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53 Tasteful Quiff Haircut Ideas

The quiff haircut and the concept of a classy hairstyle are synonymous.

This haircut practically glows with good taste, in addition to being a universal choice for men of all tastes.

Furthermore, it is a delightfully versatile hairstyle that can be adapted for any type of hair.

If you want to step up your style game, find out the many ways in which you can nail a quiff below!

1. Short Quiff Haircut

Short Quiff Haircut


Want a military approach to your new haircut? You can go for a short quiff. Although you won’t see a lot of quiff hairstyles with significantly long hair, you won’t find many super short cuts either.

Nevertheless, a short quiff results in a neat haircut that’s easy to upkeep.

2. Side Tossed Quiff

Side Tossed Quiff


If your aim is to get an effortless look on a daily basis, we have a few quiff tips for you. Firstly, allow your hair to grow a bit longer so you can style it with ease.

After that, simply toss your locks to the side, optionally with some hair product to maintain the shape.

3. Messy Quiff Undercut

Quiff Undercut


Undercuts are a tried-and-tested method for edgy hairstyles for men. From where we stand, no matter what main hairstyle you have, an undercut instantly makes it cooler.

The same goes for quiffs, which go amazingly well with sleek undercuts.

4. Long Top Quiff

Long Quiff


To present the other end of the spectrum, here is how your quiff haircut would look with longer hair.

We fully support this hairstyle from an aesthetic viewpoint, but we’re well aware that it requires more time than the majority of quiffs.

5. Disheveled Quiff

Disheveled Quiff


If you’re ever in doubt about your new look or style choice of the day, always go for messy.

The disheveled quiff hairstyle is one of the top trending at the moment for the attitude and confidence it naturally comes with.

6. Layered Quiff Haircut

Layered Quiff Haircut


You can cut down on major styling time if you incorporate one specific detail into your new haircut.

If you’re big on hairstyles, make this your mantra – layers. By getting a layered haircut, you will benefit from a hairstyle that basically settles in on its own.

7. Brushed Up Hairstyle with Fade

Brushed Up Hairstyle


We sadly have to admit that spikey hairstyles will probably remain a trend of the past for some time, but we do have a present-day alternative.

Instead of completely spiking your hair with a staggering amount of product, opt for a brushed up style.

8. Long Asymmetrical Quiff with Sculpted Fade

Long Asymmetrical Quiff with Sculpted Fade


There’s nothing sleeker than this quiff here. Look at that ginger hair and mustache combo. The most impressive part here is the sculpted fade. Really, really cool.

9. Wavy Quiff Haircut

Wavy Quiff Haircut


If you have wavy hair, you will enjoy a handsome quiff haircut without the struggle that heavy maintenance comes with.

Thanks to your easygoing texture, you just have to get the right haircut for everything to naturally fall into place.

10. High and Tight Quiff

High and Tight Quiff


It’s no surprise that high and tight haircuts are increasingly gaining popularity among men. You have to admit that it’s a tasteful haircut that flatters almost all face shapes.

Pair it with a quiff hairstyle and you will have an appealing look indeed.

11. Casual Quiff

Casual Quiff Haircut


If you’re all about a smooth style, get a quiff haircut that reflects your tastes.

As long as your hair is fairly thick and straight, you shouldn’t have any problems sporting this casual quiff haircut. It works for all men, from students to office workers and more.

12. Brushed Angles Hairstyle

Brushed Angles Hairstyle


Take your quiff styling to a whole new level by brushing your hair in different angles. One of the most popular ways to do so is by brushing the top upwards and then gently to the side.

Afterward, you should take the sides and brush them towards the front, like in the photo above.

13. Rockabilly Hairstyle

Rockabilly Hairstyle


It’s no secret that trends come, go and come back, nor is it that genuine style is eternal.

Put these two facts side by side and you’ll easily understand why styles like 50s’ and 60s’ rockabilly will always be a classy option for men, from clothing to grooming, and others.

14. Silver Short Messy Quiff for Receding Hairlines

Colored Quiff Haircut


Whoever said that you have to wear your natural hair color? Exploring color options isn’t just for the ladies; we encourage guys to experiment in this area too.

Therefore, you should take some time to think about any tones that would better suit your personality, like the ever trending silver.

15. Front Curled Quiff Haircut

Front Curled Quiff Haircut


Just like the pompadour, the quiff haircut also has an adaptation with a front curl. However, as opposed to the uber-cool pomp, a front curled quiff tends to lean more to the side rather than out and in front of your forehead.

16. Retro Side Swept Ginger Haircut

Retro Haircut


For a gentleman look, you often need to seek inspiration far back in the past. Rewind a few decades and you’ll notice the finger waves trend that was everywhere in the 20s’ and 30s‘.

You can adopt this style, even more easily if your hair is already wavy.

17. Teenage Quiff Haircut

Teenage Quiff Haircut


Even though this quiff adaptation is not solely for teenagers, it is the version that best suits this age group.

It’s cool, wild, reckless and everything else a young guy could want. Think of it as a mirror for a teen’s typical personality.

18. Greaser Hairstyle

Greaser Hairstyle


We’re back with inspiration from the past with the iconic greaser hairstyle. This was the ultimate bad boy look of the 1950s that still stands as a statement haircut to this day.

Together with pompadours, quiffs are the top haircuts for this timeless style.

19. Curly Quiff

Curly Quiff Haircut


Naturally curly hair will be far easier to style if you have a quiff haircut. You should keep your strands a little longer and subtly sweep them towards the front.

Add a few layers in the haircut and you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.

20. Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle


Men with short or medium-length hair should definitely keep a comb over hairstyle in mind for their quiff haircut.

It’s as dapper as you can get, not to mention that it’s an easy style that any guy can pull off. Come on, just look at Ryan Gosling.

21. Faux Hawk Quiff

Faux Hawk Quiff


Another cool fact about the quiff haircut is that it can be the foundation for a considerable amount of hairstyle fusions. Just one example is the faux hawk, a top trending hairstyle that blends perfectly with a quiff base.

22. Quiff Haircut with Hard Part

Quiff Haircut with Hard Part


If you’re up for rocking the comb over style we talked about earlier, you can spice it up with a hard part.

Essentially, this involves a side part that is shaved in to add depth and precision to the hairstyle. For comb overs, it’s one of the best details you can contribute to the hairstyle with.

23. Classic Quiff Haircut

Classic Quiff Haircut


We’re thrilled to be going back to basics for this quiff haircuts. In a nutshell, this is the silhouette that started the famous hairstyle in the first place.

It has a larger shape that focuses on going up and tossed to the side for styling. You can’t go wrong with it.

24. Hipster Quiff

Hipster Hairstyle


Whether you love or hate their looks, you have to give hipsters credit for knowing their style.

As for the quiff haircut, you can clearly see why this is the perfect fit for a hipster hairstyle. Brush up your strands, grab your Wayfarers and go.

25. Messy Quiff with Side Bangs

Side Bangs Haircut


Feel that you’re drawn somehow to side bangs, even though you don’t dig the whole emo approach?

You can go halfway with a quiff haircut that allows some hair to cover a part of your forehead. Study this look that Louis Tomlinson flawlessly pulled off to get inspired.

26. Quiff Haircut for Thick Hair

Quiff Haircut for Thick Hair


We hate to break it, but extremely thick hair is extremely difficult to style when kept long.

On that note, we recommend that men who have significantly thick hair and want to get a quiff haircut to keep it short. You’ll thank us later.

27. Manly Quiff Haircut

Manly Quiff Haircut


There’s no doubt that the quiff haircut itself is truly manly, but there are some ways you can make it even more so.

Facial hair is a must, whether you opt for a mustache, beard or combo with both. Lay low on the hair product and focus more on brushing up than getting a wet look.

28. Bleached Tips Hairstyle

Bleached Tips Hairstyle


Frosted tips were among the coolest trends of the 90s, but they’re now back and booming like never before.

Sporting bleached tips is totally a hairstyle for the unconventional, and for those who aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

29. Flat Top Slick Quiff

Flattop Quiff


Aside from faux hawk quiffs, you can also explore other hairstyle fusions with this common base.

For example, an angled flat top quiff is another option, particularly if you want to add a pompadour edge to your hairstyle. The skin fade also helps a lot.

30. Textured Quiff Haircut

Textured Quiff Haircut


Some call it a pretty boy hairstyle, others say it’s a preppy haircut. As far as we’re concerned, the textured quiff haircut with longer hair is cool, effortless and fun to wear.

It’s also a versatile look, as you can style your hair to the side or backward.

31. Voluminous Quiff

Voluminous Hairstyle for Men


You can’t deny the impact that volume has on any hairstyle, regardless of age, gender, texture or length.

By getting a smartly-trimmed haircut, you can have the huge advantage of natural volume. In this case, we’re talking about a quiff haircut with shorter sides and a longer top.

32. Sculpted Quiff

Sculpted Quiff Haircut


We completely agree with the concept that classifies beauty and grooming as an art form. To prove our point, here is how you can take a basic quiff haircut and truly bring it to life. The sculpted styling technique used is guaranteed to make heads turn.

33. Artsy Quiff Side Swept

Artsy Quiff Hairstyle


If you have a bohemian outlook on life, you most likely won’t care that much of what people think of you. To put it otherwise, you have an original style and you don’t shy away from showcasing it.

If this describes your personality, try an artsy quiff haircut like the one above.

34. Quiff Haircut with Beard

Quiff Haircut with Beard


There’s no better way to man up than by growing a beard. No matter if you want to keep it short and nicely-trimmed or full and thick, a beard is a wonderful idea for complementing your quiff haircut. Pick the length that flatters your features the most and rock it!

35. David Beckham Quiff

Athletic Hairstyle


If you can’t literally bend it like Beckham, at least you can use his impeccable style for grooming inspiration.

One of the most appreciated sports celebrities worldwide is praised not only for his skills but also for his tasteful style. We give his athletic haircut an A+.

36. Low Fade Messy Quiff

Low Fade Quiff


Like with most of the hairstyles we cover, the quiff also is compatible with fade haircuts.

A low skin fade, for instance, can help you outline the longer top of the hairstyle. We also like the way the highly textured top transitions into the low fade part.

37. Swirling Quiff

Swirling Quiff Haircut


Quiff haircuts are generous when it comes to styling ideas. If you want to mix smart and stately, you can try a swirl-like hairstyle for your quiff.

Style your hair in a spiraling motion to the side, without making it seem too styled.

38. Quiff Haircut with Undercut Decal

Quiff Haircut with Undercut Design


We already know that quiff hairstyles and undercuts are perfect together, but what if you want to step your game up?

There’s a simple way to customize any popular haircut and make it entirely yours. Shaved designs, also known as hair tattoos, are an excellent idea.

39. High Fade Quiff

High Fade Quiff


Want to get a high and tight effect on your hairstyle without using a disconnected undercut as a medium?

The high fade method will get you to the results you’re looking for. It gradually transitions from top to skin, without losing the high and tight shape.

40. Quiff Haircut for Older Men

Quiff Haircut for Seniors


We are passionate advocates of the philosophy that style has no age. Even if you have reached your senior years, you can still be as fashionable as ever.

In fact, class and age seem to develop simultaneously, so go for a slick quiff hairstyle even after retirement.

41. Messy Wild Quiff

Messy Wild Quiff


If you didn’t like already die from the sheer sex appeal of the dude above, we’re here to tell you about that messy quiff. While it is undoubtedly top-notch, it’s also very, very difficult to maintain. So be warned!

42. Quiff Haircut with Moustache

Quiff Haircut with Moustache


So, we have shown what a quiff haircut would look like with a beard, with a mustache and beard, but what about with a mustache on its own? The result is an intriguing, hipster-like hairstyle that shows you have flavor.

43. Long Sides Hairstyles

Long Sides Hairstyles


Despite the fact that most trending hairstyles for men feature shorter sides and a long top, rocking longer sides can look awesome.

If you have a quiff haircut, all you have to do is slick back the sides to complement the dynamism of your hairstyle.

44. Quiff Haircut with Highlights

Quiff Haircut with Highlights


Swedish model Johnny Edlind proves that highlights look outstanding on a quiff haircut. As long as they’re strategically placed to accentuate the top front part, you will get an even better shape out of your hairstyle.

45. Curled Tips Hairstyle

Curled Tips Hairstyle


Yet another way to get a good boost of dynamism in your hairstyle is by curling the tips. We’re not talking about borrowing a curling iron, but rather by wisely using products for a similar effect. Put some on the tips of your fingers and twist your strands individually.

46. Quiff with V-Shaped Undercut

Quiff with V-shaped Undercut


A V-shaped undercut is always an interesting way to bring the best out of an edgy hairstyle. If you border the V-shaped part with a deeply shaved line, the effect will be even more powerful.

Your quiff haircut will resemble a mohawk for sure.

47. Punk Quiff Haircut

Punk Quiff Haircut


Alternatively, you can go for an authentic mohawk as your new hairstyle. To get the vibe that a quiff offers, keep the main shape as inspiration.

Brush the rest of the top up like you would with a regular mohawk. If live and breathe punk, this is the hairstyle for you.

48. Very Messy Forward Swept Quiff

Quiff Haircut


To color your hair without too much effort, you can choose just to bleach it. If you have a shorter quiff hairstyle with an undercut, think about bleaching the top and growing a beard in your natural color. The contrast will spark the interest of many.

49. Fanned Quiff

Fanned Quiff


Not into the side or upwards styling that typically come with a quiff haircut? Do it your own way with a fanned quiff hairstyle.

All you have to do is follow the similar brushing up technique, just continue by spreading it out from one side to the other.

50. Short Quiff Side Swept with Fade

Short Quiff Side Swept with Fade


That side part though – simply fire. A shorter version of the classic quiff, but undoubtedly cool. Look at those faded sideburns that just seem to disappear into oblivion. Major props to whoever did this dude’s hair!

51. Temple Fade Quiff

Temple Fade Quiff


Do you rely on your favorite barber to give you a fresh haircut? Then you’ll love this quiff haircut.

In addition to the unmistakable quiff styling, this look features a temple fade cut. Thanks to this barbershop favorite, your hairstyle is nicely contoured.

52. Mid Fade Quiff

Mid Fade Quiff


Oftentimes, you can be torn between various haircut techniques, not sure which direction you should go in.

If you’re at this crossroads with a fade haircut, opt for a mid fade to go with your quiff hairstyle. It’s balanced, effective and polished.

53. Sculpted Quiff

Sculpted Quiff Haircut


We completely agree with the concept that classifies beauty and grooming as an art form. To prove our point, here is how you can take a basic quiff haircut and truly bring it to life.

The sculpted styling technique used is guaranteed to make heads turn.

54. Angular Fringe Quiff

Angular Fringe Quiff


The last fresh fusion idea we want to recommend is the quiff haircut with an angular fringe. The two styles have quite a lot in common, creating the ideal ground for mixing them into one hairstyle.

Make sure that your hair is around 3-4 inches long to get this outcome.


In conclusion, you have every reason to choose the quiff haircut as your new hairstyle.

It’s undoubtedly a handsome haircut that will bring out the best in your features.

No matter if you have curly or straight hair, you can style your quiff to match your personality.

Which photo will you show your barber? Let us know in a comment!

This article was updated in July 2019.

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