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10 Hairstyles That Might Make You Insta Famous

The dream of being Insta famous.

Millions of likes, fancy events, thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. But how do they achieve it?

This is the question that millions of people all around the world are asking themselves.

They look up to these Influencers, they dress like them and they cut their hair like them.

But what are the best haircuts on the gram?

Dive into the world of fashion and style Influencer together with me and find out who is sporting the best Insta haircut at the moment.


1. IAN ELKINS  - hair model


What would be a hairstyle without the correct styling to go along with it? Ian Elkins does this perfectly. His entire style supports his simple but slick haircut. He wears his hair like a fashion accessory and that’s why he deserves a place on this list.

2. Josh Mario John

Josh Mario John - instagram model


Josh is a man a lot of women dream about. Tattoos, muscles, a blond-colored beard and either a man bun or a wavy medium long haircut that looks messy but maintained at the same time which makes him looks wild yet romantic.

His slightly curly hair supports his man bun perfectly which adds even more volume to it. 10/10

3. Hank_ge

Hank_ge - instagram hair model


The curly goodness that is Hanks’ hair might not be for everyone but one thing for sure, it is something to look at. With hair like his, he can easily pull off the wild jungle boy look, but with a few styling products, he looks as dapper as can be. If you have curly hair – here’s my advise – let it grow, chuck him a follow and get the ladies hearts.

4. Jay Alvarez

Jay Alvarez - instagram hair model


If you spent some time on social media there is a high chance that you came across Jay Alvarez. The Hawaiian born man became a symbol for a daring jet-set lifestyle and is one of the most influential Influencers out there.

As of now, he amazed a number of 6.3 million followers on his channel where he shares pictures of his adventures. His hair is a bit curly but still easy enough to maintain to be slicked back.

With a boyish look, it is no question that he is the dream of many teenage girls out there.

Definitely, someone to look into if you have curly hair and don’t want to grow it as long as Hank.

5. Jimmy Q

Jimmy Q - Instragram hair model


214.000 people think that Jimmy Q is one of the hottest men out there. At least that is what his followers probably think. When you have a first look on Jimmy’s Instagram Profile you think you’re looking at an old photo book. He could come straight out of the 80s. Slicked back hair.

An olds soulish look in his eyes, vintage looking clothing but mixed with his almost fully in tattoos covered body. He creates a modern look with just enough vintage vibes to make you feel nostalgic.

One thing for sure Jimmy knows how to play with the style of the centuries and creates a unique look that has yet to be achieved by someone else.

6. Levi Stocke

Levi Stocke - instagram hair model


With over 600.000 followers on Instagram, Levi Stocke can name himself quite successful. The reason behind his success is not only his natural good looks paired with a good body and matching tattoos. It is also his hair. Levi, in his 30s, rocks a medium length hairstyle that states that he is wild and free. One could describe his hair as the perfect dreamy biker hair.

Time for a little side note here:

Being on Instagram nowadays it is quick to realize that the days of the extremely short hair are almost gone.

Medium to long is now the Social Media celebrity favorite go to as it gives you simply more options to style.

In the Instagram world is important to make every picture stand out, one way to achieve this is to rock a different hairstyle on almost every picture.

By saying this if you have long hair, you can wear it down, put it in a bun, or only half of it and let the other half hanging down. It gives you an option while with short hair, well you have short hair.

The modern man loves variety and medium to long hair gives you exactly this.

7. Berzinksy

Berzinksy - instagram hair model


Berzinksy is the perfect example for the modern gentleman look.

Essentially he is the modern day George Clooney and should be booked for every coffee commercial out there.

57 years old he is rocking a full beard and grey medium long hair.

Definitely an inspiration and an account you should follow if you slowly go towards your forties.

8. Toni Mahfud

Toni Mahfud - insta famous model


Toni Mahfud respectively one of the biggest Influencer names out there with currently 3,5 million followers is not only showing off his insane art and edit skills but also his style is looking for someone to compete.

His haircut is short at the sides while medium on top which gives him a perfectly imperfect look.

His hair on top is kind of falling onto his face which he can also slick back this way he can rock different haircuts throughout the same day which not much of a hassle.

9. Stephen James

Stephen James - insta famous model


Stephen James a.k.a whoiselijah is one of the highest paid male models in the scene and with 2.3 million followers he is also sporting an impressive amount of followers on Instagram.

His signature look is featuring a lot of tattoos, a well-trained body and also his relatively short hair cut with fading sides.

Now the thing with haircuts like these is that you need strong facial features. Stephen can definitely pull off this haircut as he has a strong masculine jawline which supports his short hair perfectly.

10. Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark - insta famous model


Let’s finish this list with Ryan Clark. Ryan is well known in the fashion industry and has an impressive Instagram feed with many different clothing styles for the modern gentleman. But not only his fashion sense knows to impress. His hair beard combo supports his gentleman like look even better. A short trimmed beard that fades perfectly to his short cut sides and a bit of a fluffier top.


So what is the best haircut on Instagram? Well obviously thats hard to say as there are alot of different aspects going into it but you can say that a haircut that gives you alot of different style option is your go to choice if you want to create different looking pictures and therefore longer or medium hair is more present than short cuts. Let me know your thoughts in the comments of what hairstyle you like the best!

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