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50 Stylish High Fade Haircuts for Men

To say that high fade haircuts are popping right now would be an understatement.

The edgy cut has taken the men’s hair industry by storm, capturing the attention of celebrities, athletes, and stylish guys everywhere.

Creeping in from a tight shave at the base of the neck and ears to a triumphant style on the crown of the head, the high fade is a must this year.

Without further ado, see how you can rock yours below!

1. High Taper Fade

high taper fade haircut


To begin with, most high fade haircuts these days include a good amount of tapering. Applying the technique results in an even smoother fade. High taper fades are particularly recommended for gents who want to keep a longer top and blend out to an almost skin fade bottom.

2. Hard Part

hard part high fade haircut


We’ve always appreciated the precise art required for proper hard part haircuts. When paired with a high fade, a hard part hairstyle exudes confidence and class. If you’re all about maintaining a clean-cut appearance, a high fade hard part combo is definitely for you.

3. High Fade Undercut

high fade undercut hairstyle


Undercuts and high fades go hand in hand. In fact, stylists often mix the techniques to obtain a single eye-catching haircut. To boost the wow effect of your already daring look, consider maintaining the top part of your hair longer.

4. Flat Top

high fade flat top haircut


Want a retro hairstyle that will make your friends shower you with compliments? The flat top is the iconic look you should be going for. Get yours with a high fade and you’re bound to be the center of attention every time you hit the town.

5. High Fade Pompadour

high fade pompadour


Speaking of iconic hairstyles, feast your eyes on the high fade pompadour. Similar to flattops, pompadours first gained popularity among countless men in the 50s. Nowadays, they’re just as stylish as ever.

6. High and Tight

high and tight fade haircut


We often turn to certain industries for hairstyle inspiration. For instance, military haircuts transitioned to the mainstream hair scene years ago. The classic high and tight is a fine choice for men who want a practical approach to their appearance.

7. Slicked Back Hairstyle

slicked back high fade haircut


A guy with slicked back hair is clearly in tune with his personal style. If you want to take any slicked back hairstyle to the next level, all you have to do is add a high fade haircut. The outcome will undoubtedly complement an edgy personality.

8. Short Dreadlocks

short dreadlocks high fade haircut


It’s easy to see why dreadlocks have been on the rise again in the past few years. They’re fun and expressive, all while incorporating a cultural note into the overall look. For an easygoing hairstyle, don’t hesitate to try cropped dreadlocks.

9. Long Dreadlocks

long dreadlocks high fade haircut


On the other hand, you may be fond of dreadlocks in their unmistakable long form. If you already have lengthy dreads, you can simply get a high fade to sharpen the sides. As a result, you can show off your fade when you tie the rest of your hair up.

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10. Brushed Back

brushed back high fade haircuts


Slicked back hairstyles are indeed impressive, but not all men want the fresh-out-of-the-shower look. For a more nonchalant approach, consider brushing back your locks with your fingers. The high fade will pull the entire look together.

11. Sponge Twists

sponge twists high fade


Curly hair can become even more alluring with sponge twists. A staple among African American hairstyles, sponge twists are ideal for styling the tops of high fade haircuts. Any guys with textured hair can benefit from the cool technique.

12. The Quiff

quiff high fade haircut


No collection of trendy hair references would be complete without the quiff. Although it has its origins in the 1950s, the quiff is surely here to stay. To add a modern touch, a high fade is exactly what you need.

13. Long Textured Top

long textured top high fade haircut


In general, there’s a golden rule attached to high fade hairstyles. Essentially, the longer the top, the more contrast you’ll enjoy in the end. If you’re all about showcasing your bold personality, skip reducing any length on the top.

14. French Crop

french crop high fade haircut


The French crop has been trending for a good couple of years now, and for highly obvious reasons. It has an endearing hipster allure to it, completed by mysterious and romantic European vibes. A French crop is a dreamy canvas for a high fade haircut.

15. Angular Fringe

angular fringe high fade haircut


In any group of pre-teens, teens or millennials, It’s nearly impossible to not spot an angular fringe haircut. Regardless if you have straight or textured hair, an angular fringe with a high fade is the equivalent of having cool written all over you.

16. Textured Pomp

textured pomp high fade haircut


You already know that we’re huge fans of the high fade pompadour. However, you may not be aware of just how many variations you can play around with. Aside from classic long or short pomps, you can also explore layered alternatives.

17. Caesar Cut

caesar cut high fade


Before the French crop started topping the charts, there was the Caesar haircut. While no less stylish than the longer hipster hairstyle, the Caesar cut is more suitable for the practical man. The top will be shorter and easy to style, while the high fade serves as the ideal finishing touch.

18. Line Up

line up high fade haircut


No matter how you call it, the line up is one heck of a fresh hairstyle. Also referred to as the temp fade, shape up or box fade, the line up creates a picture-perfect hairline. The sharp angles will contrast amazingly well with the sleek fade on the sides and back.

19. High Fade Mohawk + Beard

mohawk high fade haircut


There are no limits when it comes to the potential of your hairstyle. If you were born to be a rebel, an iconic mohawk may be just what your high fade needs. The well-groomed beard is also a flattering addition to the edgy mix.

20. Faux Hawk

faux hawk high fade haircut


While not all guys may be up for a fully-shaved mohawk, many will appreciate the faux hawk as an alternative. It’s not quite as eccentric as its punk-inspired cousin, but it still packs a punch. Also, high fade faux hawks tend to be easier to style.

21. Deep Waves

deep waves high fade haircut


Treat your appearance as if it were your personal playground. In the end, high fade haircuts are versatile enough to spark a number of creative hairstyles. Deep waves, for example, provide an awesome optical illusion while flattering any face shape.

22. Two Tone High Fade

two tone high fade haircut


Alternatively, you can put your imagination to the test through colors. One of the most effective ways to highlight a clean high fade is to change the tone of the upper part of your hair. Whether you choose a neutral color or a bright hue, we’re sure the results will be jaw-dropping.

23. High Bald Fade

high bald fade haircut


Some men prefer natural, almost indistinguishable high fades. Others live for the striking effect of a razor-sharp transition. If you fall under the second category, seek your barber’s advice about the idea of getting a high bald fade.

24. High Fade for Afro Textured Hair

afro high fade haircut


The afro is one of the retro trends that we were dying to have back. Today, however, afro hairstyles can come with any twist the bearer desires. As an example, a well-executed high fade haircut is bound to do an afro justice.

25. Man Bun + Beard

man bun high fade haircut


In this day and age, it seems like man buns and high fades are almost inseparable. Although there are still plenty of men who rock full long locks in man buns, many younger guys are going for the faded undercut. A beard will also increase the impact of the look.

26. Curly Top

curly top high fade haircut


Flaunt those curls! High fade haircuts go incredibly well with textured tops. You can form a curly angular fringe silhouette or opt for a short and effortless crop. Either way, we strongly recommend that you make the most of your natural curls.

27. Dapper Hairstyle

dapper high fade haircut


Make way, fellas – dapper is the new edgy. Own your classy style with the right high fade haircut. Regardless of how long the top is, make sure you use your styling product of choice to get that polished allure.

28. Tall Spikes

tall spikes high fade haircut


Spiky hair is often associated with the late 90s and early 2000s. Nevertheless, the trend is back, but with a modern upgrade. Instead of going overboard with jagged boyband spikes, soften them into fewer blow-dried pieces.

29. High Burst Fade (Frohawk)

high burst fade haircut


You may know it as the South of France haircut. Alternatively, you might call it the burst fade. In any case, we’re talking about the super cool mohawk-like haircut for textured hair. Here, you can use the high fade as a cutting technique for the sides.

30. Bleached Textured Top

bleached top high fade haircut


Just like spiked hair, bleached locks are all the rage yet again. However, the main difference is that most guys these days prefer to bleach only the top part of their hair. Therefore, a high fade can be the final touch you need to become the ultimate showstopper.

31. High Fade with Long Bangs

long bangs high fade haircut


If you ever run out of ideas for experimenting with your hairstyle, always keep bangs in mind. With a high fade, you can easily sport long or short bangs alike. Actually, a set of edgy bangs is sure to make your overall look even more memorable.

32. High Fade with Piecey Quiff

piecey quiff high fade haircut


We’re back again with the timeless quiff, but now with an even cooler approach. For years now, piecey haircuts have been the icing on the cake for imposing hairstyles. If you decide on getting a high fade, a piecey quiff is an excellent idea for the top.

33. Comb Over with Hard Part

combover high fade haircut


Whether or not you have a hard part, a comb over is perfect for guys with a strong sense of style. Provided your hair is around two to three inches long, all you need to do is comb it to the side to reveal your high fade. A drop of hairspray, wax or gel can help secure it in place.

34. Ivy League Haircut

ivy league high fade haircut


Nothing says stately quite like an Ivy League haircut. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, or anywhere in between – it will make you stand out with class. To top it all off, the high fade will bring out the manliness in your entire appearance.

35. Side-Swept Fringe with High Fade

side-swept high fade haircut


We have yet another fresh idea for all you teens out there. If your hair is naturally straight, you can grow it out and get a high fade on the bottom half. You’ll be able to sweep the top part to any side (and look cool while doing it).

36. High Fade with Highlights

highlights high fade haircut


Want to go above and beyond with your change of look? Think about going through all three stages of the ultimate makeover – cut, style, and color. You can get highlights in your favorite color, adding even more definition and dynamism to your hairstyle.

37. Short Spikes

short spikes high fade haircut


Would you rather go for an office-friendly haircut? A high fade with low-cropped spikes is likely to respect any style and dress code you may have at work. As a bonus, your family will definitely approve of it too.

38. Braided Top

braided top high fade haircut


You can plan high fade haircuts with subsequent styles in mind. For instance, if you like braided hairstyles, you can shape your high fade to accommodate them. The example above also works for guys who want to style their hair in man buns or top knots.

39. Brushed Up

brushed up high fade haircut


Men with thick hair can count on the brushed up hairstyle as their go-to look. When combined with a high fade, a brushed up style brings shape and volume to the table. You can also further mold your thick locks into a small pompadour.

40. Rounded High Fade

rounded high fade haircut


A skilled barber will always know how to create the ideal silhouette for your physical features and personality traits. We believe the rounded high fade looks amazing on the polished man. Nonetheless, we do encourage you to work with a professional to obtain it.

41. Asymmetrical Bowl Cut

asymmetrical bowl cut high fade


Believe it or not, bowl cuts are back with a bang. Like most other hairstyle comebacks from the past decades, the modern bowl cut has a twist. Don’t be afraid to play around with asymmetry, especially if you want to show off the high fade under the top layer.

42. Shaved Design

shaved design high fade haircut


If you feel that a high fade isn’t enough for your bubbly personality, you can bring it to life with a hair tattoo.

Although it may sound striking, a hair tattoo is basically a shaved design in a strategic area on your head. However, if you’re a kid, make sure you get your parents’ approval beforehand.

43. Surgical Line

surgical line high fade haircut


A shaved design that goes well for guys of all ages is the surgical line. It’s somewhat similar to the hard part, just that it’s usually shaved on a lower part of the head. For a high fade, you can use a surgical line to define the limit from top to bottom.

44. Gelled Top

gelled top high fade haircut


You’d be surprised to see just how big of a difference a decent hair product can make. If your hair is anywhere longer than one inch, you should consider doing a bit of research to find a good gel or wax.

A high fade will take care of the lower part, but you still have to get the longer area in tiptop shape.

45. Mullet with High Fade

long hair high fade haircut


You can always use your mullet hairstyle to make a statement. If you’re all about attitude, you can take advantage of a high fade to accentuate a longer hairstyle. No matter how long the main part is, a partial or full undercut with a high fade can work wonders for making it even edgier.

46. Disconnected Undercut + Moustache

disconnected undercut high fade haircut


Like we mentioned earlier, not all guys want a dramatic high fade. Quite the contrary, some just want an ever-so-slightly faded disconnected undercut. You can get the undercut right along the upper sides of your head or a bit lower, like in the image above. It all depends on your desired effect.

47. Middle Part Hairstyle

middle part high fade haircut


By now, we’re sure you’ve come to realize just how adaptable high fade haircuts are. In other words, imagine that you can rock one together with a mid-length hairstyle and a middle part. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the possibilities you have.

48. Buzz Cut

high fade buzz cut


Want to escape styling-related stress altogether? Chop it all off and go for a buzz cut with a high fade. Not only will you appreciate the extra time, but you’ll also look like a total tough guy. It’s a win-win for sure

49. Smooth High Fade

smooth high fade haircut


Some high fade haircuts can turn into works of art. If the fade part is what you want to emphasize, deepen the transition as much as possible. We’re confident that both you and your friends will be blown away by the super smooth outcome.

50. High Fade Haircuts with Side Bangs

side bangs high fade haircut


We want to conclude on a creative note, with a high fade combo that’s sure to inspire you. The rebellious look above mixes a sleek high fade with a hard part, layered top, and side bangs that would make an emo kid envious.


To conclude, high fade haircuts are outstanding for men with any face shape, hair texture or personality.

As one of the most versatile cuts in the game right now, the high fade can be tailored to suit your personal style with ease.

Feel free to use any of the ideas we provided as a clear high fade reference for your barber.

Finally, when you’re done, tell us how your haircut turned out in the comments!

This article was updated in June 2019.

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