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50 Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men

From where we stand, a widows peak hairline is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage in a man’s appearance. Nevertheless, some men see it one way or another, depending on their personal tastes. In this regard, we have gathered some of the best widows peak hairstyles you can try out to either highlight or conceal your hairline. Take a closer look and get inspired below!

1. Casual Widows Peak Hairstyles

Casual Widows Peak Hairstyles


There’s nothing quite like the allure that a casual hairstyle comes with, whether or not you have a widows peak. However, your advantage in this situation is that the hair towards the front of the peak will naturally fall to the side if it’s an inch or two long.

2. Curly Hairstyles for Widows Peak

Curly Hairstyles for Widows Peak


What do you get if you mix widows peak hairstyles with curly hair? All the dynamism you could ever want from your appearance. Your texture plays a significant role in the results, and the shape of your hairline will contour the overall look even more.

3. Slicked Back Widows Peak Hairstyles

Slicked Back Widows Peak Hairstyles


If your hair is long enough, slicking it back could be one of the best ideas for a manly and classy hairstyle. Even more so, guys with a widows peak get an extremely eye-catching silhouette when styling their hair this way.

4. Widows Peak with Messy Hairstyles

Widows Peak with Messy Hairstyles


No matter how old you are, a messy hairstyle will always bring the best out of your features. Even though you may not wear your hair this way at the office, you’ll look awesome with it if you’re out in the city with your friends.

5. Hairstyles for Widows Peak Receding Hairline

Hairstyles for Widows Peak Receding Hairline


There’s no doubting that Jude Law is an attractive celebrity. In addition to his acting skills, Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes has always been a favorite for the ladies. Despite his receding hairline, he always rocks a short flowing hairstyle with confidence.

6. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Beards

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Beards


If your widows peak does come with a notably receding hairline, you may want to use some tips and tricks for covering it up. You don’t necessarily have to sport long hair, but you can grow a beard to draw more attention to that area of your face.

7. Caesar Cuts

Caesar Cuts


All the same, there are certain haircuts that you can try out to conceal your widows peak and/ or receding hairline. Just one idea is the Caesar cut, which you can also turn into a French crop with long hair. Owing to the shape of the hair above your forehead, you won’t be able to notice what’s under it.

8. Widows Peak Pompadours

Widows Peak Pompadours


On the other hand, you can skip covering the area entirely and go for a bold and timeless hairstyle. Even though decades have passed since the pompadour was at its peak, it remains one of the most elegant hairstyles for men worldwide.

9. Combover Widows Peak Hairstyles

Combover Widows Peak Hairstyles


Another way you can make the most of your widows peak is by combing your hair to the side. Similar to the casual hairstyle example we talked about above, you will be using a larger portion of hair in your widows peak to your advantage.

10. Cover Up Hairstyles for Widows Peak

Cover Up Hairstyles for Widows Peak


Still, we’ll include another idea for covering up the region in case you’re more comfortable with the idea. Allow your hair to grow a bit longer and make sure you cut it in subtle layers. After that, brush it to the side, over your forehead and slightly upwards at the tips.

11. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Long Hair

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Long Hair


Get your bad boy vibes on with widows peak hairstyles that involve long hair. Not only will you be able to slick it back for a cool look, but you can also toss it nonchalantly to one side or the other to express your rebellious personality.

12. Faux Hawks

Faux Hawks


We’re back to Jude Law as a fine example for widows peak hairstyles, but this time with an edgier look. Instead of going for the “flow” approach, you can copy the actor’s hairstyle in this photo and try out a faux hawk.

13. Long Swept Back Hairstyles

Long Swept Back Hairstyles


Nonetheless, Jude Law isn’t the only celebrity we can look to for widows peak hairstyle inspiration. Kit Harington, whom we all know from Game of Thrones, prefers to keep his locks longer and swept back, fully revealing his widows peak.

14. Widows Peak Undercut Hairstyles

Widows Peak Undercut Hairstyles


Do you want to add edge and definition to your hairstyle? You can never go wrong with an undercut. Although you don’t need to go for a full skin undercut like in the photo above, you can opt for this style if you’re a natural nonconformist

15. Spiky Widows Peak Hairstyles

Spiky Widows Peak Hairstyles


Spiky hairstyles have been constantly trending for years and years, most likely thanks to their versatility and ease of styling. All you need is a little product and run your fingers through your hair and you’ll be all set in just a few minutes.

16. Middle Part Hairstyles

Middle Part Hairstyles


Yet another hairstyle that helps you bring the best out of your widows peak is that with a middle part. If you let your hair grow a little longer, you can part your hair in the middle and get curtain bangs instantaneously.

17. Formal Widows Peak Hairstyles

Formal Widows Peak Hairstyles


A great deal of men aren’t quite excited when they have formal events coming up. But have no fear – cool widows peak hairstyles are here. Like most adaptable hairstyles for guys with widows peak, you need to have a couple of inches of hair. After that, style it in a swirling motion.

18. High and Tight Hairstyles

High and Tight Hairstyles


The high and tight is arguably one of the most common military hairstyles that is used by guys who aren’t necessarily in the army. You just have to get a deep undercut, shaving towards the upper top sides of the head.

19. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Hard Part

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Hard Part


Regardless if you have a widows peak or not, a hard part is always a cool detail for any hairstyle for men. You can shave a deep part to emphasize your hairstyle all around, and also outline or hide your widows peak.

20. Man Bun with Widows Peak

Man Bun with Widows Peak


If you have a widows peak and also extremely long hair, you have every reason to try out a man bun. It’s best to rock a man bun if your hair is thick and long enough so it won’t look bad. If yours isn’t, we have an alternative at #45.

21. Retro Hairstyles

Retro Hairstyles


Are you a classy guy who prides himself on fine tastes? Retro widows peak hairstyles are definitely for you. Seek inspiration from men’s retro grooming trends for your hairstyle by parting your hair to the side and slicking it back.

22. Ivy League Haircut Widows Peak

Ivy League Haircut Widows Peak


Oftentimes, men with this type of hairline opt for low-maintenance haircuts that look good no matter how you wake up in the morning. Possibly the best example is an Ivy League haircut, another timeless military hairstyle.

23. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Quiff

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Quiff


Seeing the pattern in widows peak hairstyles for men, it’s natural that the quiff would be a part of them. You could be a teenager or a senior – you will always look sharp if you have a quiff hairstyle in place with a neat side part.

24. Front Curl Hairstyles

Front Curl Hairstyles


Among our general recommendations, we often talk about the perfect blend of class and edginess that comes with rockabilly hairstyles. If you’re all about that rock and roll, consider trying out a hairstyle with a front curl over your widows peak.

25. Crew Cuts

Crew Cuts


We’re accustomed to seeing actor Bradley Cooper with an effortless flow hairstyle. All the same, he looks just as dashing with a crew cut as any other guy with a widows peak would. It’s another one of the hairstyles on our list that require little to no maintenance.

26. Widows Peak Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Widows Peak Buzz Cut Hairstyles


If you want to reduce your styling routine to zero, take your military cut a step further to a buzz cut. As you can see in the photo with Nick Jonas above, it outlines a widows peak in a flattering way. Just note that you’ll have to cut your hair often if you want to maintain the buzz texture.

27. Tapered Widows Peak Hairstyles

Tapered Widows Peak Hairstyles


Out of all the modern and popular hairstyles we have to choose from, about half of all of them involve a tapered haircut. Tapering your hair on the sides and back allows you to play with the overall structure of your appearance.

28. Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Shaved Sides Hairstyles


Likewise, you can ditch tapering altogether and opt only for shaved sides. This hairstyle looks particularly attractive on men with longer hair, especially when they slick it back. Nevertheless, you can try it out with shorter haircuts too.

29. Regular Hairstyles

Regular Hairstyles


Unfortunately, not all men have the liberty of choosing unconventional hairstyles. If you work in a traditional environment or you want a haircut that’s more age-appropriate, you can get a regular hairstyle to blend in with your widows peak.

30. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Mid Fade

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Mid Fade


Fade haircuts are just as common and beloved as subtly tapered hairstyles. There are various ways you can get yours, but we’ll start with a mid fade. It’s the best solution for men who want an even hairstyle all-around.

31. Braids Hairstyles

Braids Hairstyles


We’ve previously talked all about the braided hairstyles that men can experiment with. Still, we want to focus on the idea in this context too. After you let your hair grow long enough, you can get an undercut and braid the top with an interesting design.

32. Textured Widows Peak Hairstyles

Textured Widows Peak Hairstyles


Repeat after us – layers are life. When you go to get your haircut, we strongly recommend that you consider adding layers for a wonderfully textured outcome. It radically reduces the time you would have spent styling it on a daily basis.

33. Afros with Widows Peak

Afros with Widows Peak


However, some men have textured hair naturally. If you’re one of them, you should never shy away from showing it off. But how can you flaunt your textured curls appropriately? With an afro hairstyle, of course!

34. Vintage Military Widows Peak Hairstyles

Vintage Military Widows Peak Hairstyles


We’ve talked about crew cuts, buzz cuts and high and tight haircuts. But what about the military hairstyles that army men would wear back in the day? For a flattering vintage glow to your hairstyle, keep this idea in mind.

35. Front V-shaped Hairstyles

Front V-shaped Hairstyles


If you follow our articles, you will have definitely noticed that we bring up the V-shaped hairstyle a lot. Be that as it may, we talk about it as an undercut idea with a V shape at the back of the neck. For widows peak hairstyles, apply the technique to the front.

36. Low Fades with Widows Peak

Low Fades with Widows Peak


A discrete alternative for a mid fade haircut is one with a low fade. By definition, the hairstyle involves lower fading, up until the point that you’ll get close to your ear. You should try it out for a subtle and tasteful widows peak hairstyle.

37. Brushed Up Widows Peak Hairstyles

Brushed Up Widows Peak Hairstyles


Once your hair gets a little longer, you’ll find a harder time spiking it than you would have before. Whether you want a backup plan for spiky hairstyles or you just want to avoid the rugged technique, think about getting a brushed up hairstyle.

38. Mid-length Widows Peak Hairstyles

Mid-length Widows Peak Hairstyles


We’ll be adding Johnny Depp to our series of inspirational celebrities with widows peak hairstyles. Obviously, he knows how to pull off the messy hairstyle admirably. In addition, he also shows how you can finely cover up your hairline with a medium-length hairstyle.

39. Shoulder-length Hairstyles

Shoulder-length Hairstyles


Alternatively, push your length a bit further with a shoulder-length hairstyle. You won’t be struggling with haircuts every two weeks, but you should note that the look may involve more daily maintenance. We still recommend it for straight-haired guys.

40. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Angular Fringe

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Angular Fringe


Sometimes, concealing a widows peak or unflattering hairline can be as easy as getting the right haircut. The angular fringe, for example, will do an astounding job without too much effort on your part. Just make sure your stylist understands the results you desire by bringing a reference.

41. Colorful Hairstyles with Widows Peak

Colorful Hairstyles with Widows Peak


We could all use a little more color in our lives from time to time. For some men, this means exploring eccentric hairstyles with vivid hair colors. You can try royal blue for yours or branch out into any other colors of the rainbow.

42. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Large Beard

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Large Beard


We’ve already recommended pairing a beard with widows peak hairstyles, but here we want to take the idea to the next level. If you have a long, full and thick beard that is highly well-groomed, it won’t even matter what hairstyle you have on top.

43. Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyles


If you’re one of the guys that have medium or long widows peak hairstyles, you can start having fun with styling. Aside from man buns and braids, you can keep it simple with a messy low ponytail with loose strands that frame your face.

44. Widows Peak Hairstyles with Line Up

Widows Peak Hairstyles with Line Up


Box fade, line up, temp fade – no matter how you call it, you have to admit that this haircut is awesome. In the case of men with widows peaks, a line up haircut can accurately change the shape of your hairline to a stylish rectangle.

45. Top Knot Hairstyles

Top Knot Hairstyles


As promised, here’s the smart alternative for men with hair that isn’t long or thick enough for a successful man bun. The top knot or samurai bun can work just as well as the fuller man bun, even more so if you have an undercut to go with it.

46. Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk Hairstyles


No matter how narrow or wide it may be, the mohawk is the ultimate grooming statement for any man. In your situation, as a guy with a widows peak, you’re already halfway there. Just shave the sides along the edges of your hairline.

47. Half Up Widows Peak Hairstyles

Half Up Widows Peak Hairstyles


If you ever get tired of tying all of your hair up in a man bun or top knot, you should test out the half up half down hairstyles. The main technique is basically the same, except that you split your hair into two large sections before tying the top.

48. Widows Peak Hairstyles with High Fade

Widows Peak Hairstyles with High Fade


The high fade is pretty close to the high and tight haircut, but with a more subtle appearance. Still, it’s the most flashy version out of all fade hairstyles. Get it if you want to be edgy without going full military with your haircut.

49. Hairstyles with Accessories

Hairstyles with Accessories


Accessories are an exceptional way of further expressing your personal style through your hair. Even though they don’t involve cutting your hair a certain way, beanies, caps or other accessories can support your personality regarding your appearance.

50. Chin-length Hairstyles

Chin-length Hairstyles


Finally, the last of our widows peak hairstyles just about has it all. It’s not too long nor too short, not too boring nor too flamboyant. Essentially, it’s a chin-length hairstyle that will work in any environment, whether at your workplace or at a banquet.


To conclude, you certainly have a lot of options to choose from among widows peak hairstyles. You can basically pick any haircut or style you want, depending on how you want to work with your widows peak. You should also make your decision based on whether your hair is thick or fine, and the natural texture that you have. Which one is the winner for you?

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