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50 Manly Viking Beard Styles

The concepts of “Vikings” and “beards” are pretty much synonymous at this point.

After we showed our appreciation for Viking hairstyles, we’re back with the ultimate guide for Viking beard styles to go with it. If you’re all about big, bold, and breathtaking beards, you’ve come to the right place.

Our selection of Viking beards includes not only large and audacious manes but also cropped alternatives that work for any environment.

No matter what preferences or requirements you have, you’re sure to find a fierce facial hair style for you below. Let’s go!

1. Unruly Viking Beard Styles

Unruly Viking Beard Styles


To begin with, our first style reflects the general perception in terms of Viking beards. Although unkempt, the beard has a natural and masculine vibe to it.

In addition, it’s nicely balanced out with the shorter haircut. If you’re not up for constant trimming and shaping, go for the approach above.

2. Short Viking Beards

Short Viking Beards


Contrary to popular belief, not all Viking beard styles have to be long. Actually, many of our favorite Norse characters portrayed on the silver screen have beards that are rather on the short side. Whether you’re in the process of growing your beard or you just prefer it to be shorter, sport it with pride.

3. Red Beard Viking Styles

Red Beard Viking Styles


Viking beards look exceptional on basically any guy, regardless of their hair color. If you’re a natural ginger, you’ll resemble a Scandinavian warrior even more than your dark-haired peers. Even more so, a thick red beard guarantees a unique and striking presence wherever you go.

4. Brown Hair Red Beard Viking Styles

Brown Hair Red Beard Viking Styles


Owing to the complexity of genetics, quite a few men can have brown hair and a beard that naturally grows red. If you find yourself with unmatched hair, you don’t have to freak out. In fact, you should be happy that your Viking beard will stand out more than ever.

5. Messy Viking Beards

Messy Viking Beards


To be honest, any modern depiction of a so-called traditional Viking beard will be marvelously messy. However, we stress the “so-called” aspect, as historians argue that Vikings actually had well-groomed facial hair.

All the same, we’ll be talking about all versions to ensure that you find the style you’re after.

6. Blonde Viking Beard Styles

Blonde Viking Beard Styles


Research shows that while red-haired Vikings were common in West Scandinavia, blonde-haired seafarers were common in North Scandinavia. As a result, if you have blonde locks and, implicitly, a blonde beard, you’ll blend right in with others who have a Viking allure.

7. Isolated Viking Beards

Isolated Viking Beards


As we previously explained, not all Viking beard styles are untamed and all over the place. For example, you can isolate your beard to span only the center of your face. Shave your cheeks and head for a badass biker image.

8. Viking Beard Braid Styles

Viking Beard Braid Styles


When we think of Vikings, we usually associate their appearance with braids, both as part of their hairstyles and beards.

Even though there is no one-style-fits-all for braided beards, the first one we’re showcasing features two long and wide braids. We say it’s a great way to get started with more complex beard styles.

9. Shaped Viking Beard Styles

Shaped Viking Beard Styles


Rocking a big beard doesn’t mean that you have to come across as barbaric. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to put some time and effort into your grooming if you want a nice-looking beard.

For starters, you should consult a beard specialist to see what form would suit you. Then, continue with getting into good trimming habits at home.

10. Blonde Hair Red Beard Viking Styles

Blonde Hair Red Beard Viking Styles


Just like in the case of having brown and red hair simultaneously, we also have a mixture of blonde and red hair. With such a combination, your overall presence will glow with Scandinavian finesse.

If your hair is as long as the guy’s above, we also encourage you to see what man bun hairstyle you can choose to keep it out of your way.

11. Skin Fade Viking Beards

Skin Fade Viking Beards


There’s no doubt that a bald fade with beard is a killer combo. Pairing your thick beard with a skin fade cut will result in an intense and imposing look that will bring out the best in your features. To get the results above, make sure your barber gradually introduces your beard on the sides.

12. Pointy Viking Beard Styles

Pointy Viking Beard Styles


Want to sharpen your physical traits even more? Consider shaping your beard so that it comes to a point towards the bottom. Pointy Viking beard styles boost the manly factor of your appearance even more, all while creating definition and promoting confidence.

13. Viking Hairstyles with Small Beards

Viking Hairstyles with Small Beards


If you don’t have a long beard just yet, you can start with a Viking hairstyle to obtain a signature Norse semblance. Make sure your beard is shaped in the way you want it to grow, then focus on your hairstyle. Braids will be your go-to, especially accompanied by an undercut.

14. Rectangular Viking Beards

Rectangular Viking Beards


Speaking of shaping beards, did you know that Viking beard styles include a broad range of silhouettes? You can basically give your beard any outline you’d like, such as the rectangular shape presented above.

We particularly recommend it for guys who already have longer beards and want to clean them up a bit.

15. Super Long Viking Beard Styles

Super Long Viking Beard Styles


You have long beards, and then you have head-turning, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping long beards. While the waist-length beard shown above is #goals, we do want to ensure that you’re aware of the patience required to get one.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to wait a good amount of years, the results will take your breath away.

16. Handlebar Mustache Beard

Handlebar Mustache Beard


Your mustache deserves just as much TLC as the rest of your beard. With the right amount of twisting, shaping, and trimming as it grows, you can achieve an impressive mustache to match your Viking beard. The handlebar style, specifically, is bound to draw positive attention.

17. Viking Beard Ornaments

Viking Beard Ornaments


A large part of the Norse vibe is dedicated to Viking beard clips, beads, and ornaments in general. We advise you to consider incorporating such decorative details in your beard, provided it’s long enough. You’ll definitely come across as a relentless warrior.

18. Smaller Viking Beard Braids

Smaller Viking Beard Braids


While some men prefer to braid their beards entirely, others like weaving only certain sections. You can pick one, two or more braids and get to work in whatever areas you please. If you want to learn how to braid your beard like a Viking step by step, we recommend that you follow a video tutorial.

19. Medium Viking Beards

Medium Viking Beards


If you’re not drawn to notably short or long beards, you can use an option that’s somewhere in between. A medium-length beard is pronounced enough to be easily acknowledged as a well thought out facial hair choice. At the same time, it’s not so long that it becomes inconvenient in some situations.

20. Rounded Viking Beard Styles

Rounded Viking Beard Styles


Another Viking beard style you can play around with is the rounded silhouette. Generally, it comes across as tidied up and clean cut. As a result, it should be appropriate for a professional setting, in case you work for a company with specific guidelines. Additionally, it simply looks grand.

21. Tight Braid Beards

Tight Braid Beards


Loose braids can be a fantastic option for men who want an easygoing approach to their beard style. Notwithstanding, beards that are braided more tightly look stunning.

To get the look, use a hair tie to secure your beard at the base. After that, braid down and top it off with your favorite piece of beard jewelry.

22. Uneven Viking Beard Styles

Uneven Viking Beard Styles


Do you really want to get an edge out of your Viking beard? Experiment with different types of lengths. For example, you can trim the sides and mustache down and leave a larger section in your chin area. The results are as rugged as they can get.

23. Big and Bushy Viking Beards

Big and Bushy Viking Beards


If you’re lucky enough to have a beard that just grows and grows, take advantage of it. All you have to do is allow it to increase in size throughout time to get spectacular results. Still, we recommend that you occasionally trim the tips to keep the shape under control.

24. Double Beaded Beard Strips

Double Beaded Beard Strips


Here’s yet another way you can use Viking beard beads to spice up your appearance. If you’re not the one for braids, simply use the beads to define one strip of facial hair. In this case, two beads can add some pizazz to your selfies without too much effort (as well as having a cute dog by your side).

25. One Bead Viking Beard Styles

One Bead Viking Beard Styles


On the other hand, you may be a man of simplicity and attention to detail. If you relate to that description, you might be better off with a single bead that wraps around the bottom of your beard.

Also, if your hair length resembles that of the man above, you should also look into the coolest long hairstyles for men we’ve collected.

26. Long Mutton Chops

Long Mutton Chops


Mutton chops are a sure sign of a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to beards and facial hair in general. Even though mutton chops are usually far shorter than those depicted here, you can add a Viking twist to them by leaving them luxuriously long.

27. Viking Beard Styles for Black Men

Viking Beard Styles for Black Men


Another reason why we love Viking beard styles so much is that they’re not exclusive to certain categories of men. For instance, men with afro-textured hair can grow one heck of a Viking beard and look absolutely amazing with it.

28. Extended Goatee Viking Beards

Extended Goatee Viking Beards


Funnily enough, the Viking beard displayed above is probably the closest to the actual facial hair Norsemen sported back then. If you have relatively long hair and are a fan of goatee styles, you’ll definitely attain the visual outcome you desire.

29. Braided Mustaches

Braided Mustaches


Your actual beard doesn’t have to be the center of attention to get a Viking-like appearance. As a matter of fact, we actually encourage you to consider giving your mustache some of the spotlight. Allow your mustache to grow longer than the rest of your beard and braid it on each side.

30. Straightened Viking Beard Styles

Straightened Viking Beard Styles


You won’t believe what miracles quality grooming products can make. With just a bit of oil, balm or wax, your facial hair can reach unprecedented heights. You can even straighten it, taking your Viking beard from unkempt to super slick in a matter of minutes.

31. Square Viking Beards

Square Viking Beards


To continue our extensive list of Viking beard shapes, we present to you the square beard. It’s very much stately from an aesthetic point of view, practically commanding respect upon witnessing it. We recommend it as a style that is easy to maintain all while being highly effective.

32. Curled Viking Beard Styles

Curled Viking Beard Styles


A wavy or curly Viking beard really is a sight for sore eyes. It’s an original take on the facial hair style, combining grooming methods and a strong sense of personality. Although it helps to have naturally wavy hair, you can get a similar result with some beard care products.

33. Twisted Braid

Twisted Braid


By now, everyone is pretty familiar with the standard, 3-strand braid approach. However, if you want to set your braided beard apart from the rest, you also have the rope twist method.

The key to the style is to split your facial hair into two large sections, twist each individual piece counterclockwise, then twist them together clockwise.

34. Two Short Beard Braids with Beads

Two Short Beard Braids with Beads


Conversely, you can use the classic 3-strand method to create two bejeweled braids. For the look shown above, the difference truly is in the details, namely the four silver beads used. Instead of using them only to tie your beard braids, add one to the top of each for even more style.

35. Fanned Out Viking Beard Styles

Fanned Out Viking Beard Styles


Do you want your beard to be your prominent feature? Take your styling to the next level with a fanned out approach. When grooming, all you have to do is comb it directly outwards, adding the necessary among of product to keep it in place. The results are certainly eye-catching.

36. Numerous Braids

Numerous Braids


If your beard is significantly long, you have a myriad of braiding options available for you. Rather than braiding your beard in one or two pieces, you can create numerous braids throughout your facial hair.

You can also use our braids for men guide for even more inspiration when styling your Viking beard.

37. Viking Beard Styles for Older Men

Viking Beard Styles for Older Men


As we see it, Viking beard styles are more than appropriate for men of all ages. Even if you’ve reached a respectable age, a cleanly-trimmed bushy beard can work wonders for your appearance.

If you’re not drawn to the shaved head look above, try one of our hairstyles for older men or ideas for silver or grey hair.

38. Tied Around Beards

Tied Around Beards


Is your inner warrior longing to express himself? Let him do so through a unique Viking beard. As you can see, the facial hair style stands out through the leather strip that wraps around the entire beard. To top it all off, use a darker bead at the bottom, in the style of the piece of leather you chose.

39. Colored Viking Beards

Colored Viking Beards


The beard style above is definitely an awe-inspiring choice for those of you who have bright personalities. Continue to personalize your Viking bead by dyeing it in your favorite color (or range of colors for an even bigger impact). If preferred, you can also dye the rest of your hair to match.

40. Chin Strap Viking Beards

Chin Strap Viking Beards


Now here’s a chin strap beard that’s fit for a Viking. Even though it’s rather on the scruffy side, it looks excellent if you’re aiming for that relentless edge. To increase your chances of getting an effective outcome, we recommend leaving your beard and a chin strip as part of the mix.

41. Two Layer Viking Beard Styles

Two Layer Viking Beard Styles


A thick beard opens up a world of countless trimming and styling opportunities. For example, you can trim down only the top layer of your beard that grows up on your cheeks.

You don’t have to alter the overall length of your beard whatsoever. As a man with naturally coarse hair, we also invite you to discover our hairstyles for men with thick hair for even more creative ideas.

42. Super Styled Viking Beards

Super Styled Viking Beards


We have a feeling that the image above probably isn’t the first that comes to mind when you think of Viking beard styles.

Be that as it may, it’s a dapper alternative to what the majority would perceive as an otherwise untidy beard. You have to admit that the curled handlebar mustache is highly impressive.

43. Two Side Braids

Two Side Braids


Another take on the uneven beard length idea is to use only two longer braids and have the rest neatly chopped. If you can’t wait for your facial hair to grow out, you can also use Viking beard extensions and beads to recreate the look.

44. Savage Viking Beard Styles

Savage Viking Beard Styles


You really can’t get any more ferocious than with the Viking beard style above. Indeed, it helps if you’re stocky and muscular like the man wearing it. Still, no matter what body type you are, we guarantee you will stand out with such a glorious beard.

45. Multi Braided Viking Beards

Multi Braided Viking Beards


Talk about cool Viking beard braids! Draw inspiration from Thor’s messy mane and weave your beard in multiple braids, tying them all together with a bead. If you’re fond of the celebrated actor sporting the beard, you can also check out our Chris Hemsworth haircut guide.

46. Bushy Mustaches

Bushy Mustaches


Your beard doesn’t have to be the main bushy element of your facial hair. Even when going for a Viking-inspired appearance, you can make your mustache the centerpiece, with or without a bit of a surrounding beard.

For some guys, an accentuated mustache is more flattering than a huge beard all around.

47. Blonde Top with Black Viking Beard Styles

Blonde Top with Black Viking Beard Styles


If you’ve been following us here on MHW for a while, you already know that we’re big fans of contrast. We encourage our readers to be bold and play around with opposing tones for their hairstyles and beards.

A blonde top and a black beard, for example, is an original and appealing combo to consider.

48. Triple Tied Beards

Triple Tied Beards


For a more solemn approach to your Viking beard, think about tying it into three loose sections. Depending on your age and the way you carry yourself, the beard style can add prestige to your entire presence. It’s surely another great facial hair idea for older men with style.

49. Viking Beard Styles with Longer Mustaches

Viking Beard Styles with Longer Mustaches


As an alternative to the Dali-like twisted mustache style, we have yet another option for men with lushly long ‘staches.

You can straighten each side by putting a small amount of product between your fingertips and gently pulling the strands out. It’s quite a way to complement your massive Viking beard.

50. Knotted Beards

Knotted Beards


Lastly, an easy yet memorable Norse beard you can try out is the knotted style. The only step you have to perform is to tie the end of your beard in a loose knot. It also helps to have the rest trimmed down, but it’s only if you want the knotted section to stand out more than the rest.


All in all, Viking beard styles truly are more diverse than many would initially believe them to be.

As you’ve also learned, the Viking beard stereotype might very well be far from how the original Vikings would sport their facial hair.

With that fact in mind, we’re confident that we’ve presented ideas to match any Scandinavian style preferences you may have.

Before we let you go, we also want to let you know that we have a comprehensive guide with beard shapes and styles by face shape that you might be interested in.

Enjoy and do let us know which Viking beard impressed you the most by leaving a comment!

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