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55 Coolest Fade Hairstyles for Men

The fade is a modern style that gives the sides of your head a new lease on life.

Gone are the days of boring, shortly shaved sides. Say hello to a brand new way to add texture and style to any look, no matter what sort of hairstyle you have going on over the top of your fade of choice.

Check out some of the coolest fade hairstyles for men you can get right now!

1. Normal Fade Style

gentle fade hairstyles for men


Perhaps one of the more common fade hairstyles for men, the normal fade features a gradual fade down from the top of the hair, whatever style that top may be sporting. It is typically reserved for shorter style haircuts as it gives it a continuous look that is hard to achieve with other hairstyles.

2. Pomp Fade Hairstyles for Men

pomp fade haircut for men


Pomp fade hairstyles for men mean a large pompadour haircut on top of the head, and sides that fade down to almost nothing. This fade begins as a thickly cut layer of hair that gradually gives way to a thinner strip until it nearly completely fades out.

3. Faux Hawk Fades

faded hawk fade hairstyles for men


The faux hawk fade is centered around a neatly kept faux hawk on top while the sides consist of a light fade. Here, the top line of the fade pushes alongside the faux hawk. From there it dissipates as it travels towards the base of the neck.

4. Thick Fade with Beard

chunky fade hairstyles for men


Thick fade hairstyles for men can go with any sort of hair on top but looks best, as expected, with thick hair. This is because the back of this fade keeps a little bit of that thickness to add depth to it before it finally tapers down from the thick back along the sides.

5. Quiff Fade

tall top fade


The quiff fade is a great example of a flawless fade and it begins with a voluptuous quiff style on the top of the hair that fades naturally into nearly nothing at the bottom.

The contrast between the voluminous quiff coupled with the slow fade makes for a brilliant hairstyle that can look great on any man.

6. Tight Pomp Fade

tight pomp fade hairstyle seen from above and the left side and the right side


The tight pomp fade boasts with a neatly rolled and very tight pompadour on the top of the head, usually with textures thanks to the robust gel. The line of the fade follows closely with the pomp and retains its thickness before tapering down and fading out into a completely bald fade.

7. Tight Quiff Fade

flat pomp fade hairstyles for men


The tight quiff fade is similar to the tight pomp fade style, except instead of a tightly rolled pomp, you have a nice, slicked back quiff style hair cut on top. The quiff is taller in the front and tapers down as it goes, and the fade follows that taper at an angle.

8. Pomp Quiff Fade

stylish quiff fade hairstyles for men


The pomp quiff fade is a beautiful intersection between two popular styles as the front is tall like a pomp but the back is flat and slicked back like a quiff. The fade stays thick just beneath the pomp/quiff and then gets thinner as it goes down toward the neck.

9. Pomp Descending Fade

pomp descending fade hairstyles for men


The pomp descending fade features a center part that serves as the basis for the rest of the style. On one side of the part is a rolled pomp, and on the other is short hair. This short hair descends at an angle, one that highlights the shape of the pomp.

10. Angled Fade

Angled fade hairstyle


The angled fade looks great with any piecey style hair on top, especially if the pieces are sharp. It features an edge part that runs along the top of the hair and an angle that begins at the hairline and follows the natural shape of your hair’s growth. It fades to a point right above the ear.

11. Piecey Quiff Fade

Piecey quiff with edge fade hairstyle


The piecey quiff is a great choice for men who have thick hair, and an even better choice for wavy, thick hair. This quiff is pushed back and runs along the start of the fade which features a longer, thicker cut.

An edge line runs underneath that to separate the thick part of the fade from the thinner part that fades into baldness.

12. Triangle Fade Cuts

triangle fade hairstyle seen from behind


The triangle fade is a decorative fade that can be worn with essentially any hair style, though, due to its nature, it does look better with a quiff. This fade stays in the middle of the neck and is thick with two triangular shaped lines having been cut into it.

13. Full Triangle Fade

Full triangle fade hairstyle


The full triangle fade is similar to the triangle fade in that it looks great with a quiff and has a similar line. The difference here lies in the fact that it fades down to the neck, and it does not feature those arrow shaped cut outs. This fade drops into a sharp triangle along the neck instead.

14. Formal Thick Fade Hairstyle

blonde neat thick fade hairstyle


The formal thick fade is an excellent match for any man with thick hair. Its top rolls up into a sleek pompadour that has been brushed to the side to expose the side part beneath it.

The fade itself runs along this part and starts out thick at the top before making its way down into a slightly thinner cut.

15. Mid-Taper Fade

blonde Mid Taper Fade hairstyle


The mid taper fade can go with any style on top, but those that have a little bit of volume will likely make the most of it. In this instance, a pomp is used and on the other side of the part, the thick fade tapers down but stops midway through the head to get thinner from there.

16. Quiff Bald Fade Hairstyle

bald fade quiff haisrtyle


The quiff bald fade features a neatly groomed quiff whose pushed back hair gets thinner in size as it goes backward (the same can be said about the fade, too). The fade begins thick and in only a short distance, fades to leave nothing but baldness at the end.

17. Side Part, Low Fade

Side part low fade hairstyle


The side part low fade will have your hair parted to the side, whether it is a pomp or a quiff. The hair on the other side of the part is separated by a deep edge which gives way to a thick cut that trickles down into a low fade.

18. Back Fade Hairstyle

Back fade hairstyle seen from behind


The back fade works great with any hairstyle on top, be it a long or short one. The fade begins at the top, near the front of the hair, and comes down at a sort of curved angle, tapering more as it nears the back of the head where it dissipates into a bald fade.

19. Disconnected Fade with Voluminous Top

disconnected fade with up top


The disconnected fade is a great way to add some edgy style to your haircut. It features a hairstyle that has a voluminous top which can contrast expertly against the fade to give it that “disconnected” look. The fade itself begins below a sharp edge part and fades down to nothing.

20. Disappear into the Beard Fade Cut

Disappear into the beard fade hairstyle


The “Disappear into the Beard” fade is just right for men who want their hair to match fantastically with their beard style.

If you like to keep your hair short and your beard shorter, this fade will drop from your short hair and taper into almost nothing until it meets your beard and “expands” again.

21. Low Drop Fade

low drop fade hairstyle for men


The low drop fade will play around the thick hair around the temples, just beneath the tall and full style you have on top. From the temples, it comes up and around the ears before it plunges steeply down to just above the nape of the neck, where it meets at a point.

22. Neck Fade Hairstyle

neck fade hairstyle


The neck fade looks great with any sort of hairstyle, but due to its nature, it might be better with a quiff that ends in a point. It begins to fade around the ears really low, toward the bottom of the overall cut. However, it doesn’t truly begin to fade until it reaches the nape of the neck.

23. Curly Drop Fade

curly drop hairstyle for men


The curly drop fade is exactly what it sounds like. It is a way to let your natural curls be showcased on top of your head while still indulging in a stylish fade.

The curls contrast well with how straight the hair gets when you cut curls short, and the drop fade goes around the head to meet at a point near the neck for a great go-to fade hairstyle for men.

24. Deep Back Skin Fade

Deep back skin fade hairstyle


The deep back skin fade will look great with any top style. Case in point, the voluminous top pictured above that leans slightly to the back. The fade style helps perpetuate that leaning look as it fades from the thick hair on top to just the skin at the bottom.

25. Around the Ear Fade Cut

Around the Ear fade haircut


The ‘Around the Ear’ fade puts emphasis on the ear in more than one way. First, the top of the beard is cut to slightly curl around it. Then, the high fade itself wraps around the ear as well, and the back of the fade near the neck comes to a point near the ear.

26. Skin Fade Tapered Edge

skin fade tapered edge hairstyle


The skin fade with a tapered edge is perfect for very short or buzzed cuts. Its detail comes from the curvy edge line that is brought from the upper side of the head, swirls down, and gets thinner as it heads for the back of the head. The fade will then go down to nothing.

27. Layered Fade Hairstyle

Layered Fade Hairstyle


The layered fade works best with hairstyles that have been parted on one side and are more voluminous on the other. A sharp edge part separates the two sides. On the short side, there are a few layered pieces that make up the top of the high fade.

28. Subtle Fade Cut with Matching Beard

Subtle Fade hairstyle with Matching Beard


The subtle fade is great for a gent who doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself but understands the class and style of a good fade. This fade almost looks as if it is simply buzzed, but features a slight diminish as it travels toward the neck and ear.

29. Angled Drop Back Fade with Full Beard and Moustache

Angled Drop Back Fade with Full Beard and Moustache


The angled drop back fade is full of edgy, alternative style. It works best with hair that is full on top and can support a stark part. A line has been cut into the part, and you get angled lines around the temples as well. The fade drops back to taper down to the neck.

30. Subtle Crown Fade Hairstyle

Subtle Crown Fade Hairstyle


The subtle crown fade hugs the top of the head and complements whatever sort of hairstyle you have going on up there.

From the top, it stays thick for a few rows before it gradually begins to taper down seamlessly and ends with only skin. In this case, it was also paired with a beard that starts in a fade and ends in a full curly wonder.

31. V-Shape Neckline Fade

closeup on V-shaped neckline fade


The V-shape neckline fade is an excellent way to end a faux hawk or pompadour. This V-shape neckline is thick in the center and as the hair expands outwards, it gets thinner. This fade comes to a point near the base of the neck, and still retains a bit of texture.

32. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzzcut that dissipates into a fade.


Even if you barely have any hair on the top of your head, you can still rock a fashionable fade. This particular fade style features a buzzed top that already has very little hair. From there, it fades gradually and around the crown, staying high until it dissipates into the skin at the bottom.

33. Double Line Fade Cuts

Double Line Fade Cuts Hairstyle


The double line fade will fit anyone who wants sharp lines and edges in their hair but with just a little bit of fade. Better with a bit of hair on top, the hair beneath it is cut just a bit shorter in order to starkly showcase the two lines running through the sides.

34. Understated Fade Style

Understated Fade Style


The understated fade is there as a sort of background to the style you have on top of your head. It stays thick around the top of the hair to bring down the rest of the cut, and only fades, just slightly, around the ears and towards the bottom of the neck.

35. Surround the Ear Fade Cut

Surround the Ear Fade Cut Style


The surround the ear fade is a bit different than the around the ear, as it features a high fade that tapers down to nothing rather suddenly.

Still, before it fades to nothing, there is a slight curve around the ear that accents its shape and gives a well-rounded feel that makes it perfect in any social context.

36. High Fade with High Top Hairstyle

tight fade hairstyles for men


The high fade is a very common style of fade that is often played around with to create a new haircut. This is a staple for many and can be worn with a slew of different hair styles on top. The high fade stays near the hairline and subtly goes around the ear.

37. Tight Crown Fade Style

Tight Crown Fade Style


The tight crown fade is a very closely cut fade style that stays even closer to the hair on top than the high fade presented before it. It works great with buzz cuts or other short, military-inspired haircuts thanks to the fact that it all looks seamless due to its impeccably short length.

38. High and Tight Buzz Fade Cut

High and Tight Buzz Fade Cut


The high and tight buzz fade is a great look for those who like simplicity, shortness, and no maintenance. This fade begins as a very short buzz cut. The fade begins close to the crown of the head and eventually, it will taper down to absolutely nothing, leaving only skin.

39. High Fade Piecey Top

High Fade Piecey Top with Full Beard


The high fade and piecey top looks great on men with thick beards who want a textured top to go with it. Natural curls or waves are the best pair of this look.

The thick top tapers down to the high fade that simply rests around the ears while it fades to almost nothing. Here, it meets and connects to a full, bushy but neat beard.

40. Crown Fade with Quiff

Crown Fade with Quiff


The crown fade with quiff plays up the natural shape of your head very well. The quiff style is brushed back to include a slight point at the end and this is also where the fade is going to end up. This crown fade stays thick along the top of the head and gets narrower the further down it goes.

41. High Fades with Textured, Long Comb Overs

High Fades with Textured, Long Comb Overs


The high fade with a textured, long comb over is a great chance to show off your curly or wavy hair. It looks best with a quiff style cut that can be pushed back to expose the chunky textures and pieces. The high fade perfectly hugs the long, voluminous top to accent it.

42. Seamless Fade Hairstyles for Men

seamless fade hairstyle


Perfect with a quiff or faux hawk, the textured top of the hair will fade effortlessly into the seamless fade waiting beneath. It begins as a tall poof on the top of the head that is brushed back and gradually becomes thinner before meeting the fade and tapering to nothing… seamlessly.

43. Beard Length Fade

Beard Length Fade


This is the perfect hairstyle for those gentlemen who like their hair to match well with their beard. Whatever style or length you have on top will do. The fade will begin around the temple, and it will be subtle enough that it can easily fade into your beard of the same length.

44. Slight Buzz Fade Cut

buzzcut and fade hairstyle for men


The slight buzz fade plays off well with a naturally very short cut. It helps
effortlessly bring the thickness of the top down to the sides and creates a flawless effect. This is a nice example of a disconnected cut, as the fade begins much shorter than the top.

45. Pomp Low Fade Hairstyle

Pomp Low Fade hairstyle


The pomp low fade is a wonderful and handsome way to accentuate the layers and volume of the pomp on top of your head. The fade begins inside of the pomp itself and very gradually works its way down to being a very thin sheet of hair that accents the top. This is a perfect formal look.

46. Undercut Fade Hairstyles for Men

purple tinted Undercut Fade Hairstyle


The undercut fade is an edgy alternative cut that looks great with unique and bold hairstyles.

Whatever the length, the undercut beneath it will not just be a single length (like most undercuts) but will fade gradually for an even richer effect. Give it a purple tint, like above, and you can be sure to turn heads with their ensembles.

47. Slick High Fade

Slick High Fade


The slick high fade is a very professional fade that looks exceptionally well on men with round faces. Featuring a slicked back top or heavily gelled top, the fade seems to ride the wave of short pieces of hair and mesh into them well. From there, it dissipates into a very close to the skin cut.

48. Pomp High Fades with Edge

Pomp High Fades with Edge hairstyle


The pomp high fade with an edge part is another spin on the traditional pomp fade. This cut looks great on anyone headed to a formal event that wants to add a bit of their own style to their attire.

The difference between this and the pomp fade shown above is the edge part on the side by the high fade.

49. Pushed Back Fade

pushed back fade


The pushed back fade follows the natural shape of the head well as it features a high front top that has been pushed back to lay flat against the rest of the head. Even the fade itself appears pushed back with it, long towards the front and getting shorter as it goes on.

50. Dreads Fade Style

dreads fade hairstyle


Let your locks go crazy on top while still enjoying the handsomeness of a fade. You can wear the top however you’d like – in a ponytail or hanging free – and choose the type of fade you’d like at the bottom.

Sharp edges and crisp lines look best with this sort of hair type to offset the roundness of the locks.

51. Burst Fade Hairstyles for Men

Burst Fade Hairstyles for Men


The burst is a very popular type of fade hairstyles for men and is also known as the South of France haircut. The burst fade gets its name from the way the shaven portion seems to “burst” out. This hairstyle is typically accompanied by a wide mohawk.

52. Temp Fade Haircut

Temp Fade Haircuts


The temp fade (or box fade) is highly sought-after among guys who love keeping their looks sharp. Temp fade haircuts focus on the man’s hairline, trimming it into a rectangular, box-like shape. We fully recommend the idea for any hair textures.

53. Hard Part Fade

Hard Part Fade Hairstyles for Men


Side parts are one thing, but hard parts are on a completely new level. In essence, it is a part that is shaven to add more definition and shape to the hairstyle. When created on one side of the head, the hard part can also be regarded as a surgical line.

54. Textured Fade

Textured Fade Hairstyles


A proper textured fade haircut will always have a visible impact on your appearance. To get an impressively textured look, ask your barber to incorporate as many short and jagged layers as possible. The hairstyle that results from the process is eye-catching, to say the least.

55. Colored Fade

blue colored fade


Finally, we will conclude our list of fade hairstyles for men with an idea that you likely won’t see on many other guy. If you have the courage, tint or color your fade haircut in a flashy color, such as the mint blue tone shown in the photo above. Dare to be creative with your look!


Fade hairstyles for men are universally accepted as a handsome way to play up the haircuts you already love.

The beauty of fades is that it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have or how long it may be on the top. So long as you have short sides, you can rock this look.

Do you have any favorite fade hairstyles for men that we missed? Let us know!

This article was updated in July 2019.

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