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50 Popular Hairstyles for Men

Want to look sharp, feel confident, and stay up to date with the latest trends in men’s hairstyles?

We have the ideal collection of popular hairstyles for men that will inspire you for days.

Our team has handpicked a huge variety of haircuts that cater to the needs of all men.

Below you’ll find attractive ideas for short, medium and long hair, as well as straight, wavy, curly or textured locks. Enjoy!

1. Popular Men’s Haircuts Short

Short Popular Hairstyles for Men


Busy men frequently opt for shorter haircuts, thanks to the lack of heavy maintenance. If you’re always on the go, you should consider a modern cut that involves shorter locks all around. You can also have a slightly longer top, provided the sides and back are trimmed down neatly.

2. Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Shaved Sides Hairstyles


If you’re not the type to go by the rules society imposes on you, contemplate the idea of getting an unconventional haircut. There are endless options you can choose from, such as a hairstyle with shaved sides. We especially recommend it for the statement value it holds.

3. Smart Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Smart Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Nowadays, we’re grateful that even business environments are more permissive with appearances. In other words, this means that you no longer have to sport a standard haircut in most cases. As an example, here is a medium-length hairstyle you can easily pull off at work.

4. Angular Fringe Hairstyles

Angular Fringe Hairstyles


Bangs are making a major comeback in men’s hairstyles this year, with the angular fringe as a top trending choice. The hairstyle works like a charm for men with wavy hair, or even those with curls. Work with a specialist and you’ll get the haircut of your dreams.

5. Slicked Back Popular Hairstyles for Men

Slicked Back Modern Hairstyles for Men


There are few popular hairstyles for men out there that can compete with the irresistible charm of the slicked-back look. As long as your hair is relatively straight and at least down to your nose in length, you shouldn’t have any problems getting this Don Juan allure.

6. Afro Haircut Styles for Black Men

Afro Haircut Styles for Black Men


African American men are lucky enough to have a wide variety of flattering haircuts specifically for their generous texture. One that you can never go wrong with is the afro, particularly the modern adaptation. Trim and shape it to perfection and you’ll have an unbeatable hairstyle.

7. Combover Hairstyles

Combover Hairstyles


As far as class is concerned, there’s no doubting the handsomeness that Justin Timberlake showcases with every public appearance. The actor and singer never ceases to impress us with his innate refinement, from wardrobe to grooming. He proves time and time again that the combover is timeless.

8. Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Hairstyles with Side Bangs


We have to admit that bangs will always increase a guy’s cool factor. Whether they’re long and tossed to the side or trimmed just above the eyebrows, they play a decisive role in many popular hairstyles for men. Take these side-swept bangs, for example.

9. Messy Popular Hairstyles for Men

Messy Modern Hairstyles for Men


An equally meaningful part of your presence is the way you decide on styling your hair. If you try too much, it’ll definitely show. As a result, you should often just style your hair messily for an effortless look that will attract admiration everywhere you go.

10. Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut Hairstyles


To take a shaved sides hairstyle to the next level, you have to check out undercut ideas. From faded to disconnected undercuts and more, this hairstyle is a must for guys who want to flaunt their rebellious side. P.S. Adding a beard will always get you bonus points.

11. Asymmetrical Popular Hairstyles for Men

Asymmetrical Modern Hairstyles for Men


For adventurous men, it’s always fun to swim against the tide and play around with controversial looks. For instance, asymmetrical haircuts will certainly draw attention. It may not always be positive, but hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?

12. Quiff Hairstyles

Quiff Hairstyles


For the past couple of years, the quiff has been everywhere. Literally – men of all ages in all modern countries have been rocking this dashing hairstyle like there’s no tomorrow. You have every reason to keep it in mind if you’re a stylish guy.

13. Modern Bowl Cuts

Modern Bowl Cuts


If you’d asked someone a few years ago if they thought the bowl cut would ever come back, the answer would’ve most likely been a cringing “no”. Funnily enough, the haircut that we despised as kids is now back and booming, but with an edgy makeover.

14. Smart Hairstyles for Long Hair

Smart Hairstyles for Long Hair


Can you believe how life-saving the low ponytail is for men with significantly long hair? While we support leaving your hair down or styling it however you want, we know that there are a still a few situations that call for a formal approach to grooming. Comb, tie and you’re ready to go!

15. Popular Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair


Men with curly hair often face a troublesome relationship with their curls. They either love them, hate them, or change their mind once every few years. For this year, we totally recommend rocking a curly top. The hipster edge you’ll benefit from is priceless.

16. Mid Fade Haircuts

Mid Fade Haircuts


We couldn’t have taken on the top popular hairstyles for men without talking about fade haircuts. Not only are they all the rage these days, but they’re also surprisingly adaptable. Whether you have fine or textured hair, think about a mid fade for your next appointment.

17. Spiky Popular Hairstyles for Men

Spiky Modern Hairstyles for Men


We’ll cut to the chase. When it comes to spiky hairstyles, there’s an extremely fine line between sexy and shudder-worthy. If you’re a softy for the heavily-gelled spikes of the early 2000s, the ladies are sure to flinch. However, you can keep it smooth with a dime-sized amount of product.

18. High Fade Haircuts

High Fade Haircuts


To continue our idea of fade haircuts for guys, here’s a more daring approach to the hairstyle. The high fade gained popularity along with military haircuts, but now it can be found as a detail in outnumbered popular hairstyles for men.

19. Front Curl Popular Hairstyles for Men

Front Curl Modern Hairstyles for Men


Oftentimes, classic haircuts serve as the foundation for some of the hottest hairstyles. The front curl, for example, was a sure sign of sex appeal in the 40s and 50s. Today, it still stands strong through its modern transformation with trimmed sides.

20. Low Fade Haircuts

Low Fade Haircuts


If you haven’t been convinced by now, here’s yet another example of a faded haircut that’s sure to inspire you. You can observe a low fade alternative in this photo, with a striking gradient that outlines the bottom part of the head.

21. Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk Hairstyles


As opposed to the radical punk mohawks that were popular in the 80s, the current versions are far more toned down. We believe that the mohawks nowadays have even more advantages. Above all, they allow you to express your beliefs while still maintaining an appearance acceptable for everyone.

22. Popular Hairstyles for Men with Layers

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Layers


It doesn’t matter how long or short your hair is – a layered haircut will look amazing on you. Regardless of your texture, thickness or color, you can rely on layering as part of your haircut to get an easy-going result.

23. Crew Cut Popular Hairstyles for Men

Crew Cut Modern Hairstyles for Men


Long gone are the days when military cuts were reserved only for those training for combat. For the past couple of decades, hairstyles like the crew cut have become a favorite for men who are drawn to shorter haircuts.

24. Faux Hawk Hairstyles

Faux Hawk Hairstyles


From where we stand, the faux hawk is a perfect alternative for any guy who believes a mohawk can be a bit too much for day to day wear. Like you can guess, this hairstyle aims to restore the grunge glory of the Mohawk, but in a far more wearable way.

25. Man Bun Hairstyles

Man Bun Hairstyles


After experiencing its fair share of controversy and criticism, the man bun is here now to stay. Nevertheless, we do recommend that you allow your hair to grow at least shoulder-length if you want a full and rich man bun.

26. Professional Popular Hairstyles for Men

Professional Modern Hairstyles for Men


What if you’re in need of a regular haircut that meets all your daily needs with little to no hassle? After all, not all of us have the time and patience to invest in frequent styling. Here’s a short hairstyle that’s also professional and fetching. What more could you want?

27. Popular Hairstyles for Men with Full Beards

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Full Beards


If you haven’t noticed the massive takeover of beards in recent years, you may have been living under a rock this whole time. Nonetheless, if you have good genes and can manage the grooming that comes with a full beard, don’t hesitate to grow one.

28. Pompadour Hairstyles

Pompadour Hairstyles


Like the front curl, the pompadour is another classic hairstyle that brilliantly withstands the test of time. For a modern twist, add a temple fade and undercut to complete the look. Please note that you’ll need a longer top for the results you’re aiming for.

29. Buzz Cut Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

Buzz Cut Hairstyles


Whether you call it a buzz cut, burr cut or anything else, there’s no denying the practical qualities of this military hairstyle. We encourage you to consider it even more if your hair is really thick and you tend to have trouble handling it.

30. Choppy Popular Hairstyles for Men

Choppy Modern Hairstyles for Men


Chop your way to the awesome hairstyle that you have always wanted. The key to a successful messy hairstyle is to get as many jagged layers as possible. From that point, the actual length of your hair doesn’t even matter that much.

31. Popular Flattop Hairstyles

Modern Flattop Hairstyles


Flattops are highly popular among military men, old school hip-hop heads and generally guys who just like imposing hairstyles. As far as modern flattops are in discussion, you should think about keeping your hair at most 3 inches tall.

32. Top Knot Popular Hairstyles for Men

Top Knot Modern Hairstyles for Men


Although it comes in pretty close to the man bun, the top knot is slightly different. First of all, men with shorter hair are more likely to obtain a knot rather than a full bun. Afterwards, the styling itself leads to different outcomes. Either way, you can try it out.

33. Deep Wave Hairstyles

Deep Wave Hairstyles


A beloved barbershop hairstyle in the African American community is the deep wave. Sometimes regarded as 360 waves, this hairstyle can be easily rocked by men with textured hair who want a bold approach to their appearance.

34. Caesar Cut Popular Hairstyles for Men

Caesar Cut Modern Hairstyles for Men


Throughout the years, the Caesar cut has had its ups and downs as a hairstyle trend for men. Now, though, it’s back and embraced by guys who seek edgy hairstyles. You should consider mixing yours with a faded haircut for neat results.

35. Two Tone Hairstyles

Two Tone Hairstyles


While women are always going on and on about the latest coloring techniques in the industry, men are usually sadly neglected from this viewpoint. We’re here to remind you that you can (and should) experiment with color when choosing your dream hairstyle.

36. Highlights Hairstyles

Highlights Hairstyles


If you feel that a striking color transition is too much for you, highlights are here to save the day. You can also study alternatives like frosted tips if that’s up your alley. In any case, we support mixing hair colors to express your creativity.

37. Fringe Up Popular Hairstyles for Men

Fringe Up Modern Hairstyles for Men


Remember what we said about bangs being amazing? Well, here’s another reason for you to choose them as part of your hairstyle. Not only can you brush them to the side, but you can also get a fringe up hairstyle for even more attitude.

38. Popular Hairstyles for Men with Dreadlocks

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks have always been an exceptional way of expressing culture. We agree that they’re actually one of the best popular hairstyles for men to do so. You can get dreads that are thick or thin, long or short or in different styles.

39. Flashy Hairstyles

Flashy Hairstyles


If you have an eccentric personality, why not let it show through your style? The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with your hair. Whether this means dyeing it blue and purple or getting a haircut worthy of a fashion show, let your true colors shine bright.

40. Popular Hairstyles for Men with Braids

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Braids


From cornrows to box braids, a lot of popular hairstyles for men involve intricate braiding techniques. If you want to step up the inspiration you put into your look, ask around for a local stylist that is renowned for braiding. After that, talk about the designs you can get with yours.

41. French Crop Hairstyles

French Crop Hairstyles


Want a European allure? The French crop is just what you need. We would say that it’s somewhere between a bowl cut and a Caesar cut, combining the best of both worlds. Rest assured that it looks outstanding on straight and curly hair alike.

42. Hard Part Popular Hairstyles for Men

Hard Part Modern Hairstyles for Men


In essence, a hard part is a shaved line that aims to accentuate the natural part in your hair. It’s a fantastic way to get a more dramatic hairstyle. At the same time, it’s great for outlining a combover or similar hairstyle.

43. Boyish Hairstyles

Boyish Hairstyles


Regardless if you’re a teenager or you just want to get back in touch with your inner one, a boyish hairstyle is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about your hair sticking out in random places because that’s all part of the charm with this look.

44. Popular Hairstyles for Men with Moustaches

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Moustaches


For guys that into beards, we want to reintroduce you to the mustache. In this day and age, a long, curled mustache has just as much (if not more) aesthetic value as any well-groomed thick beard. Just make sure you have the time and money to invest in maintenance.

45. Business Casual Hairstyles

Business Casual Hairstyles


Are you looking for a hairstyle that’s not too fancy, yet not too ordinary? Jake Gyllenhaal is here to rescue you from any traces of uncertainty. In this photo, you can admire his example of a business casual haircut and save it as inspiration.

46. Swept Back Hairstyles

Swept Back Hairstyles


We often recommend swept back hairstyles for guys who want to lay low on the gel. As opposed to slicked back looks, one that involves brushing or sweeping back your hair will always come off as more natural. It also helps if you have straight or wavy hair.

47. Ducktail Popular Hairstyles for Men

Ducktail Modern Hairstyles for Men


We’re happy to say that this retro hairstyle is here to stay. Even though the ducktail was super popular decades ago, it’s another one of the hairstyles that have now been tailored to popular perfection. The taper fade haircut helps a lot.

48. Ivy League Popular Hairstyles for Men

Ivy League Modern Hairstyles for Men


How can you not admire the elegant simplicity of an Ivy League haircut? The nice part nowadays is that you don’t have to literally be an Ivy League student or in the army to pull one off. Just make sure you wear yours with confidence.

49. Textured Hairstyles

Textured Hairstyles


If you’re a guy with thick and straight hair, a textured hairstyle will compliment you like no other. The shorter your hair is, the more emphasized your textured hairstyle will be. In addition, you’ll spend far less time struggling to style it.

50. Creative Hairstyles

Creative Hairstyles


Last but not least, you should never be afraid to develop your creativity with your hairstyle. There are numerous designs you can incorporate into your look through “hair tattoos”. Some are so intricate that you can even play around with shading and optical illusions.


To conclude, there are more than enough popular hairstyles for men out there that you can rely on for keeping up with trends.

You can let your personality and style shine through your haircut, as long as you set some time aside for research.

We’re sure that our selection will give you the perfect head start.

Once you’ve made your choice, make sure you drop a comment with your favorite style below.

This article was updated in June 2019.

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