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50 On-Point Fringe Haircuts for Men

Today, there is an abundance of fringe haircuts men can try out. It doesn’t even matter what type of hair you have.

Whether your locks are curly, wavy or straight, there’s undoubtedly a men’s fringe haircut available for you.

To celebrate the wide variety of styles available, we have prepared a list you can consult before getting a fringe haircut.

In addition to numerous photos and descriptions to accompany our ideas, we’ll also settle the bangs vs fringe dispute once and for all.

Let’s go!

Bangs vs Fringe

First of all, we want to explain what the difference between a fringe and bangs is.

You might be surprised, but a men’s fringe haircut and a haircut with bangs are exactly the same thing.

In the US, the term “bangs” is used to describe what pretty much the rest of the world refers to as a “fringe”.

As far as hairstyles for men are concerned, you’ll hear the notion of a “fringe haircut” more often than one with bangs in the name.

All the same, when you make an appointment to get your hair cut, you can use the terms interchangeably. Your barber or stylist will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Now that we have that all cleared up, let’s see precisely what fringe haircuts men can explore this year!

1. Undercut Fringe Haircuts Men

Undercut Fringe Haircuts Men


Nowadays, many fringe haircuts go hand in hand with undercut hairstyles for men. Whether you pair your bangs with a skin fade, disconnected undercut or anything in between, you’ll look amazing.

The major benefits that an undercut brings to the table are shape, definition, and overall emphasis.

2. Angular Men’s Side Fringe Haircuts

Angular Men's Side Fringe Haircuts


The angular fringe is arguably the most popular variation of the fringe haircut these days. In essence, the style is defined by longer bangs cut and styled to the side in an angular fashion. Typically, the opposing side will be tapered down to accentuate the main angular silhouette.

3. Quiff Fringe Haircuts Men

Quiff Fringe Haircuts Men


Time and time again, we’re reminded that the quiff haircut is indisputably one of the trendiest hairstyles for men. Aside from looking downright awesome, the quiff is appropriate for guys of all ages, from boys to older men.

As a fringe haircut, it focuses on brushing the bangs up and away from the forehead.

4. Shaggy Fringe Haircuts Men

Shaggy Fringe Haircuts Men


Would you rather sport a messier haircut that you won’t have to tend to very often? From our point of view, the shaggy hairstyle is just what you need. Not only is a shaggy fringe cut ridiculously low maintenance but it also gives off an unmistakable cool and careless vibe.

5. Short Fringe Haircuts for Men

Short Fringe Haircuts for Men


Despite that most fringe haircuts call for longer locks, there are also versions that work for short hair. If you’re just starting to grow out your bangs, you can ask your barber to trim and sweep them to the side. In your situation, we recommend a taper fade haircut to complete the look.

6. Full Fringe Haircuts Men

Full Fringe Haircuts Men


On the other hand, you may already have a full head of hair that you can barely wait to chop and style. In this case, you can try a full fringe haircut that covers your entire forehead. We particularly recommend the style for guys with notably thick hair.

7. Modern Bowl Cuts

Modern Bowl Cuts


Whether or not you personally grew up in the 90s, everyone is pretty well aware that the bowl cut was a decade-defining hairstyle. Thankfully, today it’s not as cringe-worthy as many bowl cuts were back then. For a modern adaptation, combine it with an undercut.

8. Long and Messy Fringe Haircuts Men

Long and Messy Fringe Haircuts Men


If you’re not aiming for a clean-cut hairstyle, you can let loose with a long and messy fringe. To get results similar to those shown above, we recommend chopping your hair shorter in the back.

For the front, leave the bangs as long as you’d like. You can always toss them to the side if they get uncomfortable.

9. Textured French Crops

Textured French Crops


Together with the quiff, the French crop has been dominating the charts in terms of hairstyle trends for men lately. It’s easy to understand way. The French crop has a casual yet well put together energy to it, all topped with a Euro-bohemian touch.

10. Piecey Fringe Haircuts Men

Piecey Fringe Haircuts Men


Layered haircuts have been around for decades on end. However, in the past few years, chunkier layers have peaked in what we now know as the piecey haircut. Indeed, it’s an edgy hairstyle that looks excellent on virtually any guy with attitude.

11. Teased Up Fringe Haircuts Men

Teased Up Fringe Haircuts Men


If a piecey haircut isn’t edgy enough for you, we have a fringe cut that certainly will be. Provided the top part of your hairstyle is long, you can tease it up to get so much volume that even Johnny Bravo would be envious. Just be prepared to use a lot of product in order to lock in the hairstyle.

12. Curly Hairstyles for Men with Fringe

Curly Hairstyles for Men with Fringe


Countless fringe haircuts are destined for men with curly hair. If you’re not quite sure how to tame your curls, embrace them head-on through your bangs. Still, we encourage you to cut the sides and back for a flattering outcome.

13. Voluminous Fringe Haircuts Men

Voluminous Fringe Haircuts Men


Did somebody say volume? Fringe haircuts are ideal for obtaining it. Even though it helps to have wavy or curly hair to get the sensational fringe cut above, the real secret lies in styling. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and use a comb or your fingers to tease your locks to perfection.

14. Long Bangs and Sideburns

Long Bangs and Sideburns


Your bangs don’t have to be the only long element of your hairstyle. In fact, if you want a more retro approach to your fringe cut, longer sideburns are actually recommended. The superbly shaggy results will make you look and feel like a modern-day member of the Beatles.

15. High and Tight Fringe Haircuts Men

High and Tight Fringe Haircuts Men


Nevertheless, we know that not all men enjoy having their hair longer all around. If you want to maintain length only for your bangs area, think about adding a high and tight haircut to the mix.

As a military hairstyle, the high and tight stands out through fully shaved sides and back. Consequently, the top section becomes the center of attention.

16. Afros with Bangs

Afros with Bangs


The average guy can only dream of rocking an afro. Unless your hair is naturally textured, the chances for being able to sport one are slim to none. Therefore, if you were born with stunningly textured hair, leave a few curls over your forehead as bangs.

17. Asymmetrical Fringe Haircuts Men

Asymmetrical Fringe Haircuts Men


In the mood for an outgoing hairstyle? Explore the creative world of asymmetrical haircuts! Find out who the best stylist in your area is and book an appointment to get an artsy, edgy, and all in all head-turning fringe haircut with different lengths.

18. Side-swept Fringe Haircuts Men

Side-swept Fringe Haircuts Men


Just like afro-textured hair has its perks, so does naturally straight hair. If your locks are relatively thick, you can get a fringe haircut with long layers, sweep your head to the side and enjoy a dynamic hairstyle. As with most fringe cuts, make sure the opposite side is cropped.

19. Choppy Bangs

Choppy Bangs


In a world of flawlessly trimmed bangs, dare to be the odd one out with a set of uneven, choppy bangs. From where we stand, it’s definitely an alternative hairstyle that can help you express your personality and taste in music.

20. Emo Fringe Haircuts Men

Emo Fringe Haircuts Men


On a similar note, you can also go for a classic 2000s emo hairstyle for guys. You know the drill – keep those bangs long and swept to the side as much as possible.

To get a genuine emo look, ensure that your side part starts from the farthest corner to carry your hair over your forehead and into your eyes.

21. Formal Hairstyles for Men

Formal Hairstyles for Men


Conversely, you might be a dapper gentleman looking for an equally handsome hairstyle. For cases like these, we recommend a classic mens fringe cut with longer bangs.

The key to aesthetic success here is the styling. Use a high quality hair product in liberal amounts to slick the sides and back down, all while defining the frontal curls.

22. 80s Fringe Haircuts Men

80s Fringe Haircuts Men


Back in the 1980s, a big fringe haircut was a sure sign of a heartthrob. The trends of the decade were all centered on being larger than life, whether through bold clothing or outrageous hairstyles.

If you want to bring back some of that retro 80s glam, go for a highly gelled and teased fringe hairstyle.

23. Caesar Cuts for Men

Caesar Cuts for Men


Another fringe haircut inspired by history is the Caesar haircut. Based on the depiction of none other than Julius Caesar himself, the cropped hairstyle features super short bangs that follow the hairline. We’re happy to say that it’s easy to maintain and extremely good-looking at the same time.

24. Hard Part Fringe Haircuts Men

Hard Part Fringe Haircuts Men


A fringe hairstyle becomes simply perfect when you add a taper fade and a hard part to it. If you’re already accustomed to parting your hair to the side, take your look to the next level by shaving your part. When you do, your hairstyle will pop out more than ever before.

25. Skater Fringe Haircuts Men

Skater Fringe Haircuts Men


With the risk of coming across as generic, the skater haircut – as most people think of it – usually features longer bangs. Additionally, skaters with medium-long hair tend to style their bangs over their forehead and slightly to the side. You can adopt the look regardless of your hair texture.

26. Highlights Hairstyles for Men with Fringe

Highlights Hairstyles for Men with Fringe


A well-executed fringe haircut is sure to be appreciated as is. However, you can make yours even more alluring by playing around with colors. For example, you can add a fresh set of platinum highlights to the top area. If the bottom section is dark, you’ll enjoy a pleasant contrast.

27. Side Curls Fringe Haircuts Men

Side Curls Fringe Haircuts Men


As you can clearly see, fringe haircuts are particularly appealing for guys with wavy or curly hair. If you fall under either category, you should chop your hair into long layers when getting a fringe cut. As a direct result, your curls will naturally fall into flattering pieces when you style them to the side.

28. Men’s Side Fringe Haircuts for Soft Hair

Men's Side Fringe Haircuts for Soft Hair


We’ve brought up thick locks a number of times, but what about men with softer hair? If you’re struggling to find the right haircut to complement your fine hair, we’ve got your back.

A side fringe hairstyle with about ear-length bangs will do the trick. You can enjoy all the flexibility you like while bringing out the best in your soft strands.

29. Spiked Bangs Faux Hawks

Spiked Bangs Faux Hawks


The spiked bangs of the 2000s have created the faux hawks of today. Regardless if your hair is naturally coarse or you just don’t want it to move around all day, try the following approach.

Crop your locks until they’re only about an inch or two long. After, use some wax or gel to spike your bangs as you wish.

30. Greaser Short Fringe Haircuts for Men

Greaser Short Fringe Haircuts for Men


Going back in time even more, we reach what many would consider to be the most stylish decade for men. The 1950s were all about manly outfits and slick hairstyles. To recreate a greaser look, style your fringe into a front curl pompadour. Grab your leather jacket and go!

31. Temp Fade Fringe Haircuts Men

Temp Fade Fringe Haircuts Men


The fringe haircuts men can experiment with also include other specific haircuts. For instance, you can spice up a fringe-quiff haircut by incorporating a temp fade into the hairstyle.

No matter how young or old you are, the skillfully done barber shop haircut will impress your friends and family.

32. Dreadlocks Fringe Haircuts Men

Dreadlocks Fringe Haircuts Men


In the age of trappers and SoundCloud rappers, colorful dreadlocks have become the standard for fans of the genre. If you’re fond of flashy hairstyles and you’re not afraid to show it, don’t hesitate to rock a full head of bright dreadlocks with a few over your forehead as bangs.

33. Blunt Fringe Haircuts Men

Blunt Fringe Haircuts Men


As an alternative, you can try something completely different and opt for blunt bangs. Whether or not you spike or tousle the top, the main border of your hairstyle can look awesome when chopped straight. As always, an undercut can play a significant role in completing the hairstyle.

34. V-Shaped Fringe Haircuts Men

V-shaped Fringe Haircuts Men


Fringe haircuts can appear in all types of shapes and sizes. If you’re into the idea of sporting a set of full bangs, you can think about outlining them in diverse ways. As an example, v-shaped bangs can help you stand out from the crowd in an original way.

35. Shaped Jewfros

Shaped Jewfros


As a Caucasian with big, textured, curly hair, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of a jewfro. All the same, wearing a full jewfro can become uncomfortable at times, especially during the summer. Still, you can highlight your curly locks with a fringe haircut like the one above.

36. Comb Over Fringe Haircuts Men

Combover Fringe Haircuts Men


In terms of hairstyles, fringe haircuts are highly adaptable. Another fine example is the curled combover hairstyle pictured above. If you’re drawn to vintage hairstyles, you can channel your inner dandy by slicking your hair in the same fashion.

37. Modern Mullets

Modern Mullets


Just like the bowl cut, a mullet haircut is usually associated with the trends of the 80s and 90s. Nonetheless, a modern adaptation can look exceptional. For a contemporary approach, we recommend a mohawk-like haircut with bangs chopped halfway over your forehead.

38. Spiky Fringe Haircuts Men

Spiky Fringe Haircuts Men


By now, we all know that trends are cyclic. In other words, they’ll always come back every few years or so. The same goes for spiky hairstyles for men. However, one of the best techniques for sporting spikes these days is with an angular fringe, similar to the one depicted above.

39. Pompadour Fringe Haircuts Men

Pompadour Fringe Haircuts Men


The classic pompadour is one of the few styles that have repeatedly proven their aesthetic value throughout the years. Even now, more than half a century later, the pomp still stands strong as a fantastic hairstyle for all types of men. When combined with a fringe haircut, the results are impeccable.

40. Messy Flow Hairstyles

Messy Flow Hairstyles


During the past several years, flow hairstyles have made their mark on the fashion, beauty, and grooming industry. They’re wonderful for achieving a laidback allure through your hairstyle. With the help of a flow hairstyle, you can effortlessly sport a fringe haircut with longer hair.

41. Flared Out Fringe Haircuts Men

Flared Out Fringe Haircuts Men


Are you an unconventional kind of guy? You can sport an editorial-worthy hairstyle on the daily. As an example, flared out curtain bangs won’t be your average hairstyle. Still, they serve as an out of the box look you’ll truly be proud to appear with.

42. Bowl Cuts with Longer Bangs

Bowl Cuts with Longer Bangs


Yet another way you can show off a bowl cut blended with a fringe haircut is with ultra long bangs. We recommend it as an even edgier alternative for the modern bowl haircut, perfect for rebellious guys. Likewise, you can always throw your bangs to the side if you get bored of the standard style.  

43. Finger Waves Fringe Haircuts Men

Finger Waves Fringe Haircuts Men


If we go even farther back in time, we can rediscover the elegance of hairstyles from the 1920s and 1930s. Finger waves were definitive for those decades, and they still provide the same refinement as they did back then. We whole-heartedly encourage you to try the hairstyle out at one point.

44. Back Taper and Thick Fringe Haircuts Men

Back Taper and Thick Fringe Haircuts Men


Some would label the hairstyle illustrated above as eccentric. We say it’s daring. If you’re open to experimentation, you can try a full back taper with a set of thick bangs. Although you can wear the hairstyle with any texture, it helps if your hair is naturally straight.

45. Careless Short Fringe Haircuts for Men

Careless Short Fringe Haircuts for Men


Short hair? Don’t care! Fringe haircuts are available for anyone, even if your locks aren’t remarkably long yet. Even more, the shorter your hair is, the more you can tousle it without the length becoming an impediment. You won’t even need to resort to products for styling your hair.

46. Devilock Fringe Haircuts Men

Devilock Fringe Haircuts Men


Are you a true rock star at heart? Make your hairstyle reflect your mindset. Take Jerry Only from the Misfits for example. The punk icon has made the devilock hairstyle world-famous. While it might not be suitable for professional contexts, the haircut is absolutely awesome for genuine rebels.

47. Half Slicked Hairstyles for Men with Fringe

Half Slicked Hairstyles for Men with Fringe


Having trouble choosing between a slicked back and messy hairstyle? Try both of them in one single hairstyle. Your fringe haircut can take the form of a semi-slicked style with tousled ends. Not only do you have the best of both worlds, but you’ll also take pride in wearing a unique hairstyle.

48. Middle Part Fringe Haircuts Men

Middle Part Fringe Haircuts Men


Surprisingly so, hairstyles with a middle part have regained popularity. In South Korea, for instance, ear-length haircuts with a casual part down the middle have become the norm. If your hair leans toward wavy and fine, it’s certainly an option to keep in mind.

49. Man Buns with Bangs

Man Buns with Bangs


Guys with longer hair already know that the man bun hairstyle is a go-to for day-to-day wear. Still, a man bun with a few wispy bangs that are shorter than the rest of your hair will be even more eye-catching.

No matter whether you’re growing out your bangs or you prefer to keep them shorter, it’s surely the look for you.

50. Jagged Fringe Haircuts Men

Jagged Fringe Haircuts Men


Last but not least, there are fringe cuts men with edgy personality can always count on. We’re talking about the jagged fringe – a haircut with a massive visual impact. It’s masculine, appealing, and an indisputable confidence booster. Rock it with pride.


To conclude, it’s obvious that there are endless fringe haircuts men can try out these days.

To find out what the best mens fringe haircut is for you, consult your local barber and see which one suits your style, texture, and hair length the most.

Once you’ve made your choice, you’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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