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50 Modern Mullet Haircuts for Men

Whether you love it or resent it, you can’t deny the iconic status of the mullet haircut throughout the last decades.

The mullet was a style staple in the 80s glam rock era, and it made a comeback with an athletic twist in the 90s.

Now, you can opt for a modern mullet with layers, or even go old school with a rattail haircut.

Regardless of your approach, you’re sure to find inspiration in the examples below.

1. Modern Mullet Haircut

Modern Mullet Haircut


With the mullet, it’s all about nuances. If you want your hairstyle to have a visible modern touch to it, you should focus on adapting the classic haircut to a modern silhouette. After you get the shape you desire, style it messily.

2. Mullet with Beard

Mullet with Beard


Would you rather have an edge to your mullet? You can always boost the manliness of a mullet haircut with the help of a beard. However, do take note that beards require time, products, and grooming to keep you looking sharp.

3. Slick Mullet Haircut

Slick Mullet Haircut


If Nikolaj Coster-Waldau can pull off a mullet in this day and age, so can you! The beloved actor that portrays Jaime Lannister in the Game of Thrones series knows how to rock a slick mullet with a few strands casually draped over his forehead.  

4. Rattail Haircut

Rattail Haircut


We couldn’t have talked about the mullet without bringing the rattail up. The rattail is a haircut from the same family as the mullet, which focuses on a longer section of hair at your nape (hence the name). You can consider one if you want a shorter top and longer back.

5. Layered Mullet Haircut

Layered Mullet Haircut


If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times: a layered haircut is perfect for any man. No matter what hair type you have, how old you are or what your personal style is, layers will always increase the coolness of your look by a mile.

6. Long Mullet Haircut

Long Mullet Haircut


While some guys prefer shorter locks in the back as part of their mullet haircut, others want to go a longer. If you really want to emphasize the “mullet” aspect of your overall look, you can consider leaving your hair at the back of your neck as long as you’d like.

7. Short Mullet Hairstyle

Short Mullet Hairstyle


Jared Leto is yet another one of the modern-day celebrities that have succeeded in making the mullet cool again. Similar to Nikolaj, Jared glows with awesomeness thanks to the way he decided to cut and style his short version.

8. Artsy Mullet Hairstyle

Artsy Mullet Hairstyle


If your style is highly fashion-oriented, you’ll love this mullet adaptation. Not only does it have an artsy twist, but it’s also easy to maintain owing to the shorter length. The choppy bangs are also a nice touch for this eye-catching look.

9. Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut

Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut


You can always count on a mohawk to toughen up your appearance. Be that as it may, you might want to experiment with similar shapes, like a faux hawk mullet. Just shave down the sides and leave the top and back longer and you’re good to go.

10. Goth Mullet Hairstyle

Goth Mullet Hairstyle


It’s always great to be able to express your personality through your hairstyle. This could be the case if you want to showcase your tastes in music or culture. If you’re goth for life, go for a mullet like the one in the photo above.

11. Subtle Mullet Haircut

Subtle Mullet Haircut


Some men might not want their mullet haircut to be upfront. If this is the situation for you, we recommend allowing just a little bit of hair to fall down your nape. You can style the top part however you please.

12. Asian Style Mullet

Asian Style Mullet


Whether you’re Asian yourself or you love the continent’s culture, you can get a mullet haircut inspired by it. Japanese and Korean mullets have a specific, choppy style that is sure to complement men who want a youthful vibe to their hairstyle.

13. Feathered Mullet

Feathered Mullet


So, we’ve talked about layered haircuts and their impact, but what about the different styles of layering you can try out? In addition to the jagged layers we’ve shown in previous photos, you can also test a feathered mullet to see if it’s for you.

14. Quiff Mullet Haircut

Quiff Mullet Haircut


There are plenty of reasons for you to love the mullet. One of them is that you can blend the haircut with all sorts of hairstyles, such as the top-trending quiff. Show your hairstylist the photo above if you want a cool modern and classic combination.

15. Soccer Mullet Haircut

Soccer Mullet Haircut


David Beckham hairstyles are undoubtedly some of the most beloved sources of inspiration among guys of all ages. Moreover, Becks is one of the sportsmen that boosted the soccer/ European football mullet trend. Get yours this way if you’re a diehard athlete or supporter.

16. Mullet Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Mullet Hairstyle for Curly Hair


Speaking of sports, soccer isn’t the only one that has been associated with mullets. Ice hockey, for example, features a lot of players with this timeless hairstyle. If you have curly hair and you’re also an ice hockey fan, try this mullet haircut out.

17. Bohemian Mullet Haircut

Bohemian Mullet Haircut


Not all mullet haircuts have to be sleek. Quite the contrary – some young, wild, and free adaptations look even better than the formal-oriented versions. For this, we want to recommend the styling idea above for bohemian guys.

18. Discrete Mullet with Full Beard

Discrete Mullet with Full Beard


Still, you can always opt for a subtle mullet if that’s your preference. In fact, you can complete a discrete mullet hairstyle with a full and thick beard for a nice touch. Remember – caring for your beard is caring for your all-around appearance.

19. Choppy Mullet Haircut

Choppy Mullet Haircut


We’re always up for edgy hairstyles, especially if the guy wearing one has a similar personality. You can add a rock star effect to your mullet by working in choppy layers all around. To get the choppy outcome, your layers should be short and numerous.

20. Very Long Mullet Hairstyle

Very Long Mullet Hairstyle


Some men just look terrific with long hair. If this is your case, don’t hesitate to opt for a mullet haircut with a longer tail. You can crop the top part as much as you want; all you have to do is allow the lower part to grow as much as possible.

21. Easy Going Mullet Hairstyle

Easygoing Mullet Hairstyle


If you’re a man of balance, you might want to consider this mullet haircut version. It’s not too fancy, nor is it too in-your-face. We call it the easygoing mullet and it features just an inch or two of longer hair at the back of the neck.

22. 80s Mullet Haircut

80s Mullet Haircut


While the 80s-style mullet has long gone out of fashion, we think it’s an original choice for men who resonate with the glam rock era. In the end, you don’t have to follow trends if they’re not aligned with your personality. Also, we think guys who stand behind they’re preferences are even cooler.

23. Mullet Haircut with Hard Part

Mullet Haircut with Hard Part


Generally, with hairstyles, it’s all about the details you put into them. A small element like a hard part can go a long way for the impact of your look. In this context, a hard part contributes to a modern take on the mullet haircut.

24. Gelled Mullet Hairstyle

Gelled Mullet Hairstyle


Hair products are a man’s best friend, as long as he knows how to use them properly. For yet another athletic hairstyle, you can copy Cristiano Ronaldo’s short gelled mullet. Make sure you don’t go overboard on the hair gel though.

25. Spiky Fade Haircut

Spiky Fade Haircut


For as far back as we can remember, spiky hairstyles for men have always been in and out of trends. Nowadays, it’s all about the specific way you style your spikes to get a successful hairstyle. Try this burst fade mullet mohawk to look fly.

26. Edgy Mullet Haircut

Edgy Mullet Haircut


We’ve been talking about edgy versions of the mullet, but this particular one definitely stands out among the rest. It has a very grunge feel to it, with long, jagged layers and shaved downsides. The results are as edgy as they can be.

27. Old School Mullet Haircut

Old School Mullet Haircut


After we spoke about the iconic 80s mullet, it’s only fair that we touch on the 90s version as well. Back then, mullets were all the rage when rocked with headbands. Our advice remains the same for the styles for both decades – wear them with pride if you truly like them.

28. Emo Mullet Hairstyle

Emo Mullet Hairstyle


While emo mullets may not be for full-grown men that work in corporations, they are an interesting choice for teenage emo guys. The emo mullet features the style’s signature full, side-swept bangs, with straightened locks that spread out across the back and sides of the neck.

29. Angular Fringe Mullet

Angular Fringe Mullet


If you’re looking for modern, trendy mullets, there’s no better example than the one above. The classic mullet is mixed with an angular fringe haircut for the top section. After getting the base haircut, style your bangs over your forehead and jaggedly to one side.

30. Braided Mullet Haircut

Braided Mullet Haircut


Have you decided on getting a rattail mullet haircut? Well, we have just the styling idea to help you further personalize your hairstyle. Instead of leaving the tail part simply down, you can give your hairstyle a twist (literally) by braiding it.

31. V-Shaped Rattail Haircut

V-shaped Rattail Haircut


On the other hand, you may want to get a rattail haircut that isn’t so big on the tail part, at least regarding the length. As an alternative, you can pump up the edginess of your hairstyle with a V shape in the back, carefully sculpted by shaving the sides to form the V.

32. Long Mullet Haircut with Faux Hawk

Long Mullet Haircut with Faux Hawk


We have a fantastic idea for men who prefer mullets with longer tails. Once you get the haircut, you can style the section on top into a fine-looking faux hawk. We encourage you to follow the technique displayed in the photo above to get that fanned mohawk aspect.

33. Mullet with Shorter Sides

Mullet with Shorter Sides


Some men get mullet haircuts without cutting down the sides much. Others opt for completely shaving their sides. If neither style matches your tastes, you can go somewhere in between by rocking shorter sides with your mullet.

34. Mullet Haircut for Thick Hair

Mullet Haircut for Thick Hair


While thick hair can be a curse for guys who aren’t into excessive styling, it can be a sheer blessing for those who like longer, ruffled hair. If you fall under the second category, let your thick hair grow long and cut it in layers for your messy mullet.

35. Modern Pompadour Mullet

Modern Pompadour Mullet


Throughout time, the pompadour has been acknowledged as a highly classy hairstyle for both men and women. Nevertheless, the modern pomp almost always has an edgy side to it. Think about sporting your mullet with a messy pompadour top.

36. Spiky Top with Flowing Back Hairstyle

Spiky Top with Flowing Back Hairstyle


One of the neatest parts of the mullet haircut is that you can play around with the lengths of the top and bottom individually. For instance, you can maintain a cleanly-cropped top with spiky hair and leave the part at the nape longer and flowing.

37. French Crop Mullet Haircut

French Crop Mullet Haircut


Yet another modern mullet that will certainly catch your eye if you follow trends is the French crop version. The French crop hairstyle has been topping the charts for over a year now, and mixing with a mullet will turn out super cool.

38. Long Tail Mullet Haircut

Long Tail Mullet Haircut


Not sure whether to go for a mullet or a rattail as separate haircuts? The good part is that you don’t even have to decide! Keep elements from both hairstyles with the approach from the picture above. The results will look excellent on guys with naturally straight hair.

39. Casual Mullet Hairstyle

Casual Mullet Hairstyle


With his slick flow hairstyle, actor Bradley Cooper has caught the attention of fans both on and off screen. He succeeds in pulling off a mullet without much effort, thanks to the casual and nonchalant approach he always takes when styling his hair.

40. Messy Mullet Haircut

Messy Mullet Haircut


Guys, you can never go wrong with a messy haircut, especially if you have a bad boy personality. You can eliminate any potential cheesiness that comes with an old school mullet by throwing in an abundance of layers and messing up your hairstyle.

41. Business Mullet Hairstyle

Business Mullet Hairstyle


All the same, we know that not all men can afford to maintain a casual and careless mullet in all situations. Men who want a casual business look are encouraged to sport neatly-trimmed hairstyles, which would go well when meeting with clients. The solution for you is in the photo example above.

42. Slicked Back Mullet Haircut

Slicked Back Mullet Haircut


We’re back with another Beckham example, but this time with longer hair. If you have decided to keep your top just about as long as the bottom of your mullet, you can easily slick it all back. As a result, you’ll be red-carpet ready at any time.

43. Punk Mullet Hairstyle

Punk Mullet Hairstyle


There’s no doubt that Sid Vicious permanently left a mark on punk history through his music, eccentric personality, and shocking looks. Even to this day, a lot of punk hairstyles are still based on his iconic style. Draw inspiration from his spiky hairstyle for your mullet.

44. Combed Back Mullet Haircut with Volume

Combed Back Mullet Haircut with Volume


Slicked back hairstyles have their fair share of pros and cons. Even though the sleek effect is awesome, it may be a volume-killer for some guys. If you still want a visible shape to your hairstyle, use a good product and comb back the part under the first slicked back layer.

45. Mullet Hairstyle for Afro-Textured Hair

Mullet Hairstyle for Afro-textured Hair


Hard as it may seem to believe nowadays, there was a time when Kanye West actually rocked a mullet. It may not be the most flattering hairstyle for him specifically, but we do believe the silhouette is an interesting idea for men with afro-textured hair.

46. Textured Mullet Hairstyle

Textured Mullet Hairstyle


Orlando Bloom is another one of the celebrities on our list that isn’t afraid to try out a modern mullet. What makes his version even more impressive is how he obtains texture through lots of choppy layers throughout his hair.

47. Side Bangs Mullet Haircut

Side Bangs Mullet Haircut


Whether you want to conceal a larger forehead or an unflattering hairline, side bangs are the solution for you. Naturally, you can also wear your mullet with side bangs if you enjoy the visual benefits. The slightly spiky top also boosts the impact.

48. Mullet Haircut with Shaved Design

Mullet Haircut with Shaved Design


Shaved designs have always been a great way to put your imagination into your looks. However, your boss may not be happy if you show up with this creative mullet at work. Notwithstanding, it’s an awesome hairstyle for guys with jobs that allow it.

49. Colorful Mullet

Colorful Mullet


The same goes with vivid colors. Bright mullet hairstyles may not be appropriate for corporate environments, but they’re so cool to wear out in town. You can also get one if your profession doesn’t involve a hairstyle/ dress code.

50. Mullet with Highlights

Mullet with Highlights


Finally, we’ll conclude with a mullet haircut that has a little bit of everything. The look features a short top, visible mullet in the back, and short sides. In addition, the hairstyle has light brown highlights in key areas.


In summary, the mullet haircut is sure to flow in and out of trends for decades to come.

As with all hairstyles for men, we always encourage our readers to wear their favorite ideas with their heads held high.

In the end, trends like mullets will always fluctuate, but your personality will stay strong throughout the process.

Are you going to choose a classic or modern mullet? Tell us all about it in the comments!

This article was updated in July 2019.

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Jeffery R. Hamilton

Jeffery R. Hamilton

Jeffery worked as a barber throughout the East Coast before moving to sunny California. He currently resides in San Francisco and works at a local barbershop. He loves his job and he's always up to speed when it comes to the latest trends regarding men's hairstyles.

  1. Did you even have one picture of the hair style from the back? I don’t care what their face looks like I want to see the style!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I decided today at my barbers that I am going to grow a summer mullet. Not sure how long I am going to take it or what exact style, but I do know it’s going to be a fun process. Wife said “go for it” I own my own company so who cares, and I have another buddy who is down too. The folks at the country club may not find it amusing but that’ll make it that much better!

    1. That’s great! You could go for a Kurt Russell look or something like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Those were amazing mullets. Either way, the most important thing when choosing a haircut is to feel good about yourself. If you like it and it makes you feel awesome, go for it!

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