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About Philip

Hey, I’m Phil Bottenberg a University drop out who pursued his dream of becoming a self-employed creative mind. Back in like 2015 I found an article online about a girl who made a living on Instagram and I thought by myself: ‘Hey I want to do this as well!’. Starting from that moment I put every free minute into research and creating content, quit University, moved all across the world from Germany to Australia to start modeling and put my model portfolio out on Instagram. Soon I was an established name in the model scene and with it came the followers. I drastically grew from 10.000 followers to 50.000 followers almost overnight due to a published article in a magazine about myself. With 50.000 followers behind my back the first sponsored post came quick, still, remember how stoked I was about the first 50$ I made with Instagram but soon realized that this would only be the beginning. 

Almost 2 Years later I was able to live good from my income as a Content Creator and had a bit of a luxurious life. Every night a new event, got to meet famous people, wore fashion pieces worth more than a small car and saved money for the first time in my life. It felt good and I knew it would only be the start of my journey.

I moved to London where Instagram assisted me finding the love of my life, a good story which I might tell later,  moved back to Australia to be with her and to add another chapter to my Content Creator career.

I’m thankful for all the memories this job brought with it, so many interesting personalities that I got to meet and so many experiences I got to make. It allowed me to travel the world and to work from wherever I was at that point. Now I’m back in Germany about to be a husband and ready to make new memories as a Contributor to MenHairstylesWorld. 
Funny enough that I used to study Literature, Culture and Media and I’m excited to see how much of the knowledge I gathered throughout my studies I’m now able to use to write articles for the audience of MHW.

Want to learn more about me? Have a look at my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/philbottenberg/