bowl cut not convinced you quite yet? Well, the good news is that you have a close alternative that looks just as handsome. The French crop has taken the hair industry by storm this year, and it’s definitely one of the layered haircuts for men that you should look out for.

30. Layered Haircuts for Men with Mohawks

Layered Haircuts for Men with Mohawks


Mohawks have been around for decades now, ever since the rise of the punk subculture. Still, we’re pretty sure that your teachers or boss wouldn’t be so pleased if they saw you with liberty spikes. What you can do, though, is get a layered mohawk that is still considered to be socially acceptable.

31. Man Buns with Layered Hair

Man Buns with Layered Hair


The cool part about man buns and layered hair is that you’ll get the “messy” part done without even trying. Because your strands have various lengths, not all of them will fit into the man bun. We say that it’s one of the best reasons to consider one in the first place.

32. Brushed Up Layered Haircuts for Men

Brushed Up Layered Haircuts for Men


Once your layered hair is a few inches long, you can experiment with loads of different hairstyles. Just one idea is the brushed up hairstyle, a look that goes incredibly well with a taper fade haircut and short to medium hair.

33. Layered Haircuts with Shaved Designs

Layered Haircuts with Shaved Designs


If you have an outgoing personality, you may not be fully satisfied with just a layered haircut. You may want to add even more of a personal touch to your hairstyle, even if it means just adding a detail. Here’s where shaved designs come in and take the crown.

34. Colored and Layered Haircuts for Men

Colored and Layered Haircuts for Men


Another way you can add more personality to your hairstyle is by playing around with color ideas. On one hand, you can explore earth tones for a subtle and elegant result. On the other hand, you can get out of your comfort zone with flashy tones like white, blue, red or green.

35. Round Silhouette Hairstyles

Round Silhouette Hairstyles


The shape is an important part of any successful hairstyle. If you get the foundation right, you will save hours on end that you would have spent struggling to style your hair every day. An option that you can never go wrong with is a round silhouette with a layered top.

36. Layered Emo Hairstyles

Layered Emo Hairstyles


You may or may not identify as emo, but you just may be drawn to the hairstyle associated with the lifestyle. All emo hairstyles, whether they’re for boys or girls, are defined by short and choppy layers, complete with long and highly side-swept bangs.

37. Gelled Layered Haircuts for Men

Gelled Layered Haircuts for Men


A quality product can always save you from a style disaster. If you’re having a bad hair day, all you have to do is add just a bit of gel to your layered strands so you can style them accordingly. Make sure you don’t go overboard on the quantity though.

38. Casual Layered Haircuts for Men

Casual Layered Haircuts for Men


Are you looking for layered haircuts for men that don’t require heavy maintenance and that can work in almost every social situation? If casual is your goal, this is the haircut you should consider getting: tapered on the sides and back and longer and messier on the top.

39. Highlights Hairstyles for Layered Hair

Highlights Hairstyles for Layered Hair


Not up for a full head of dyed hair? You can get the next best thing – highlights. If you live in a generally sunny area, any highlights hairstyle will appear to be all natural. Streaks are also a clever way of accentuating curly or wavy hair.

40. Layered Haircuts for Men with Dreadlocks

Layered Haircuts for Men with Dreadlocks


Even dreadlocks look fantastic as layered haircuts for men. If you want to skip the traditionally long and laid back dreads, you can get yours done in a certain style from the beginning. Singer The Weeknd is a good example of how you can customize yours.

41. Choppy Layered Haircuts

Choppy Layered Haircuts


We’re back with another layered hairstyle that caters to all the rebels. Straight and thick hair can easily be cut and styled to get a grungy outcome, all thanks to layers. For this approach, we recommend numerous super short layers.

42. Layered Haircuts for Men with Hard Part

Layered Haircuts for Men with Hard Part


It’s amazing how much of an impact just one haircutting detail can make on your overall appearance. For example, a hard part, surgical line or any other kind of shaved line can boost your edgy and classy levels simultaneously.

43. Faux Hawks with Layers

Faux Hawks with Layers


Mohawks may not be for everyone, but we’re sure that faux hawks can flatter almost any guy. They take the nonconformist aspect of a mohawk but tone the roughness of the hairstyle down. Essentially, you’ll be skipping the back part and super long top for a cool and casual hairstyle.

44. Slicked Back Layered Haircuts for Men

Slicked Back Layered Haircuts for Men


Want to push the irresistibility of your hairstyle to the limits? Instead of just sweeping your hair back, consider slicking it back entirely. You’ll need one of the good products we were talking about earlier, and a keen eye for details. It’s one of the situations when you can use more gel without looking tacky.

45. Layered Caesar Cuts

Layered Caesar Cuts


Even though we wouldn’t say this is a traditional Caesar cut, we do love the textured layers and the precision along the undercut. Generally speaking, we recommend this type of haircut for men with smaller faces and heads.

46. Curved Undercuts with Curls on Top

Curved Undercuts with Curls on Top


As an alternative, you can get your undercut done at a certain angle. In this case, you can see how a carefully curved undercut would look like with a longer top. It’s a nice choice for curly guys, but also for those with wavy hair.

47. Goth Layered Haircuts for Men

Goth Layered Haircuts for Men


If you’re drawn to emo-like bangs but you don’t want longer hair all around, you can get yours in a goth style. In other words, you can focus on the long, layered and angled bangs, cutting the rest of your hair shorter on the sides and in the back.

48. Modern Mullet Layered Haircuts for Men

Modern Mullet Layered Haircuts for Men


Just like the bowl cut, few people were ever expecting the mullet to come back. Nonetheless, modern Asian cultures have succeeded in bringing it back in a neat way. The layered and spiky top is the perfect contemporary twist to this classic hairstyle.

49. Layered Haircuts with Dark Roots

Layered Haircuts with Dark Roots


If you often look to celebrities for hairstyle inspiration, you can use Zayn Malik’s haircut in this photo as a reference. In addition to the short and messy layers, the hairstyle stands out through an ash blonde top with dark roots in his natural hair color.

50. Shaggy Haircuts with Layers

Shaggy Haircuts with Layers


Finally, here’s a retro hairstyle that we’re all glad is back among trends. The shaggy haircut with jagged layers was popular back in the 60s, but it’s now it’s as stylish as ever. We say it’s one of the coolest layered haircuts for men who want a bohemian touch to their look.


In summary, layered haircuts for men are some of the best ideas you can go for when you have your next appointment. You don’t have to worry about limiting yourself to a certain hairstyle because these types of haircuts are appropriate for all kinds of men. Make sure that you choose a layered haircut that will also help your hair grow appealingly afterward. Enjoy!

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