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Considering a Buzz Cut? See 55 Ways to Wear this Hairstyle!

Looking for the buzz cut hairstyle that suits you best?

From short styles to buzz cut fades to long buzz cuts, there are many buzz cut lengths and styles to choose from, and you’ll need to be specific when you ask your barber to cut your hair!

It’s important to keep in mind (especially if this is the first time you’re getting a very short cut) that the style you choose should be fashionable but also fit into your lifestyle.

For example, how much maintenance do you want to do on your hair every day? That will help determine the length and cut you ultimately decide on.

Whether you’re looking for haircuts for men with thin hair or want a buzz cut with beard look, this list of different cuts will help you decide on the short hair that best represents your personality and personal style goals!

The list is organized by hair length, starting with the shortest hairstyle, a Number 0 Cut, and running all the way through to the longer, Ivy League look.

Along the way, you’ll find both traditional and edgier looks, and perhaps some styles you hadn’t yet considered. 

1. The Number 0 Cut

For an extremely short cut, ask for a “Number 0,” which means that the barber uses only the clippers with no guard attached. This style leaves very little hair left and the scalp mostly exposed. It is the lowest maintenance cut available, short of completely shaving your head with a razor.


2. The Classic Induction Cut 

The induction cut, also called the military haircut, gets its name because it is the haircut given to new recruits in the armed forces. This is the shortest of the buzz cuts and the most radical-looking. It may be one of the best haircuts for men with thin hair.

classic induction cut


3. Zayn Malik Buzz Cut with Fade

To make this military haircut a bit more fashion-forward, consider cropping the sides into a fade and sporting a closely trimmed beard or all-around stubble like Zayn Malik in this picture.

zayn malik buzz cut


4. Buzz Cut with Caesar Fringe 

Another twist on the classic military-inspired buzz is to add a Caesar fringe to the front. This means your barber will cut the very front of your hair in a clean, horizontal line. This look has often been sported by singer Jamie Foxx.


5. Buzz Cut with Beard

This hairstyle is really easy to achieve and easier to maintain. Pair this look with a full beard to make your facial hair really stand out.

aaron paul buzz cut


6. Jude Law Buzz Cut with Stubble Beard 

Here we see a very close-cropped, military-style cut that flatters a receding hairline. The facial hair is also kept very short, which keeps the whole look in balance while lending a slightly more rugged feel.

jude law buzz cut


7. Bleached Buzz Cut with Goatee

For those who want to make more of a statement, try bleaching your induction cut to a bright blonde color. This is an especially striking look for those with dark facial hair that contrasts with the platinum shade.


8. Dyed Buzz Cut

This version of the military cut sheers the hair very close to the scalp and features pink dye applied only to the crown of the head. This is a much more edgy version of the classic haircut and certainly makes a statement.

dyed buzz cut


9. Eden Hazard Structured Cut with Shaved Sides

As seen on Eden Hazard, this cut features very short locks on top, while the sides and back have been razor-shaved down to the scalp. This differs from a traditional fade look in that there is a clear line that separates what has been shaved from what has been buzzed.


10. The Grown-Out Buzz Cut

Although still very short when it comes to buzz cut lengths, this look is a little less severe than the true induction buzz. Your barber would likely use a #1 guard on the clippers to achieve this style. 


11. The Classic Burr Cut

Slightly longer than the induction cut, this look uses a #1 or #2 clipper guard all over the head to achieve a uniform style. This cut still requires little to no maintenance but is less radical looking than the induction cut.

burr cut for men


12. Burr Cut with Long Sideburns

Although this look doesn’t feature any facial hair, it does show extended sideburns, which sets it apart slightly from a more classic look. However, it is still versatile, which means it can be worn in many different situations.

burr cut with long sideburns


13. Burr Cut with Structured Hairline

To distinguish this cut from the traditional Burr style, your barber can structure the hair in the front, creating a box-like look on the forehead. Keep in mind that this cut is not ideal for those with a receding hairline.

burr cut with structured hairline


14. Burr Cut with Curly Hair

Actor Michael B. Jordan often wears his naturally curly locks cut in a tight, all-around buzz. Here we also see him wearing a chin strap and mustache that are about the same length as his hair, lending him a balanced and overall masculine look.

Burr cut with curly hair


15. Burr Cut For Older Men

Adding a neat circle beard to this close-cropped cut still gives you an overall polished look that works well in professional as well as informal settings. It’s also a good option for older men or people with thin hair.


16. Burr Cut with Fade

This look uses a #1 or #2 guard on top of the head but crops hair closer on the sides. Your barber may use a clipper with no guard on the sides or shave them with a razor.

burr cut with fade - medium buzz cut


17. Bleached Burr Cut with Fade

This cut keeps hair short all around, but the hair is slightly shorter in the back and on the sides. The platinum blonde pairs well with darker or tanned skin, and it tends to stand out against brown or black eyebrows.

Bleached Burr Cut with Fade


18. Classic Buzz Cut with Beard

This popular, masculine style features short locks all over the head, plus a neatly trimmed full beard. To achieve this look, ask your barber to use a #3 or #4 guard, to give you about 1/4 inch of hair all around.

classic buzz cut with beard


19. Tapered Buzz Cut with Beard

The main difference between this cut and the classic buzzed style is a slight tapering at the sides. It’s not quite a fade, but the hair is slightly shorter above the ears than on the top of the head.

tapered buzz cut with beard


20. Classic Buzz for Balding Men

Buzzed hair can still be a fashionable choice for men with thinner hair or a receding hairline. Here we see an all-over buzzed look and paired with longer sideburns and a beard that’s just longer than stubble.

classic buzz cut for balding men


21. Buzz Cut for Afro Hair

Those with naturally curly, coiled, or highly textured hair may still opt for a buzzed look. The hair may be cropped closely on the sides, with the top left a bit longer to account for the hair’s natural volume.

buzz cut for afro hair


22. Buzz Cut with Fade and Full Beard

Like the classic buzz, this style keeps hair short on top but even shorter on the sides. This contrast stands out even more because the hair fades to nearly nothing near the ears.

buzz cut with fade and full beard


23. Bleached-Blonde Buzz Cut

This icy, platinum look has been rocked by celebs of both genders, including Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart. Bleach is a fun and easy way to mix up your style without going over the top, but you may want to consult a colorist if you have dark hair or haven’t dyed your hair before.

bleached blonde buzz cut


24. Buzz Cut with Slight Fade and Short Beard

If you’re looking for a stylish but versatile buzzed hair look, ask for a buzz cut with only a slight fade. This means that there is a contrast between the length of the hair on top of your head and on the sides, but it is minimal.

man with buzz cut with slight fade and short beard


25. Structured Buzz with Bushy Beard

Here we see a medium-length buzz on top that fades a bit shorter as it approaches the ears. When it comes to facial hair, we see a cropped mustache accompanied by a thick, bushy beard around the jawline.

man with structured buzz cut with bushy beard


26. The Classic Fade

A popular choice lately, the buzz cut fade features a skin-tight sheer above the ears that gradually fades into a short buzz cut on top. Typically, the fade starts with a razor shave, but you can go as long or short as you like on top.

classic fade haircut for men with buzz cut


27. Bleached Fade with Caesar Fringe

The Caesar is a great option for those who want to leave their hair longer on top but also want to spend minimal time on styling. To achieve this look, your barber will cut a horizontal fringe. Then all you need to do is brush it forward when you get out of the shower and set it with a bit of pomade

man with bleached fade with caesar fringe


28. Fade with Shaved Line

To add a little bit more personality to your buzzed hair, ask your barber to add a shaved line on one or both sides of your head. This version features a simple line within the cut’s fade.

fade with shaved line buzz cut for men


29. Structured Fade with Two Shaved Lines

This look features a very structured line of hair in front, which means it would not be ideal for those with a receding hairline. It also features a double shaved line, one of which extends into the eyebrow.

Buzz cut with Structured Fade with Two Shaved Lines


30. Temple Fade Buzz Cut

The most striking feature of this cut is that the hair is shaved to nearly nothing at the temples, where the hair and beard connect. There is a slight temp fade happening as well, both up into the hair and down into the beard.

temple fade buzz cut


31. Temple Fade with Structured Hairline

Here we see another example of a temple fade, where the hair is shaved to nothing on the sides of the head, but the hairlines are more structured, showing a clean horizontal fringe on the forehead and a clear break on the sides above the ears. 

temple fade buzz cut with structured hairline


32. Fade Buzz Cut with Structured Hairline

What sets this style apart from other fade haircuts is the rigid lines the barber creates in the hairline and facial hair, creating very specific and exact edges rather than letting the hairlines end naturally.

fade buzz cut for men with structured line up hairline


33. Colton Haynes High and Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight look typically keeps about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair on top of the head, or sometimes more, then completely shaves the back and sides or buzzes them very short. Think of this look as similar to a fade, but with more of a contrast.

the high and tight buzz cut for men


34. Line Up Buzz Cut with Fade Beard

This version of the buzz cut keeps hair very short on top of the head, similar to the induction cut. The beard length echoes the hair length, for an overall balanced and put-together look.

line up buzz cut with fade beard


35. Tom Hardy Short High and Tight with Fuller Facial Hair

With short locks on top and nearly no hair in the back and on the sides, this style will make your facial hair take center stage, lending a bit more of an overall rugged look. Cropped hair on the jawline takes a backseat to a thick mustache and goatee.

tom hardy shorth high and tight buzz cut


We’ve got all the Tom Hardy inspiration you need in terms of both hairstyles and beard and facial hair styles!

36. Short High and Tight with Caesar Fringe

For a version of the high and tight with a more defined hairline, try adding a Caesar fringe, which crops the front into a ruler-straight horizontal line and adds a little more edge to the look.

short high and tight with caesar fringe buzz cut


37. High and Tight with Bushy Beard

The hair is closely cropped on top, but shaved with a razor above the ears, to fully separate the hairstyle from the facial hair. The mustache is cropped short, but the beard is full and bushy around the jawline.

high and tight buzz cut with bushy beard


38. Nick Jonas – The Classic Butch Cut

This slightly grown-out look is longer than a buzz cut but still has the benefits of easy maintenance. To achieve this short and dense style, your barber will likely use a #3 or #4 guard on the clippers.

nick jonas butch cut - buzz cut for men


39. Faded Butch Cut with Beard

This look is all about the tapering. It typically features about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair length on top (brushed straight up), and gradually fades down from there. While sideburns are close-cropped, the rest of the beard is left a bit longer.

faded butch cut with beard hairstyle for men


40. Bleached and Faded Butch Cut with Beard

A more striking way to wear the faded butch cut is by turning your locks platinum and leaving your beard in its natural color.

bleached and faded butch cut with beard for men - zayn malik


41. Butch Cut with Full Beard

As opposed to the faded butch cut, this look crops hair to one consistent length around the entire head, including sideburns.

butch cut buzz cut with full beard for men


42. Bleached Butch Cut and Beard

For those who want to stand out, try bleaching not just your buzz cut to platinum blonde, but your full beard as well. Keep in mind that dark eyebrows make this look all the more striking.

bleached butch cut and bleached beard


43. Butch Cut for Thick Hair

A butch cut is a good option for men with thick hair. This version of the cut features hair that is all buzzed to one length, making it a safe option style-wise and an easy cut to maintain.

man with buzz cut and thick hair


44. Longer Butch Cut with Short Beard

This look lands somewhere between the butch cut and the brush cut when it comes to buzz cut lengths. The hair is cropped to one medium length around the head, but sideburns are trimmed down as the beard is much shorter and less prominent.

paul walker longer butch cut with short beard


45. Classic Brush Cut with Short Beard

Fashionable and versatile, this version of the brush cut keeps hair all to one length and features shorter facial hair that’s just past the stubble phase. This is a popular look among male models for clothing lines such as Abercrombie and Hollister.

classic brush cut with short beard - men hairstyles


46. Short Brush Cut with Thick Beard

This low-maintenance, masculine look features a rather short buzz that keeps to one length around the entire head. It’s paired with a full beard and mustache that covers the entire face.

man with short brush cut and thick beard


47. Faded Brush Cut with Beard

This style has the length of a brush cut but features a faded look on the sides and in the back. This is a good option for those who want to make a traditional brush cut a little edgier

man with faded brush cut with beard


48. Longer Brush Cut with Short Beard

This cut has all the same features of the classic brush cut but is slightly longer all around. This may be a safer bet for those who are trying a buzz cut for the first time or are looking for a change from longer hair. 

longer brush cut with short beard for men


49. Longer Brush Cut with Full Beard

Hair is buzzed but kept long, especially on top. However, this cut features a neat hairline, so you don’t have to do any styling if you choose not to. This look also features a full beard, though it’s cropped a bit at the temples.

man with longer buzz cut and full dark beard


50. The In-Between Cut with Full Beard

This cut is slightly longer than a brush cut but not quite as long as a crew cut. It tends to look slightly grown-out, which can be a fashionable look. Here we see it paired with a full beard, which calls attention to the short length of the hair.

ben foster short hair - buzz cut


51. The In-Between Cut with Short Beard

This all-over buzzed haircut looks slightly different when anchored only by a mustache and chin strap goatee, a combo that is sometimes referred to as a Royale beard.

christian bale with short buzz cut


52. The Classic Crew Cut

This cut is similar to the brush cut, except that it leaves hair a little bit longer in the front, allowing you to style it down and to the side if you choose. It’s almost always in style and is an ever-popular choice among models and celebrities.

the classic crew cut hairstyle for men


53. Crew Cut with Slight Fade

Usually best for those with a good amount of hair, this cut leaves the hair long on top and features only a slight fade as it extends toward the ears. Keep in mind, though, that this style often requires more maintenance than shorter cuts, such as styling after you get out of the shower.

crew cut with slight fade hairstyle for men


54. Buzz Cut with Stubble

This popular style is almost universally flattering and pairs well with facial hair, from stubble to full beards, which gives it a slightly more masculine feel, overall. Many male celebrities opt for this look, from Zac Efron to David Beckham.

Chris Pine Crew Cut with Full Beard


55. The Short Ivy League with Beard

The Ivy League cut gets its name because it has historically been a popular choice among those who attend schools like Harvard or Yale. Even at its shortest, this style leaves more hair on the head than most buzz cuts, which means that it’s more versatile but also requires more maintenance and styling, on average.

george clooney short hairstyle



As you can see from this extensive list, there are many, many options to choose from when deciding on a buzzed hairstyle, and the choices can sometimes be overwhelming.

However, hopefully, this list of styles has helped you decide which look is best one for you and your particular fashion goals and lifestyle.

If you found this roundup of men’s buzzed hairstyles helpful, consider sharing it with your friends and family or via your social media pages.

After all, you never know who else may be looking to change up their hairstyle and might need a little guidance before they take a seat in the barber’s chair!

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