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Beard Facts: How Many of These Do You Know?

It is hairy, smells like fresh oils, and it is massive.

You get scared, your legs starting to shake, your teeth start shivering.

It is coming closer…

Suddenly it’s opening a bit and it shows it’s teeth.

You scream, run.

Your only thought: escape!

Well, it seems like you have pogonophobia.

This is the abnormal fear (or dislike) of beards usually indicated by symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid breathing, increased heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and feelings of dread.

Things are quite the other way around if you have pogonophilia.

This is the term that describes a person that very much likes, or you might even say is incredibly in love with beards.

These are just two interesting beard facts, so let’s check out some more!

15 Cool, Interesting, or Just Plain Weird Beard Facts

1) Beards grow faster during the day than at night

2) The beard tax!

It goes like this: Czar Peter the Great decided that a face must be clean shaven. Therefore, he introduced the beard tax.

No joke. You had to buy a medallion which, for 100 rubles a year, would allow you to sport some facial hair.

On the beard license, it said: The beard is a useless burden.

3) A natural air filter

Growing a beard might help you if you have pollen or dust allergies as it can work like a filter to keep you from breathing in dust through your nose.

4) The official study of beards

The official study of beards or a treatise in beards is called pogonology.

5) Beards make you more likely to win a staring contest

(feel like guessing why?)

6) You touched my beard? Time to duel!

During the Middle Ages, it was considered offensive to touch another man’s beard.

The act was actual grounds for a duel as having a beard stood for virility and honor.

7) Biologists characterize beards as being a sort of secondary sexual characteristic

Some essentially consider them the boobs of men. Don’t believe me? Then find out more here.

8) The average mustache will trap a pint and a half of beer every year.

I’ll save it for later.

9) 17 feet long

This is, was, the longest beard in the world. The Smithsonian is its proud owner now.

hans nilsen langseth beard
Hans Nilsen Langseth

10) Golden beards

I praise, thee! In Ancient Egypt, people of high rank would dye their beard golden to show how superior they were.

11) The beard – a true time saver

The average shaving man will spend around 4.5 months or 140 full days in the bathroom shaving his beard.

12) Beard hairs, a serious message

If you received a letter from a king with three beard hairs attached to its wax seal, then you knew the message was earnest and serious.

You wouldn’t have messed around with that.

13) During the Civil War era, men shaved their upper lips for more convenience while eating

14) Facial hair grows faster in some special cases

Want to grow a beard? Apparently, some say you might want to get intimate more often. There are studies about it! Well, one. Check it out and decide for yourself.

15) There is an annual beard (and moustache) world championship

This is called the World Beard & Mustache Championships. It is held once every two years, and you can find out more on their History page.

And don’t forget to take a look at some great beards from the 2017 edition.


These are 15 beard facts that I find interesting, amusing, cool, and in some cases, or just weird.

Do you know any beard facts that everyone should know or that are just too cool not to share? Then leave a comment and share them!

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