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50 Great French Crop Haircut Ideas for Men

First things first, we have to admit that Europeans have an exceptional sense of style and aesthetics.

Men from Europe have this intrinsic elegance and effortless poise quite like no other, from their perfectly composed outfits to their polished haircuts.

The French crop haircut, in particular, oozes with class and good taste, regardless if it’s styled neatly or messily.

Today, we’ll be putting the French crop on center stage with dozens of cut and style ideas for you to explore.

With options for short or long hair and with any texture, you’re sure to find the alluring haircut of your dreams among them.

Without further ado, start scrolling to get inspired!

1.  Short French Crop Haircut

Short French Crop Haircut


Most guys who plan on getting a French crop have relatively short hair. However, you’ll need a good foundation for your barber to work with in the first place. Therefore, we recommend letting your locks get to a few inches long before making your appointment.

2. French Crop Haircut with Long Bangs

French Crop Haircut with Long Bangs


On the other hand, you can opt for longer bangs if you’re going for an edgier look. Not only will they make you appear more mysterious, but they’ll also add contrast and definition to your whole hairstyle. They’re also a smart way to conceal a larger-than-life forehead.

3. Peaky Blinders Haircut

Peaky Blinders Haircut


Ah, Peaky Blinders, what a compelling historical drama (not to mention a stylish one too). The main character, Tommy Shelby, boasts a mean French crop and serves as inspiration for men of all ages. It goes to show just how timeless the sophisticated haircut truly is.

4. High French Crop Fade

High French Crop Fade


Nine times out of ten, you’ll spot the French crop paired with a fade. Throughout our guide, we’ll be showing you several ways you can incorporate the element into your haircut, starting with the high fade. For a more dramatic presence, it’s definitely the way to go.

5. French Crop Tapered Haircut

French Crop Tapered Haircut


If a fade seems like too much, go for a more conservative approach with a tapered haircut. By trimming down the sides, the cropped top will fall into a flattering silhouette for any face shape. Consult your barber before deciding exactly how far you should go with your taper cut.

6. Curly French Crop

Curly French Crop


Contrary to what some may believe, curly hairstyles for men are remarkably versatile. In fact, they’re probably even more generous than those for straight hair in terms of styling options.

With the French crop, a slightly longer yet layered top will allow your natural curls to basically style themselves.

7. Subtle Cropped Haircut

Subtle Cropped Haircut


We know how much subtlety matters for many of you when it comes to haircuts. As a result, we have a discrete cropped haircut that’s both appealing and easy to maintain. The lavender dye is optional, of course, but it could add a nice personal touch to your appearance.

8. Disconnected French Crop Undercut

Disconnected French Crop Undercut


Few haircuts have a greater visual impact than the disconnected undercut. Come on, just look at it. We can’t deny that it’s definitely a statement look unconventional guys can use to express themselves. If you’re truly a rebel at heart, start showing it through your hairstyle too.

9. Textured French Crop with Side Bangs

Textured French Crop with Side Bangs


Overall, some of the most successful French crop haircuts all have one aspect in common – texture. Through the use of layering, your entire hairstyle can slide into a whole new category of coolness.

The resulting dynamism is sure to attract compliments from all directions. As a rule of thumb, the more layers in your haircut, the better.  

10. Full Bangs

Full Bangs


The French crop is an extremely adaptable look that caters to the needs of all personalities. Owing to the longer bangs, you can choose to trim and style them as you wish. For instance, fuller bangs that stretch from one temple to the other provide a grungy edge you’ll love showing off.

11. French Crop Haircut for Boys

French Crop Haircut for Boys


With boys, it’s all about the attitude. And what better way to let them express it than through an insanely cool haircut? When picking out the right cut for a boy, remember that spiky hair is most likely on their list of styling preferences.

12. Medium French Crop Fade

Medium French Crop Fade


To continue our French crop fade ideas, we have a balanced option that will meet the needs of most men. A medium fade hits just the right mark – not too flashy, nor too subtle that you can’t even notice it. If you want to add a detail that will still make a significant difference, it’s surely for you.

13. Short Bowl Cut

Short Bowl Cut


Nothing could have prepared us for the massive comeback the bowl cut made this year. Thankfully, most of the modern takes on it don’t involve the painfully embarrassing shape our parents put us through as kids.

Instead, a short bowl cut will make you seem like a hipster (the good kind) that totally has his life together.

14. High and Tight French Crop

High and Tight French Crop


The classic high and tight haircut is actually a fundamental part of the French crop. As the name suggests, the haircut involves shaving everything until you reach the upper sides of the head.

It’s a fantastic choice for men who want to accentuate the length of their face or create an elongated illusion in general.

15. French Crop for Thick Hair

French Crop for Thick Hair


Thick hair can be a complete pain to style, to say the least. On the other hand, it can prove to be a lifesaver if you strive for volume in your hairstyle. With the French crop haircut, your thick locks will help you get that amazing contrast everyone’s talking about.

16. Straight and Spiky French Crop

Straight and Spiky French Crop


When life hits you with indecision, grab what you like and create your very own mix. For example, let’s say that you’re not sure whether to keep the top part of your hairstyle perfectly straight or noticeably spiky. Instead of choosing just one style, leave the lower part straight and spike the top. Ta-da!

17. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut


The world-famous Caesar cut is pretty much the little brother of the French crop. Sure, it’s been around for much longer, but it stands out through less overall length, like the Roman ruler it was inspired from.

If you want little to zero maintenance with your hairstyle, you should opt for the Caesar cut instead.

18. French Crop with Beard

French Crop with Beard


Another reason why the French crop is so sought-after is its ability to work with any beard shapes and styles. No matter if you want finely-trimmed stubble or a full-on biker beard, we promise the haircut will look excellent with it.

As for our personal recommendation, a short, full beard like the one presented above is a style you can’t go wrong with.

19. Messy French Crop

Messy French Crop


Not all French crops have to be slick and polished. As a matter of fact, some of the coolest-looking ones are as messy as can be. As long as yours is sprinkled with layers, you should have no problem in getting that irresistible messy allure every single time.

20. French Crop with Parted Bangs

French Crop with Parted Bangs


The beauty of the French crop haircut lies in the multitude of options you have for styling your bangs. While some guys prefer them to be straight and combed down, others look far better with their bangs parted in one way or another. For a rebellious vibe, go for parted.

21. Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe


Even though the hairstyle shown above isn’t the standard angular fringe, there really wasn’t any other way to describe it accordingly. Plenty of men decide to leave one strand of hair longer than the rest to boost the edge of their haircut even more.

22. Casual Haircut

Casual Haircut


You can rock a low-key haircut and still be the person everyone turns their heads to see when they walk into a room. It’s all in the way you carry yourself with confidence, and that just might come from a casual haircut. You can even pull this one off at home if you watch an online tutorial.

23. Low French Crop Fade

Low French Crop Fade


How low can you go? With the French crop fade – as low as you please. If you’re drawn to the idea of a skin fade but you don’t want to overdo it, a low fade is exactly what you need. It’s also a killer idea for guys with head tattoos, like the model in the photo above.

24. Blunt Bangs French Crop

Blunt Bangs French Crop


A sharp personality deserves an equally sharp set of bangs. For men, blunt bangs have an imposing and entrancing effect. You might have a tougher time styling them to be completely straight on a daily basis, but the results are obviously worth it.

25. Piecey Bangs Haircut

Piecey Bangs Haircut


Among the most coveted hairstyles for men nowadays are piecey haircuts. Based on the heavy use of layers, a piecey haircut shows that you’re not one to be messed with. If you choose piecey for the top part of your hairstyle, feel free to combine it with the fade haircut you enjoy the most.

26. Temp Fade French Crop

Temp Fade French Crop


It’s crystal clear that the temp fade haircut flatters virtually any man, no matter what his face shape or hair texture is. It’s clean, classy, and a sign that you genuinely care about the way you show up. Throw a French crop into the mix and you’ve got an admiration-winning hairstyle for sure.

27. Cropped Mohawk

Cropped Mohawk


Mohawk hairstyles for men are fun, edgy, and frankly a lot more functional than most guys initially think. If you set the liberty spikes stereotype to the side, you’ll see that you can rock a mohawk even if you have short hair.

Consequently, you won’t have to worry about having a hairstyle that may come off as inappropriate in certain situations.

28. Asian French Crop Haircut

Asian French Crop Haircut


Regardless of your cultural background, we guarantee you’ll look devilishly good with a French crop. If you have finer hair, don’t hesitate to leave your bangs longer. Alternatively, Asian men with thick hair can opt for a shorter cut to complement their features.  

29. Textured French Crop Quiff

Textured French Crop Quiff


There’s just one hairstyle that’s popping as much as the French crop right now – the quiff haircut. You can only imagine what happens when you bring the best of both worlds together into a show-stopping hairstyle. Simply style your locks upwards and to the side for the charming results.

30. Close Cropped Haircut

Close Cropped Haircut


A close cropped haircut will always prove that you’re a guy who knows a thing or two about fine grooming. To get the handsome outcome presented in the image above, we insist that you work with the top barber in your area. It might cost you a pretty penny, but you’ll look spectacular in the end.

31. Side-swept French Crop

Side-swept French Crop


If you’re leaning towards the quiff as a styling option but you’re not quite convinced, try the basic side-swept approach. Instead of pushing your bangs all the way up, gently comb them to the side.

For an extra piecey look, use small amounts of hair product to twist strands between your fingers into jagged shapes.

32. Curled Up French Crop

Curled Up French Crop


Do you fall under the exact opposite category? An alternative for you is to skip the side sweeping in favor of curled up bangs. Of course, it helps if your hair is already naturally wavy or curly, at least at the tips. If it is, you’ll have a far easier time getting ready for the day in the morning.

33. French Crop with Shaved Design

French Crop with Shaved Design


It’s impossible for us to approach an extensive haircut guide without reminding you of shaved designs. Even if they’re subtle, shaved details serve as an awesome way to attain a truly unique haircut.

The parallel shaved lines presented above are just an option; the possibilities are limitless.

34. Arched French Crop

Arched French Crop


Not sure if you’re up to a mohawk? Rest assured – the arched French crop has your back. Instead of tapering your hair down to a V-shaped back, go for a rounded approach. It’s quite similar to a bowl cut, but without the longer tips all around.

35. French Crop with Highlights

French Crop with Highlights


If you ever get bored with your French crop or you want to spice it up from the beginning, highlights are a great idea to keep in mind. You can either opt for natural tones like blonde or caramel or go over the top with neon green. The color choice is yours, and we know you’re going to nail it.

36. Skin Fade French Crop Undercut

Skin Fade French Crop Undercut


By now, we’ve covered a number of undercut hairstyles and fade haircuts for French crops. However, the skin fade undercut is on a completely different level.

If you have super thick locks, the best way to put the spotlight on them is to go fully shaved down for the bottom part of your hairstyle. Looks pretty sick, right?

37. French Crop Haircut for Black Men

French Crop Haircut for Black Men


Although afro-textured hair can often be limited in terms of haircuts and styles, it’s not the case for the French crop. Getting the haircut with a close crop looks wonderful on textured hair, especially if you want a box fade effect at the end.

38. Dapper Haircut

Dapper Haircut


It’s never too early or late to get a dapper haircut. You’ll surely be the most stylish guy in your group of friends once you do. To get that dapper charisma, the secret lies in the styling. Set a few more minutes aside each day to ensure that all your locks are methodically swept into place.

39. Long French Crop

Long French Crop


Do you enjoy shrouding yourself in mystery? Amp up your enigmatic vibe even more by sporting a French crop with longer hair. You can even go so far as to let your bangs casually fall over your eyebrows. Nonetheless, we do recommend combining the longer top with a taper fade cut.

40. Smoothly Styled French Crop

Smoothly Styled French Crop


We can’t stress enough how important layers are in these kinds of haircuts. Without them, you’ll have a fairly challenging time arranging your hair in any other way besides your default hairstyle. If you do get plenty of layers, you can twist each piece of hair into the sleek position you want.

41. French Crop for Older Men

French Crop for Older Men


All in all, your age should never stop you from going wild with the haircuts you’ve always desired. As far as the French crop is concerned, we easily support it as one of the most fashionable hairstyles for older men.

If your natural graying patterns resemble those pictured above, the cropped cut will look even cooler.

42. Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical Cut


So, we’ve covered the semi-awkward but super flattering one longer strand trend. But what happens when you multiply it? You’ll get an eye-catching combination of short blunt bangs and longer locks springing from the back towards the front. Definitely a winner for teenage boys.

43. French Crop with Low Taper

French Crop with Low Taper


Sometimes, all it takes is a low taper to genuinely pull your whole look together. It’s even more discrete than the low fade, considering that you won’t shave your sides down completely. All the same, it looks tasteful and well thought out.

44. Colorful French Crop

Colorful French Crop


We’re all for avant-garde hairstyles, especially when the bearer has artistic inclinations. If you’re feeling creative, choose an unexpected color for your hairstyle, such as steel blue. Even more, you can add a shaved design and even an asymmetrical detail to make the look complete.

45. Focused Bangs

Focused Bangs


If you don’t how your bangs look spread out from temple to temple, switch up the styling. Using a wide tooth comb and a tiny amount of product, rake your bangs front and center, towards the middle of your forehead. By doing so, you’ll be bringing attention to your eyes and surrounding features.

46. French Crop with Goatee

French Crop with Goatee


Full beards aren’t the only types of facial hair that complement French crop haircuts. You can look into a variety of goatee styles that appear just as stunning with your new ‘do. For some, a chin strap may suffice, while others would love to rock theirs with an elaborate Van Dyke goatee.

47. Reverse Arch

Reverse Arch


We’re used to seeing the haircut we’ve been raving about either with an equal length all around or getting longer towards the center. However, the reverse arch variation is bound to impress you just as much.

Consider keeping your bangs shorter in the middle and longer on the sides with an upside down crescent moon contour.

48. Intricate French Crop

Intricate French Crop


Show your personality in the most imaginative way possible with a one-of-a-kind haircut. Essentially, everything about the hairstyle in the picture above glows with originality. You can tell how much it complements the guy wearing it, and you sure won’t find an exact replica on every other dude.

49. Front Curl French Crop

Front Curl French Crop


Whoever thought that rockabilly and Euro chic could work so well together? Another fresh experiment you could try out is sporting your French crop with a long front curl. The hairstyle blend is pumped with attitude and boldness, not to mention that it’s aesthetically on point.

50. Tiny Cropped Bowl

Tiny Cropped Bowl


Our last dose of inspiration for you is yet again loosely based on additional hairstyles. To put it shortly, the hairstyle is basically a bowl cut trimmed to the length of a high and tight cut. The results? A tiny cropped bowl that looks smart, stylish, and up to date with the latest trends.


In conclusion, the French crop is honestly one of our favorite hairstyles of the entire year. Even if we tried, we wouldn’t be able to find a hair type or face shape that wouldn’t work with it.

Nevertheless, if you’re still browsing around for different looks in a similar category, you can also check out our crew cut guide.

Otherwise, what are your thoughts on the European-style haircut? What made you choose it above all others? Which photo will you be pulling up to show your barber?

We can’t wait to hear your point of view, so don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comments below.

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