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50 Coolest Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles for Men

The umbrella term of “short sides, long top haircut” is a haircut that is incredibly versatile and features a number of options to choose from to make it completely your own. Hair on the top can be fashioned into an array of different textures, layers, colors and styles to suit any facial shape or style of dress. Since it is still short, these looks can be made perfect for both a professional environment as well as a casual one. Check out our choices for the 50 coolest short sides long top hairstyles for men.

Neat short and straight hair


1. Short Sides Long Top Straight

To achieve this look, all you need is medium length hair on top and shortened hair on the sides. This medium length hair should either be naturally straight, or it can be straightened using a flat iron. From there, it can be given a lift with a little gel or mousse.

Luxurious curly faux hawk


2. Curly Faux Hawk

To get both texture, volume and a whole lot of character, let your long to medium length curls run free on top of your head while keeping the sides tamed and short. This provides a most handsome contrast that will serve to make you look stylish in absolutely anything you wear.

Edgy subtle bowl style


3. Modern Bowl Haircut

Don’t shy away from the term bowl haircut. This style looks exceptional on those with defined facial features. This look is composed of bangs in the front that taper gradually back to a shorter cut behind the head while all of the hair overhangs a buzzed undercut for brilliant contrast.

Professional slicked back style


4. Slicked Back

All you need for your long hair on top to give it a professional make over is the addition of a little–or a lot–of gel. This style is versatile, letting you lay it as flat over your head as you’d like. Simply run gel through it and push it back to give it the desired texture.

Stylish side parted pomp


5. Side Parted Pomp

The Side Parted Pomp features a neatly gelled and styled pompadour hair cut that has been slicked over to one side. The part of this hairstyle is very prominent and can even be buzzed in to give a sharper effect. Beneath the pomp is a subtle fade through the short sides.

Soft bangs


6. Bangs

Bangs are an excellent way to let a face look more proportionate. No matter the length on top, you can get this look by allowing a little extra length to hang over your forehead. Cut the bangs into layers, a tapered angle or leave them straight for a more edgy appeal.

Casual sideswept part


7. Casual Side Swept Part

The casual side swept part is a nice look for those who want a more casual appearance. Your short sides play against the length of the hair on top, and all it takes to bring your hair that side swept look is a little gel and some hairspray and you are ready to go.

Edgy disconnected undercut


8. Disconnected Undercut

Undercuts have been gaining popularity in recent years, and they aren’t stopping now. Add some sharp contrast between long and short with buzzed sides and light, soft locks atop your head. This gives it its namesake–the disconnected look–and the stark contrast between long and short is clear and dramatic.

Classic tapered pomp


9. Tapered Pomp

With longer strands of hair in the front and shorter ones in the back, you can create a beautiful pomp that cascades effortlessly down the top of your head. There is a bit of volume up front that lends its way to flatter features as the pomp travels away from the face.

Handsome brushed over style


10. Brushed Over

The brushed over style looks good with straight, wavy or curly hair. To achieve this look, simply take a comb with a bit of gel and bring all of the hair on one side of the head over to the other, using the gel to keep it in its place.

Clean and neatly manicured hair style


11. Neatly Manicured

The neatly manicured look is another disconnected undercut style that features short sides and a long top. The top has been gelled over to the back, although you can gel it to the side for a similar effect. Product keeps the hair in place for a tidy and professional appearance.

Casual messy side part


12. Messy Side Part

The messy side part can be done with any type and texture of hair. Part it to the side and without and product, simply let your hair do what it wants. With a little gel, however, you can make it so that the hair parted features some piecey texture to it.

Informal pomp


13. Unformed Pomp

The unformed pomp features a style similar to the traditional pompadour except it has not been smoothly styled into a single shape. Instead, this pomp has a tousled look to it. Straighten the hair on top and then gel it into pieces, or if you have naturally straight hair, let it do its thing.

Classy flat pomp with side part


14. Flat Pomp with Side Part

The flat pomp with side part is just that: a pomp that sacrifices a little of its volume and lays flat across the head while being parted over to the side. Use gel to achieve this look. This adds a modern touch to a classic style of hair that is absolutely timeless.

Hipster gelled backbrush


15. Heavily Gelled Backbrush

The heavily gelled and backbrushed look will give its wearer an air of hip style while also reaching back into fashions of old. It has been brushed back from the front and uses a lot of gel to achieve a look that is both textured and manicured all at once.

Sharp and angled pomp


16. Angled Pomp

The angled pomp gives a contemporary twist to the pompadour that began decades ago. This hairstyle features a lot of volume and a little mousse. One side of the pomp has been pushed over at an angle to meet the other side of the hair and give it a distinct point.

Tousled messy pomp


17. Shaved Sides Messy Pomp

The sides of the head are shaved down a bit to add contrast to the top, that of which is a large, voluminous work of art. The hair is pushed back into a loose pomp, but its locks fall naturally into place as opposed to being held there by gel.

Edgy messy greaser


18. Messy Greaser

Take a classic greaser hairstyle and give it a bit of a modern upgrade with the messy greaser look. This hair style features short sides and a long top, the latter being in different layers. It falls over the face to form that greaser look but the lack of gel gives it the messy appeal.

Everyday faux hawk with tip


19. Faux Hawk with Tip

The faux hawk with tip is a great every day style. It features a short back that gradually tapers up to the front of the head. At the front, it collides into a tip that stands tall over the rest of the hair and adds definite dimension to the look.

Edgy flat top


20. Piecey but Flat

Great for those with angular faces, the piecey but flat look features short sides that rest beneath long strands of straight hair. The hair has been cut into layers and lightly tousled with mousse to give it a textured effect. This hair is then brushed forward and serves as bangs.

Traditional military inspired


21. Long Military Inspired

This hair style is modeled after some common military cuts that we see everywhere. The difference is that instead of the top of the hair being as short as military standards, the hair has been kept a few inches long to provide some contrast and shape to the closely shaved sides.

Tousled bedhead


22. Piecey Bedhead

The piecey bedhead is one of the easier hair styles to form. All you have to do is climb out of bed and go. If you want a more styled look, you can always form the strands into pieces that stick out among the rest for an intentionally sleepy look.



Soft pushed up bangs


23. Pushed Up Bangs

With the pushed up bangs, what you are going for is short or shaved sides, a short back of the hair and a long front. The hair from the back gets pushed forward into the front where the bangs are, and then, using gel, the bangs are pushed to stand almost upright.

Tousled sleepy faux hawk


24. Sleepy Faux Hawk

The classic faux hawk has short sides and a long top pushed into the shape of a mohawk. The sleepy faux hawk is no different except for the fact that there is no gel bringing it to a point; your natural hair falls free and does what it wishes like a bedhead style might.

Textured voluminous top


25. Voluminous Top

For you gents with thick hair that is full of volume, play up your natural hair by choosing to go with a voluminous top. This features sides cut short and thick, long hair up top that can be styled a number of ways. Pushing it into a loose pomp looks great.

Classy side part


26. Gelled Side Part

To be worn with either a buzzed part or a natural one, the gelled side part features hair that has been parted to the side in one form or another and gelled down to lie mostly flat against the crown of the head. The more gel, the more textured the look.

traditional faux hawk


27. Faux Hawk

One of the most commonly worn and versatile looks is the faux hawk. This features short sides and a long or medium length top. The top of the hair is pushed together at a slight angle in order to give it a bit of a point, similar to a real mohawk.


textured faux hawk


28. Piecey Faux Hawk

The piecey faux hawk is similar to the classic style. The difference between them lies in the way the piecey faux hawk is not as uniform as its originator. This faux hawk uses mousse instead of gel to give it a bit of shape while also letting it retain the natural texture of your hair.

causal windblown look


29. Windblown

The windblown hair style has a natural look to it. Without trying too hard, you can get this look with a little mousse or gel. The hair is swept back and to the side a bit to give it a breezy appearance as if the wind has styled your hair for you.

casual texture with bangs


30. Textured with Bangs

No matter what your hair type is, you can have a textured appearance and bangs to frame your face. This can be achieved with layers or with gel, depending on your hair type and what you like. This hair style features a long top whose bangs can be cut in any number of ways to get the desired look.

edgy spiked hair


31. Spiked Up

Similar to a faux hawk, the spiked up look has short hair on the sides with much more hair present on the top. The difference here is that instead of a point, the hair is spiked up in pieces using a strong hold gel. You can make these spikes as subtle or dramatic as you wish.

classic textured quiff


32. Textured Quiff

A quiff is any style of hair that has been pushed back and away from the face, but the textured quiff keeps it from lying flat. Wearing this type of quiff gives you some dimension and volume and becomes just as much of a fashion statement as your outfit is.

professional gelled back pomp


33. Gelled Back Pomp

You can look dapper and professional while still being well suited for a night on the town with this look. It features a long top that has been pushed back like a quiff but gelled into place in the shape of a classic style pompadour with textured pieces throughout it.

dramatic part


34. Wild Side Part

Let the longer hair on the top of your head overtake some of the short hair beneath it with a dramatic part. This look is achieved by parting your hair to one side and bringing most of the hair from one side over to the other, exposing most of one side while covering the other.

understated faux hawk


35. Subtle Faux Hawk

One of the most versatile styles you can wear to any formal or informal event is a subtle faux hawk. This look features short sides that rise up to its longer top where the hair gets pushed together to form a slight faux hawk without overwhelming your face or attire.

loose wave hair


36. Wavy Top

Another variation of the disconnected style. With the wavy top, the sides are shaved down to almost nothing while the top is allowed to be loose and free. It looks great with wavy hair and those with loose curls. The back is longer and is brushed forward to reach the shorter locks at the top.

Casual flowy top


37. Flowy Top

Similar to the wavy top, this flowy look gets its name from the way the quiff flows so excellently across the crown of the head. It starts off piecey and short in the beginning and gets longer as it goes, flowing effortlessly from one layer of hair to the other.

tousled untouched hair


38. Messy and Untouched

Perhaps the easiest way to style your hair is by not styling it at all. The messy and untouched look is exactly what it sounds like. For this look, there is no product needed. Trim the sides short, let the top grow and give it a little tousle with your hand in the morning before you step out the door.

edgy bun


39. Prominent Bun with Shaved Sides

A striking combination of very long and very short intersects here with the prominent bun and shaved sides look. Here, the sides are shaved away down to nearly nothing while the top is encouraged to grow long. Tied into a messy bun at the top, the contrast between lengths and textures is enormous and handsome.

clean side pomp with edge


40. Side Pomp with Edge

The side pomp with an edge is a look that consists of a typical pomp, but one that has been pushed off to one side or the other. On the remaining side, the short hair there has an edge cut into it to give a sharp indication of where the short hair ends and the long begins.

bold volume with undercut


41. Voluminous Undercut

This style features two very closely shaven sides with long, voluptuous hair on the top of the head. The hair can be worn flipped over one side or parted down the middle to give hidden depth and dimension when appropriate. Straight or wavy hair works best for this hair style.

vivid blond piecey cut


42. Platinum Blond and Piecey

For a bold and daring way to bring some life to your hair, give it the platinum upgrade. It is eye catching and alluring, and coupled with the texture of the top of your hair, it provides a striking combination. The top is cut into layers and then styled with gel to achieve texture.

wavy gelled up hair flip


43. Gelled Up Hair Flip

With the sides shaved down to almost nothing, it leaves plenty of room for the long top to take over and swirl around your head. This style features a brushed-to-the-side look with gel to keep it in place and give it a bit of texture with a bit of a dip throughout.

straight hair wave


44. The Wave

The wave is similar to a hair flip but it is better suited for straight hair. Flip one side of your long top over and let it cascade down the shaved sides of your head, much like a wave as it curls and crashes. Better suited for hair with layers.

tight and neat formal hair


45. The Business Man

Parted to the side, this look features a sizable amount of hair on the top of the head that is gelled over to form a small mound–a half-pomp, if you will. The other side is somewhat long and tapers down to very little hair on either side of the head.

messy pomp with loose strangs


46. The Almost Pomp

This long-top look features shaved sides and a top that has been cut to accommodate a pompadour. Instead of gelling it completely back to give it that true pomp shape, it has been slightly gelled and a few pieces have been allowed to fall away free from the mold.

alternative edgy sides


47. Decorative Sides

With a bit of length on top, no matter how long, you can accent it with some designs cut into the shaved portion of your head. This one is fun because you can choose not only how long you want the top but in most cases exactly what sort of ornate design you’d like on your sides.

neat hairstyle


48. The Simple Man

The simple man doesn’t ask for much. He doesn’t make a big fuss out of his hair and wants something that gets the job done. This style features length on top that gradually tapers down in a fade until there is nothing left, creating a neat and tidy look that can be left alone or gelled.

edgy layered pomp fade


49. Layered Pomp Fade

The layered pomp fade features two layers of thick hair, one of which eventually dissipates into nothing thanks to the fade effect. The top of the hair remains in a neatly formed pompadour, or you could even do a loose quiff to make this style work for your hair type.

thick quiff


50. Long Quiff

For the gents with long, thick hair up top, a long quiff may suit you best. Brushing back the length with the volume you possess gives it height and makes a statement while also contrasting against the short sides. For extra effect, go for a fade or a sharp edge part.

With so many options available for styling, its simple to see why one would go for the catch-all short sides, long top hair cut. No matter the hair type, texture, or general length, there is something to be done with it, from formal hair styles to more casual ones.

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