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53 Slick Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

If you want to rock one of the freshest looks this year, you should make the taper fade haircut a part of your shortlist.

The taper fade works well for all hair textures, from coarse, afro-textured curls to straight and fine hair.

Before you take a trip to your local barbershop, check out the ideas we have hand-picked below for some major inspiration.

To maintain a taper fade at home, we recommend you try a decent clipper designed for home use like the Remmington Self-Haircut Kit or the Conair Man i-Stubble.

1. Short Taper with Back Fade for Afro-Textured Hair
Short Taper Fade Black Male Hairstyle


We will begin with a taper fade that is greatly popular among African American men. The hair is cut significantly short, also cutting down on maintenance in the long run. The main point of the hairstyle is the wavy top, but it’s brilliantly complemented by that clean line up.

2. High Taper Fade Pompadour

High Taper Fade


As you will soon find out, taper fade haircuts are generally classified in two ways: high or low. For this example, you can observe a high taper fade, meaning that the shaved part comes closer to the top than the lower alternative.

3. Taper Fade Comb Over with Part

Taper Fade Comb Over


If you want a dapper approach to your haircut, this is the style for you. The comb over provides plenty of class and fine tastes, while the blurry fade boosts attitude. You can sport this hairstyle with or without facial hair.

4. Low Sharp Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade


To showcase the opposite of #2, here is what a low taper fade looks like. As opposed to its high alternative, the shaved part comes closer to the neck and ears. Let’s say that it’s a discrete alternative to an undercut.

5. Taper Fade with Part and Long Hair

Taper Fade Long Hair


An awesome way to rock this haircut is by mixing long and short hair. In other words, your taper can feature shorter hair, while the top can shine through long locks. It’s the ideal look for the rebellious man who isn’t afraid to go against the grain when it comes to hairstyles.

6. Taper Fade Mohawk

Taper Fade Mohawk


Likewise, a mohawk can express a similar personality. Your mohawk can either be long or short, like in the image above. If you have naturally afro-textured hair, we recommend you go for a shorter mohawk, eventually with sponge twists for a cool effect.

7. Deep Part & Taper

Deep Part Hairstyle


While this hairstyle is similar to the comb over example we gave earlier, it stands out through the deep part. Cut in a surgical line fashion, the accentuated part brings the whole hairstyle to life. The final results are clean cut and stylish indeed.

8. Swept Up Discrete Taper Fade
Swept Up Hairstyle


Instead of combing your hair to the side, you can opt for a swept up look. This is the ideal hairstyle for men who have relatively short hair, just enough to gel up in a flattering way. It also goes highly well with a taper fade haircut.

9. Taper Fade Short Afro

Taper Fade Afro


Afros are some of the most compatible hairstyles for taper fade haircuts. This cutting technique not only shapes your afro in a way that complements your face shape, but it also makes them visibly easier to maintain throughout time.

10. Long Curly Low Taper Fade

Long Curly Low Taper Fade


Want an original approach to your haircut? Think about mixing a low taper fade with long, curly hair. The fact that the taper fade is low highlights your natural hair texture, all while bringing out the best in it. Feel free to experiment with high taper fades too if you have this hair type.

11. Taper Fade with Waves

Taper Fade with Waves


We have seen how this haircut looks with deep waves, but how about with naturally wavy hair? If you prefer keeping most of your hair generally longer, this just might be the best take on a taper fade for you. The subtle shaving will draw attention to your wavy locks while shaping them accordingly.

12. Bleached Hair Taper Fade

Bleached Hair Taper Fade


Adding a bit of color to your hair is always an excellent way of expressing your personality. If you resonate with summer vibes, you can splash some sun into your hair by bleaching it. However, be wary of the damage that long-term bleaching can cause.

13. Faded Tapered Undercut

Faded Undercut


This is possibly one of the most natural-looking alternatives for a taper fade haircut. It’s not as shaved down as other options, with an outcome more like a faded undercut. Consider this idea if you have thick hair.

14. Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Taper Fade Curly Hair


It’s easy to see why the taper fade is so popular for men with curly hair. The contrast between the shaved portion and the curly top is remarkable. Moreover, it’s an inspired choice for a summer haircut so you won’t “melt” from the added heat that long, thick and curly hair comes with.

15. Thick Hair Taper Fade Haircut

Thick Hair Taper Fade Haircut


Speaking of thick locks, here’s yet another fine haircut choice for men with this type of hair. The fading is gradual, emphasizing the thickness of the strands and contouring them in a suitable way. Don’t hesitate to go for a high or low version of this approach.

16. High Top Fade with Surgical Line Design

High Top Fade with Surgical Line Design


Remember what we said earlier about the visual impact of surgical lines? Well, this shot undoubtedly proves our point. If you don’t want to part your hair, you can consider getting this kind of line shaved on one side for some style bonus points.

17. Taper Fade Haircut with Wispy Layers

Taper Fade Haircut with Wispy Layers


Another nice aspect of taper fade haircuts is that they go well with layered hair. As a result, if you have straight hair and a layered haircut, you can shave down the sides and the back to amplify the impact of the overall look.

18. Neck Taper

Neck Taper


Some men prefer a subtle approach to any haircut, so for that we have the neck taper. As the name suggests, this cutting method focuses on the nape, also known as the back of the neck. It consists in discretely shaving down just the back of the hair where it ends.

19. Spiky Taper Fade Haircut

Spiky Taper Fade Haircut


To confirm just how versatile this haircut is, here is a photo of a taper fade with a spiky hairstyle. If you opt for this type of styling, we recommend that you go for a high taper fade to complement it. A lower approach may not turn out how you expected.

20. Dapper Taper

Dapper Taper


Here’s another example that brings out the dapper quality in a proper taper fade haircut. The hairstyle is based on retro fashion, particularly the trends that were popular among men in the 50s and 60s. It goes to show that some trends are truly timeless.

21. Taper Fade with Hungarian Moustache

Taper Fade with Moustache


Taper fade haircuts are often paired with well-groomed facial hair. While you will notice a lot of beards in many of our examples, here is one where the spotlight is on the mustache. If you’re up for this “hipsteresque” look, go for it!

22. Buzz Cut Taper Fade Haircut with Scruff

Buzz Cut Taper Fade Haircut


We often get inspired by military haircuts for modern and clean-cut hairstyles. One straightforward example is the buzz cut, one of the most common in the military haircuts category. To add a fresh touch, combine your buzz cut with a taper fade.

23. Side Slicked Taper Fade Haircut

Side Slicked Taper Fade Haircut


For that irreplaceable and irresistible rock and roll look, think about keeping your hair a bit longer for your taper fade hairstyle. If it’s about eye or nose-length, you can toss it carelessly to the side for an effortless look.

24. Crew Cut with Taper Fade

Crew Cut with Taper Fade


Crew cuts are also part of the military hairstyles family and are also one of the ideas that look amazing with taper fades. Essentially, it’s a smart way of mixing a classic haircut while giving it a modern twist.

25. Textured Top Hairstyle

Textured Top Hairstyle


Any hairstyle can be taken to the next level through skillful layering. It’s no different for taper fade haircuts, as long as the top is kept long. Encourage your barber to layer away for a full, textured and dynamic result.

26. Pompadour Haircut with Taper Fade

Pompadour Taper Fade Haircut


We’re going back to our classy roots with this one. It’s easy to see why the pompadour has withstood the test of time throughout decades. If you spice up your pompadour hairstyle with a taper fade, you are guaranteed to have a haircut that will make heads turn.

27. Low Taper Fade with Large Beard

Large Beard and Taper Fade Haircut


Even the largest of beards work fantastically with taper fades. When getting your hair cut by an expert barber, you can talk to him about shaving and shaping the edges of your beard to make it stand out nicely.

28. Low Afro with Low Taper Fade

Low Afro Taper Fade


While some men like rocking a big afro, others prefer a shorter and well-trimmed one. In this case, we have this fresh hairstyle that works wonders for black men. The line up also plays a major role in the cool impact of the final look.

29. Deep Undercut with Medium-Long Hair

Deep Undercut with Long Hair


Even though this example doesn’t showcase a classic taper fade haircut, it gives you a better idea of what a deep undercut would look like. If you have longer strands, we encourage you to consider this statement hairstyle.

30. Slicked Back Taper Fade Haircut

Slicked Back Taper Fade Haircut


To get back to men who are more inclined towards subtlety, here is a slicked back hairstyle that will shine through its handsomeness. The taper fade itself is almost undetectable, but that’s the mark of a well-cut hairstyle.

31. Taper Fade with Dreadlocks

Taper Fade with Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks and a taper fade really are a match made in heaven. The two styles complete each other perfectly, enhancing each part individually. It’s all thanks to the bold contrast between thick, rugged dreads and cleanly shaven sides.

32. Man Bun Taper Fade Haircut

Man Bun Taper Fade Haircut


No matter how long your hair is, you can always rely on a taper fade to help you get the outline you’ve been dreaming of. Additionally, it’s a favorable haircut for men who like to tie their long locks up in a bun.

33. Two Tone Hairstyle with Taper Fade and Decal Mullet

Two Tone Hairstyle


Why settle for one hair color when you can rock two? To boost the contrasts in a curly mohawk even more, consider blending different shades. Opposing colors work the best if you want a head-turning impact, such as dark brown or black with platinum blonde.

34. Very Messy Taper Fade Haircut

Messy Taper Fade Haircut


There’s nothing the ladies love more than a rugged and messy look. Luckily enough for you, it’s easily attainable through the right hairstyle. A taper fade with long hair is the starting point. After that, rake your fingers through your hair and tousle it without a care.

35. Complex Undercut

Complex Undercut


If you want to transform your hairstyle into eye candy, look into design options. Even more so, do some research on possibilities and then put your imagination to work. You’ll soon put your creativity to the test for a unique and jaw-dropping hairstyle.

36. Classic High Top Fade

Classic High Top Fade


Trends from the 90s are back and booming more than ever – from clothes to kicks and up to hairstyles. In this regard, what can be more iconic than the flat top? You can adapt yours in the freshest way through a surgical line and a clean taper fade.

37. Line Up Taper Fade Haircut

Line Up Taper Fade Haircut


While we have discussed line ups, this detail is so significant that it deserves an entry of its own. When paired with a taper fade haircut, a line up can make the entire difference. Don’t hesitate to take this idea into consideration if you have coarse hair.

38. Taper Fade Haircut with Decal Back

Taper Fade Haircut with Undercut Design


If you like the idea of having a funky design in your hairstyle but you don’t want to get too flashy with it, think about an undercut design. As you can see in the photo above, the shaved design focuses on the nape area, with two zig zags.

39. College Top & Very High Taper Fade

College High Taper


Whether or not you’re actually a student at the university, this high taper fade definitely helps you obtain that college boy look. However, it takes the classically polished look to the next level, owing to the edgy shaving.

40. Ginger Faded Taper Fade Haircut

Ginger Taper Fade Haircut


Up until now, we have presented ideas for straight, wavy and curly hair, from blonde to dark brown or black. But what about men who are natural gingers? Redheads can rest assured knowing that they’ll look outstanding with this haircut.

41. High Bun with Low Taper

High Bun with Low Taper


As opposed to our first man bun hairstyle, this one involves a low taper fade haircut. Like the majority of low approaches to this haircut, it’s a subtle alternative if you don’t want the undercut to stick out too much.

42. Sponge Twist Taper Fade Haircut

Sponge Twist Taper Fade Haircut


For African American men, sponge twist hairstyles are some of the best for matching with taper fade haircuts. The tight coils are achieved by using a special sponge and twisting adequately. The results are smart, classy, and super fly, all in one!

43. Cornrows and Precision Cut Taper Fade

Cornrows and Taper Fade


Braids are yet another optimum hairstyle for taper fades. If you dig cornrows, you can braid the whole top and leave the rest with a high taper fade. The line up also counts for the sleek outcome of this look.

44. Creative Design Taper Fade

Creative Design Taper Fade Haircut


We’re back to sparking those creative juices for this taper fade hairstyle. Even though it isn’t as complicated as the one we presented before, it sure is impressive. We recommend it for guys who want to lay low but still show off their flavor.

45. Literal “Side Part” Taper Fade

Punk Taper Fade


What makes this taper fade haircut original is the punk approach to the whole hairstyle. Naturally, it can be worn by men with any personality, but this one definitely has an edge to it. Go for a high taper to get the results you desire.

46. Low Uniform Taper Fade with Beard

Low Fade with Beard


Another aspect regarding taper fades that makes them truly special is how they work with facial hair. Aside from complementing any beard or mustache, the taper fade can actually blend from one portion to the next.

47. Two Braids & Taper Fade

Two Braids Taper Fade Haircut


If you’re not up for a full head of braids or dreadlocks, you can get a two braid hairstyle like this one. Not only will they be easy to take out if you get bored of them, but they also serve as an eye-catching top for your taper fade.

48. 360º Duotone Waves with Taper Fade

360 Waves Taper Fade Haircut


Deep waves, also regarded as 360 waves, are a smooth addition to your taper fade hairstyle. They work particularly well with high tapers, connecting the wavy part to the shaved one seamlessly. Like always, keep that line up in mind.

49. Long Braids with Taper Fade Undercut

Long Braids with Undercut


Regardless of how long your hair is, you should know that this haircut will look banging. For instance, having long braids can actually be an advantage for highlighting the shaved part of your hairstyle. Make sure you keep your beard well-groomed if you have one, though.

50. Taper Fade over Scalp Tattoo
Taper Fade with Scalp Tattoo


If you have a tattoo on your scalp, don’t hesitate to show it to the world with a taper fade. This way, you can rock long hair while displaying your tattoo at the same time.

51. Subtle Taper Fade Haircut

Subtle Taper Fade Haircut


Some guys don’t want the taper fade part of their haircut to stand out that much. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to get a subtle taper fade haircut. As long as you work with a skilled hairstylist, you’ll get the discrete and smooth results you desire.

52. Blonde Faux Hawk Taper Fade

Faux Hawk Taper Fade


We’ve talked about mohawks, but what about men who aren’t up for getting a traditional one? This is where the faux hawk comes in – a hairstyle that aims to reproduce the mohawk without all the heavy shaving. Style your hair towards the middle and upwards for the best outcome.

53. Short Messy Dreads with Taper Fade

Short Dreads with Taper Fade


Finally, we want to wrap our selection up with a shorter version of the taper fade dreadlocks hairstyle. Even if you have shorter dreads, you can use a taper fade haircut to pleasantly shape the lower part. The hairstyle also looks great if you tend to sport a beard.


To sum up, the taper fade haircut is one of the classiest yet boldest hairstyles for men you can sport this year.

In addition to being extremely easy to maintain, the taper fade provides a keen sense of style for the man bearing it.

Whether you opt for a low or high taper fade, you can rest assured that the outcome will look like a million bucks.

This article was updated in July 2019.

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